The Foreign Ministers of Germany, France and Poland, summoned before a Russian court!


A former deputy of the Ukrainian parliament, Wladimir Olejnik, wants to prove that the Euromaïdan was a coup led with the support of Germany, Poland and France. Fabius, Sikorski and Steinmeier, accused of supporting the coup in Kiev, were summoned to court in Moscow. A court that has been listening to witnesses for 1 week. The German or French media do not mention these summonses, nor the existence of the court that has been sitting for 1 week already!

Court in Moscow began last week. The Moscow court heard the testimony. Senior officials from Ukraine were summoned to talk about the events of the winter 2013/2014. Vladimir Oleïnik wants to prove that a coup d’état took place in February 2014 with the help of France and Germany.

Last week the first part of the auditions took place. Six witnesses spoke in court. Viktor Yanukovych (former President of Ukraine), Alexander Ïakimenko (former head of the secret services), Nikolai Azarov (former Prime Minister), Andrei Kliuyev (former head of the presidential administration), Vitali Zakhartchenko The former Minister of the Interior), Viktor Pschonka (the former Attorney General). The six witnesses explained that Ukraine has been the target of a coup calculated and planned for years with the help of the United States and other Western countries.

Vladimir Oleïnik fled Kiev in 2014. All his attempts to file a complaint before a Ukrainian court failed. And it is for this reason that Vladimir Oleïnik launched the procedure in Moscow since, like Ukraine, Moscow, signed the declaration of the rights of man. “The West supported the coup in Ukraine by causing the escape of the legally elected president, Viktor Yanukovych, who had to flee by the Crimea. An action that went against the Ukrainian constitution.

Former Ukrainian President Yanukovych explained to the court the role of the US embassy that served as HQ to organize the coup. Yanukovych explained that Westerners urged the former president to sign the agreement with the EU what he had refused because this agreement was against the interests of Ukraine.

The former head of the Ukrainian secret service SBU Alexander Yakimenko spoke before the court about the role of snipers from the Baltic countries and Georgia with experts in explosives.

Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Poland, France and Germany summoned to the bar. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Laurent Fabius, received a summons. But until today the 3 ministers did not respond to the convocation of Moscow.

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