The former French prime minister Manuel Valls receives a slap, a poll reveals that the French do not find it strong enough ;)


Manuel Valls booed by the crowd and slapped by a 18 years old young man during his trip to Brittany.

Upon his arrival, Manuel Valls, accompanied by Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, was greeted by boos from hostile demonstrators.

A recent poll on who asked the question “Do you think that the slap to Manuel Valls was” :

A- Deserved
B- Not Deserved
C- Not strong enough

Reveals that 70% of voters think that it was not strong enough 😉
28% deserved, and only 2% not deserved…

(source :

Since this wonderful gesture from a courageous french Resistant, new videos are appearing on youtube, like this young girl that says that he deserved this snap and even more. That he, as prime minister, has being so violent against the french population that this little slap is nothing compare to the evil he did on French population during his mandate as prime minister.

The day after the snap, Manuel Valls was interviewed on mainstream radio, and then an auditor just laugh at him and said that 66 million of people in France want to give him a slap too !!!

A listener from France Inter to Manuel Valls: “The slap, we are 66 million wanting to put it your face!”

Sooooo Goooood lol.

I just wanted to share this story with you guys 😉


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