What can be done to fight against slavery?


“The greatest of all sins is not to face the Devil when seen.”

Thomas Jefferson engraving after painting by Rembrandt Peale.
Thomas Jefferson engraving after painting by Rembrandt Peale.



It is your moral duty to take part in the struggle, this silent and nameless war, for your good and for future generations.

What can you do :

1- Share information

The first thing to do is to share each article, each video that has touched you, which resonates with the truth in you, on the social networks Facebook and Twitter.
Be careful not to share false information, you must check them on yourself before sharing an info. Do not believe all information that seems credible dig for your truths.

There are sharing buttons below each of my pages and articles, click on them and share them if you have checked them. It is essential to participate in one way or another and it gives me courage when I see that my articles have been shared to continue this work which takes me a lot of time and on which I refuse to be paid.

2- Do your own research

Doubt about everything but keep the mind always open, check, make your own opinion, do not let anyone tell you what to think.

3- Detoxify yourself!

TV is a poison to your mind, it changes your brain waves and even a wise mind can not escape this, do not think you are stronger than TV, no longer watch TV, go on the Internet you will find all the best TV shows, movies … You do not need TV!

Be careful with your diet and lifestyle, do sports, do not drink industrial fruit juices, tap water or sodas, they all contain Fluoride which disrupts your Pineal gland by calcifying it (see article http: // Stopmensonges.com/techniques-de-mensonges/). Change toothpaste for NO FLUORIDE toothpaste.

When you hear an official media talk about politics, war or any important topic understand these are lies. Never forget who holds them and who pays them and muscles them when it is needed.

Do not accept the political fight any more, it is a false fight. Do not listen to them anymore, their lies have no other purpose than to make you believe in a freedom or a choice that no longer exists. There is no right or left, there are masters and slaves that’s all!

4- Get out of the material slavery

Do not put yourself back on more credits. Do not buy unnecessary property.
Spend your money responsibly, always think of which company benefits your money. ( small traders work, farmers, good people,small business).

5- Better prevention than cure

Like any war there is a future risk of scarcity, make provisions for rice, pasta, preserves and water. This will always keep and can save you in a collapse of government. Also make a stock of medicines and herbs. Always keep a bug out bag

6- Restore your social ties

The New World Order has destroyed our social life, we do not talk anymore between neighbors, families are often broken, friendships fragile …
Create and strengthen ties with your neighbors, friends, family or join groups according to your taste (religious, sports,hobbies …).

7- Waking the Sleepers

You are yourself if you read these lines waking up or you were already.
Talk to your spouse, your children, your friends, but do not try to convince them in a frontal way.
Stimulate their interest and bring them to reflect on these very important subjects.
Nobody can forcibly inculcate this information. Don’t tell people you have all the answers (who does?), it is the best way to scare people away. Stay zen, people who direct derogatory remarks, refusal to see evidence or other mockery should not affect you, this is a normal reaction from them.
Simply share the results of your research, then it is up to them to make the journey, nobody can do it for them.
Do not think that your efforts are useless because the day will come  it will help them to digest the truth that will soon explode into the open.

8- Meditate

Meditation is an immense help, it will replenish your strength and allow you to carry everything without difficulty (work, family, protest actions …).

9- Do not get trapped by fear or hatred

What the new world order wants is to rise up against each other, to create inter-racial or community tension to prevent us from regrouping and to keep us in fear and hatred of the other.
Fear and hatred lead to weakness, illness, inaction and depression and over all lower vibrations that in turn effect our cells and overall body.
Be without fear and without hatred and learn to forgive yourself and others.

10- Find out who you are!

When you become aware of who you are and how important and powerful you are, no one can stop you!


Ray Fox

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