Geometric Light and Fractal Consciousness – Exploring the Universal Pronunciations of the Infinite and the Infinitesimal – Commentary by David Wilcock

The more we examine the universe, the more we may realize the possibility that it is an infinite multidimensional expression of repeating geometric constants. Upon closer examination, we may find that these constants can be defined by one single geometric form. However, for some, this may seem impossible.
Some may look at the countless expressions of nature and see the virtually infinite diversity of species that exist, and think that there is no way that all of this variety could come from just one geometric form. We might look at the solar system along with the planets, planetoids, and moons, that compose it, and believe that there is nothing more to see than the same old randomly space planets orbiting our home star. However, upon closer examination, we will see that there are precise geometric constants which define the relationships between stars and their planets, planets and the organisms which live upon them, and within the various biological systems which conventional science previously considered random.
It is amazing to consider the possibility that our universe is the fractal holographic expression of one single form. Despite the profoundness of the statement, in many ways this possibility seems to very much be the case. From natural systems, to galactic rotation and evolution, the exact same geometry can be seen throughout the entirety.
This article is an examination of the relationship between the various systems of the universe from the macrocosmic to the microcosmic. It is based on the subjects of two recent episodes from the Wisdom Teachings series on Within these discussions, David Wilcock studies the intricate universal detail which the Law of One maintains originated from one single photon. Along with these studies, I intend to examine the possibility that the original universal photon and everything that is based upon its design is, in fact, conscious.

Photonic Consciousness

As we may remember, the Mandelbrot set was discovered largely by accident. This function was stumbled upon by the Polish/French/American mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot when he worked for AT&T. At the time, Mandelbrot was assigned to figure out why cross-continental transmissions were being hindered in different areas. By initial appearance, there was no reason why these signals were not equally efficient across the entire grid. It seemed that some unknown anomaly was causing this interference.
A magnification of the Mandelbrot set – a form based in multidimensional physics derived from a number which in conventional mathematics, is impossible to create.  This number is commonly the square root of -1 (though there are other variations).
As Mandelbrot came near to completing his study, he found that the interference had a pattern to it. This pattern turned out to be the familiar graph and image we have come to know as the Mandelbrot set. However, this was not his only discovery. As he consulted with other colleagues of his, he found that this exact function could be applied to populations of foxes and rabbits in the wild. According to the study, the rabbits would reproduce at a certain rate and create a surplus of food for the foxes. When the foxes ate the rabbits, the rabbit population dwindled down. As the rabbit population decreased, scarcity of rabbits caused the foxes to begin to starve and die off. Due to the low population of foxes, the rabbits would then be able to reproduce once again.
As an example of the possibilities within the form of the Mandelbrot set, here are two videos on a project called the Mandelbulb. These computer simulations give us an idea of the countless ways in which this mathematical function could be expressed.  To demonstrate the possibilities of diversity, here are two videos from the Mandelbulb project.
Mandelbulb Flight
Mandelbulb 3D Animation / Zoom Out – Zoom In / 20150930
The discovery of the Mandelbrot set was amazing to those who realized its applicability. It was actually found that this mathematical function could be observed within numerous interactions throughout nature. We cannot say for sure whether Mandelbrot actually understood the entire significance of his discovery at the time. However, at present, it seems clear that this mathematical function represents a universal constant—a type of physical blueprint by which the universe operates.
We can see the Mandelbrot set reiterated throughout nature and the universe. This repetition is what originally gave David Wilcock the idea that this form fractalized out into the shape of a sphere, and that this form was the essential design of the photon. As we will remember, the Law of One specifies the photon as the first and original life-form in the universe.
The Mandelbulb depicted as a photon
In an earlier discussion David Wilcock made mention of the numerous religious texts that make reference to light as being the first thing created in the universe. From a the perspective of the Judeo-Christian Bible, there is also reference to what is termed The Word as being that which first existed. In the Greek language, the original translation for “word” came from the word Logos. This is a direct correlation between the Law of One text this biblical passage. Also, this particular concept of the light and the Logos being foundational in the universe places a direct correlation between these two essential concepts.

The Bible – Light

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.

The Law of One – Light

27.14Questioner: I will make a statement that I have extracted from the physics of Dewey Larson which may or may not be close to what we are trying to explain. Larson says that all is motion which we can take as vibration, and that vibration, which is pure vibration and is not physical in any way or in any form or in any density; that vibration, by— first product of that vibration is what we call the photon, particle of light. I was trying to make an analogy between this physical solution and the concept of love and light. Is this close to the concept of Love creating light, or not?
Ra: I am Ra. You are correct.

Bible – the Logos/Word

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.

Law of One – the Logos

28.20Questioner: I am assuming that the process of creation, then, after the original creation of the major galaxy, is continued by the further individualization of consciousness of the Logos so that there are many, many portions of individualized consciousness then creating further items, you might say, for experience all over the galaxy. Is this correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct, for within the, shall we say, guidelines or ways of the Logos, the sub-Logos may find various means of differentiating experiences without removing or adding to these ways.

19.12Questioner: This seems to be a carefully planned or engineered stage of development. Can you tell me anything of the origin of this plan for the development?
Ra: I am Ra. We go back to previous information. Consider and remember the discussion of the Logos. With the primal distortion of free will, each galaxy developed its own Logos. This Logos has complete free will in determining the paths of intelligent energy which promote the lessons of each of the densities given the conditions of the planetary spheres and the sun bodies.

As we may remember, the Law of One refers to the universal Logos as that which fractalizes down from the infinite in magnitude down to the infinitesimal in size. According to the text, this is the essential consciousness which is expressed throughout the universe. It may even be said that this consciousness, the photon, and the universal Logos are one and the same. However, this is only an idea.
In light of this possibility, the question came to mind as to why David Wilcock believed that the photon fractalized out into the form of a sphere. It is a given that we see the sphere as the universe constant as far as granular and fluid substances are concerned, but why would the Mandelbrot set fractalize out into a sphere? Then it came to me. The sphere is the unifying factor of the spherical geometry we see everywhere throughout the universe. It is the foundational template from which we get the Platonic solids.

New Insights on Platonic Geometry

It has been mentioned numerous times as to what the Platonic solids are and why they are significant. However, I wonder how many of us know just how mathematically remarkable these shapes are. By now, we know these forms—the tetrahedron, the hexahedron (or cube), the octahedron, the dodecahedron, and the icosahedron. We are aware of their numerous iterations throughout the universe. So let’s look at some aspects of this form we may or may not have known before.
The tetrahedron inside of the cube – When these two forms are nested, the area of the tetrahedron is exactly 1/3 the area of the cube.
Star tetrahedron inside of the cube – The star tetrahedron takes up exactly 2/3 of the cube’s area in this case.


The cube inside of the dodecahedron – In this case, the cube bisects the dodec in the exact same way on every face of the cube.  Also, the corners (or nodes) match up perfectly in this case.
The icosahedron inside of the dodecahedron – To create this form, simply connect the center points of every pentagon of the dodec within its area.
The icosahedron inside of the octahedron – Notice the intersection points.
The icosahedron and the octahedron intersect at the exact points that form the golden mean from their triangular faces.  With every nesting of Platonic solids, this golden mean is created by their points of intersection.
Any of these solids can be explained in a number of ways. Your average mathematics text book will typically make the subject so boring and detached from practical life that most people simply dismiss these concepts before fully grasping their significance. It seems there is much more to these solids than most textbook publishers care to print.
Each and every solid is able to fit inside of a sphere with all of their corners extending the exact distance of that perfect sphere. Keep in mind, these are just the simple combinations of equilateral triangles (plus one with equilateral squares) fit together in the simplest of ways. Yet despite their simplicity, there seems to be an uncanny relationship between these forms. These relationships are a bit difficult to explain. So instead, here is a short video that describe this relationship fairly accurately.

Morphohedron – Nested Platonic Solids

There are numerous aspects of the Platonic solids—one more interesting than the next. There is the subject of how the phi ratio corresponds to these forms, and how many different planetary and astral bodies show signs of their influences, but for now I will simply make the point that these solids are interrelated, fractal in nature, and spherically based.
A singular sodium chloride molecule in cubical structure
Sodium chloride – a cubical crystal made of cubical molecules
A snow flake demonstrating perfect 60-degree angles on six identical facets
The 60-degree angles of the water molecule

So we can see that our geometric constants are present within the human body in abundance. We can also see that the Platonic solids are incorporated into structures such as the DNA molecule. We may further know that the electromagnetic field produced by the human body is a clear example of the spherical torus, and to these aspects of universal geometry, we add another interesting observation.
It has been discussed in past episodes of Wisdom Teachings how human sexuality (particularly heterosexuality) is a direct physical manifestation of the way in which photons manifest through the interdimensional gateway of the wormhole, and propagate through the universe. This mechanism is the way by which higher density photons enter into our universe and give us light. This is the mechanism that sustains 3rd density as we know it. If it is true that the photon and consciousness are one and the same, then this may have profound implications.
If it is true that photons enter into our universe from higher densities of existence, this would mean that these higher densities are continually assisting us in attaining higher consciousness. As David Wilcock shared in past discussions, as higher-density photons enter lower densities, they cause an increase in the vibration of that density. Consequently, the greater the amount of photonic input we receive, the higher the level of consciousness we can achieve. This can be achieved through focused intention as well as with pyramid technology. Either way, our consciousness is increased as we bring greater amounts of light into the universe. This holds within it yet another possibility.
If higher density photons propagate into lower densities, this means that our presence in the 3rd density has the ability to assist lower density organisms to achieve higher consciousness. It could very well be that by our mere presence on the planet, we have the potential to not only enlighten ourselves, but bring a higher level of light/consciousness into the world. Naturally, those who have access to higher amounts of consciousness will have greater potential than those without.
Those who make the greatest effort to focus on increasing their inner light will have the greatest ability to awaken and enlighten other beings around them. This may have been the original meaning behind the biblical concept of the people being the light of the world. I have little doubt that before the biblical text was distorted and twisted to serve the Catholic regime that many of its teachings were based on true concepts, and this concept of inner light coming outward and assisting the world to increase in consciousness seems to be one of them.

Cosmic Consciousness and Evolutionary Expansion

If we consider the fractal characteristic of the universe, we may begin to realize that at some level of existence, everything we see and even that which we do not see is made of the same essential energy. This means that everything from atoms, to molecules, the organs that make up our bodies are designed based upon the original photonic geometry. If this is true, this would mean that every element, every substance, and every organism on every planet is designed based upon the countless iterations of that single photon.
Conscious Life Expo – David Wilcock – Page 1 – New Intel, The Human Evolutionary Leap, Sacred Geometry, Illuminati Secrets, and More

Cross Sections of Regular Polyhedra
It’s possible that when we see straight-line, pentagonal and hexagonal shapes in galactic arm structures that we are seeing cross-sections through energetic Platonic solid forms.  Note the pronunciation of phi ratio as well.
If the universe is founded upon this original photon, this would mean that every planet, every star, galaxy, and galactic super-cluster is based upon this original photon. Keep in mind that at every size, this photonic form can manifest countless variations of structure with this singular and yet infinite blueprint. Now, let’s add in a principle from the Law of One—specifically, the principle of the Logos.

29.5 Questioner: Now, all of these— Let me be sure I’m right then. Then our sun is a sub-Logos of the Logos that is the major galactic Logos. Correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.
29.6 Questioner: Are there any sub-sub-Logos that are found in our planetary system that are Logos that are “sub” to our sun?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.
29.7 Questioner: Would you tell me what one of those— Would you give me an example of one of those… I’ll call sub-sub-Logos?
Ra: I am Ra. One example is your mind/body/spirit complex.
29.8 Questioner: Then every entity that exists would be some type of sub- or sub-sub-Logos. Is this correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct down to the limits of any observation, for the entire creation is alive.
29.9 Questioner: Then the planet which we walk upon here would be some form of sub-sub-Logos. Is this correct?
Ra: I am Ra. A planetary entity is so named only as Logos if it is working in harmonic fashion with entities or mind/body complexes upon its surface or within its electromagnetic field.


Jupiter is a familiar sight to those of us who enjoyed the science of astronomy as children. We may have even been fortunate enough to own our own telescope, and were able to see the planets firsthand from the comfort of our back yard. Though I was not able to afford one of my own, I knew kids who had telescopes powerful enough to see the planet Jupiter on a clear night, and possibly even a few of its larger moons.
This gas giant is an anomaly in our solar system. In fact, Jupiter could actually be considered its own micro-solar system. This giant tops the record off with an equatorial diameter of 88,846.13 miles (and a polar diameter of 83,082.92 miles), and a staggering 67-plus moons in total. With this size and this many satellites, the possibility becomes clear that planets along with their satellites could actually evolve into independent solar systems. But how could this occur?
Modern scientific theory holds that each of the gas giants has a core of molten metal, just like the Earth and the other rocky planets are believed to have. This suggests the strong possibility that each of the gas giants actually started as rocky planets and matured from that point—increasing in energetic states until all of the solid materials within them become gaseous. During this process these growing planets would increase in gravitation—forming and attracting one satellite after another. Some of these satellites may begin as simple asteroids much like the Earth’s new moon is said to have been captured. After being captured, these asteroids may continually attract stellar material captured by Jupiter’s gravity to eventually form spherical moons.
As moons multiply over millions of years, and as the planet increases in size and mass, it begins to resemble a solar system. At present, Jupiter is acknowledged to consist of mostly hydrogen and helium, much like the sun is said to be. If in fact planets are alive, this chemical consistency of Jupiter may telegraph the next stage in evolution for the planet. It could be that Jupiter’s next shift in consciousness actually involves this planet becoming a star. As this happens, its moons would heat up to red-hot spheres of molten material to become proto-planets.
As we may remember, the Logos is the universal consciousness that expresses itself in countless forms throughout the universe. The various expressions of this Logos evolve to higher states—constantly attaining greater levels of consciousness. If this is true, this may mean that as we evolve, we would not simply have the ability to become people, or singular anthropomorphic beings. If the expression of the Logos is universal, this would mean that we may have the opportunity to become much more.
We may realize opportunities to become several people, and even to incarnate as an entire soul group—having various simultaneous experiences as each being within the group. We may find ourselves becoming entire villages, communities, and even entire planetary populations. In fact, there may even be opportunities where our souls are able to manifest as entire planets.
According to the Law of One, we as living beings within the solar system exist as participants and actual parts of the energetic anatomy of the solar system. This is not to say that we are necessarily tethered to this system, but simply to say that we play a major role in the evolution of this system as we ourselves evolve. It is also suggested that in our next stage in evolution, we may become like Jupiter, in that our time of being bound to one planet ends. This would be our opportunity to raise our consciousness and fan out into the galaxy as higher beings. The time may be coming very soon, and each of us plays a major role in bringing it to pass.
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