Contact in the Desert – Interviews of speakers


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Interview CITD 2017 of Michael Tellinger on UBUNTU last developments :

Interview CITD 2017 of the former senator Mike Gravel :

Interview CITD 2017 of Jimmy Church (Fade To Black) :

Interview CITD 2017 of James Gilliland ( :

Interview CITD 2017 of Brad Olsen :

Interview CITD 2017 of Alan Steinfeld :

Interview CITD 2017 of Jason Quitt :

Interview CITD 2017 of Justin Deschamps :

To my knowledge no journalist has been able to interview David Wilcock and Corey Goode as they are under contract with and the premiere of all your revelations goes to

It is the chic side of the world in which we are even more so it is also understandable in view of the millions of dollars that are invested by Gaia who is a partner of CITD 2017 and who is also redeeming the relics of Peru with Nation Geographical.

Hopefully this money will be used for the good of all mankind, which I believe in regards to but I have big doubts for National Geographic … fortunately are not in this disclosure.

And here is the link for premium subscribers of StopLies to download the other videos of the Contact in The Desert :


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