2017 – The Message


Many are wondering how are we going to get away with it? Who will help us? What can we do to get out of this slave system? How to fight against the Cabal, their banks, their multi-national and the corrupt educational and judicial policy system?

These questions haunt most humans creating confusion in their minds.

Some do not see any way out of these barriers.

Lying and manipulation support these beliefs and plunge people into depression.

We have already spoken at length about this in the articles of stopmensonges.org and videoconferences.

I have a message to convey to you that I think will answer all these questions.

Your eyes will be able to read this message, but only your heart will be able to decode it and give it meaning:

Your heart is a portal that once opened, allows your Higher Spirit to communicate with your mind. The mind is programmed from birth to become a barrier, an obstacle to communication with your Higher Spirit who is connected to All That IS.

This portal can be opened and you stay in front without being able to cross it. What stops the passage is fear. We can love and be afraid. Fear is the opposite force to love. This is a problem to solve for those who want to cross. Only those who abandon themselves to the “little death” are able to cross this portal. It is a total abandonment without fear that is necessary in order to pass.

This portal I have crossed over and over again. And I met a lot of people who went through it. And the narrative of what is on the other side is always the same …

You are God. Each of us is God. We are divisions of All that is. I AM.

The understanding of this is what some call “Christ Consciousness”, but this is only a human term. You have to be very careful about the human terms that are often manipulated. You can use the term “Christ Consciousness” but only if you understand that the one you call Christ never asked to be revered or prayed, he only shared his experience with us and his message is (I’m not talking here about His place, I simply decode his message according to my own perception): “Do not look at me to venerate me, look inside you and find out that the one you are venerating is nothing but YOU.” The account of my experience is an invitation to no longer look around you for Seek what has always been IN YOU.You must make this journey to understand that YOU ARE. No other person than YOU, no book, no guide, will ever make this way for you.
When you have made your inner journey of reconnection to YOU, you will understand my initial message and the manipulation that the Church has made from my experience. I am”.

You must be wary of the manipulation of new age movements that offer daily messages of ascended masters, angels and other labels. The new age movement is infiltrated by negative forces that want you to remain disconnected. And just like the messages of those who have experienced enlightenment like Jesus, many things that are true in the new age are left only to attract truth seekers to take an interest in them and then to divert them from the path that leads to The illumination.

We do not attract flies with vinegar, but with honey. Same for all religions. Many things are true but the goal is manipulation in the end. God is not in a book, or outside of you. You are God. I AM. YOU ARE, WE ARE, WE ARE.Ascended masters do not speak to Humans, not because they do not love us, but because they know who YOU are, that you do not need them and that on higher planes you do not want to receive Help Because you know you have to do it by yourself in this density.

They look at you with love and just wait for you to join them by doing the same inner journey that they did before us.

The most evolved Beings never intervene collectively in the process of our re connection. They simply help to bring balance to other levels. They can sometimes communicate with someone who is already on their way to re connection and they can respond to an individual request, but they will never do it for a collective. It would be an interference in the process of evolution. And they never communicate via the Internet, only through more subtle plans. On much higher frequencies. It is a universal internet and to have access to it you first have to go a long way towards our re connection. What we call climbing in vibration. Change channel to be able to pick up the right frequencies.

And for that, all the masters who have passed before us have used meditation.

One can see reality only when our eyes are closed. Only the complete black makes it possible to see the true light. Only total silence allows us to hear our inner voice. Only the absence of all thought from the mind allows communication with our Higher Spirit.

http://(The Third Eye is the only one capable in our physical body of seeing reality: http://stopmensonges.com/la-glande-pineale-ou-troisieme-oeil/)

Are we going to win against the Cabal?

If you have decoded what has been written above, you will understand that the answer to this question is totally under YOUR CONTROL (and that on some planes it is unimportant).

War wins within us. Inside each of us. The outside world is a reflection that bends under the force of our consciousness. For these are the physical rules of the universe. Without consciousness, there is no physics. Without observer, there is no observation. Without an artist, there is no work.

About 2,000 years ago (to take the best known story of the one we call Jesus), one man, without money, just by the force of his reconnection to himself, was able to shake the whole system Place and its message (albeit partially diverted) through the ages.

Today we are in 2017 and we are millions on Earth to reconnect to what we are.

We are millions. Understand this …

And you who read these lines, you will be if you decide the next one to join us.

In spite of the vaccines, despite the pollution, in spite of the GMOs, in spite of the Religions, despite the waves of Haarp, in spite of the lies of the media, in spite of the fluoride, despite the education, and in spite of the millennials of lies which created this system , Despite all this … we reconnect.

Because we are unstoppable. For we are God.

This is what some call the Christ consciousness.

But mental understanding and faith alone are not enough! Otherwise it remains a belief more …
We must live it from within!

The bond that maintains the connection between what we believe to be and what we are, is Love. It is the universal creative power of All that is. Our power lies not in physical or mental struggle, but in our ability to love and love others, including those who are not awake and sometimes label us as our enemies.

And if the more evolved Beings who look at us did not have this understanding and wisdom themselves, we would have been wiped off the map for a long time. For we have all been in this incarnation or in what we label as the past, in previous incarnations, both victims and executioners.

This power of the creative energy that is Love can be extremely scary. Its energy is so powerful, it vibrates so high and so quickly that it can vaporize a physical body that is not ready to receive it. When you cross it you hear the sound of a torrent multiplied by 1000 as well as a non-blinding light but higher than the light to which our physical eyes are accustomed. This is why a gradual rise is often preferred among those who believe and are afraid of death. It is also for this reason that when you let this light enter into you, your body is frightened, the heart beats at full speed, the mind believes that it is going to die, and the process is blocked by the fear of death Which is an entirely human notion based on false or misunderstood concepts). Only the absence of any form of fear allows a total connection (as for a transistor, suffering comes from resistance, each resistance creates a warm-up, the channel must be totally pure from any form of resistance and therefore fear). What can help you in this path is understanding that there is only LIFE. And passages between the different levels of life called dimensions. Regressive hypnosis also helps to assimilate this fact that we are all eternal. Death, whether physical or mental, is only the passage of a door. We have all gone through this door many times but we do not remember it because on higher levels we chose not to remember it in order to have the unheard-of opportunity to make this choice, This density, “blindfolded”. It is bringing Light into the lowest densities, light arrives by us. Through the portal of our heart, when we did the work of purification of this channel. It is also an initiatory passage that we decided to experiment and which once passed, opens up other levels of this infinite game.

We experiment in a multidimensional and fractal multiverse.What we call here on Earth, reality, is a tiny part of the infinite that we are and have created.

Let us take the height, understand that all this is a vast field of evolutionary play that extends to the infinity of space / time (Time that is not linear and totally misunderstood on Earth from where the numerous mathematical errors And physical human).

When only one person wins this fight against himself / herself, she has overcome to herself / herself alone, all the forces of the shadow which are also a part of us, part of the Whole, and which in one way or another ‘Another serve’ the Light without their knowledge.

Outside we are I repeat millions in this case.

So to meet a level of 3D consciousness / mind to the question whether we will win or not … We have already won, on superior planes, and the result of this inner and superior struggle will surge into our 3D physical world .

But for those who refuse this reality, another experience will be proposed to them which will respond exactly to their belief system because we do not live in a uni-dimensional world which means that they will have the choice to experience the result of their fears , Their disconnection, their feeling of powerlessness. They will have a choice. All of us have it.


Ray Fox


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