God, Jesus, religions … We missed the message ;)


I was raised in a Catholic environment, baptized, solemn communion …
But when I was really old enough to understand what the Catholic religion was, I turned away from it.
Their avenging God, separated from men, who gives them orders/commands as slaves while telling them that they are made in His image, it did not speak to me at all.
By turning away from it I have put everything in the same basket (Religion, God, as well as the words of Jeshua/Jesus), and I became more or less Atheist.

It was many years later that by connecting the dots of my various researches I understood that all these spiritual “stories”, speaking of the power of Love, Unity, Universal Divine Consciousness, Ascension , Chakras, kundalini, enlightenment, third eye, multi-dimensions, densities, souls, beings of light, our various bodies, incarnation … etc … That all this had to be be founded on the truth or at least everyone had received the same information through the ages and all over the planet.

My brain began to understand that I had made a mistake by rejecting everything from one block and that was a manipulation, so that I was not interested in my spiritual evolution. I then gave myself way into doubt, which is good. I made room in my heart and in my head to acknowledge the infinite possibilities. The unknown.

Later, after much research on message transmissions from very advanced and positive extra-terrestrial groups, again, the message is always, always the same. We are One, separation is an illusion, we are incarnated here under the veil of forgetting, the different subtle worlds and not-incarnated beings exist and the Creator is All That Is and everything is the Creator. Here we must do our own choices, blindfolded, and seek the truth and reconnection to other parts of ourselves, inside of us. The portal that can make the connection between what is above and what is below is the 4th (the heart) connecting the 3 from the bottom and the 3 from above in our physical body. Everything is linked to our ability to express the infinite love that is in each & everyone of us.
Always the same message!

CF: Law Of One – Ra Material (book 4)

Knowledge accumulating, I could finally begin to see what was hidden before my eyes, especially in the words of Jesus, for example, when he said in Matthew 6 22

Jesus said,
“The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.”
He does not speak of eyes here but about the eye. The one that is taken up in Buddhist culture and beliefs, the third eye, the eye that connects us to our spirit: the pineal gland.

Everything has always been before our eyes … Including the fact that Jesus before speaking to God drank a tea/concoction … a tea of what?

Shaman woman

Look at the video below, I do not agree with all their interpretations but regarding mushrooms it is the best document that I ever seen on the internet, great research work.


And this one shorter :

Everything has always been placed under the eyes of the one who has the eye to see:

The statue of the pine cone (pineal gland or 3rd eye) in the Vatican:

References to the mushroom in Vatican architecture:

Also found in the 2 mushroom-shaped fountains in the main square of the Vatican:

The fact that it is a fountain is far from trivial since the rise of Kundalini is described as the source of life rising up to the pineal gland (Holy Grail) to spread the light there.

Same for the sign of the cross which represents:

1- Vertical – union between all our bodies, from matter to Source.
2- Horizontal – union with all the other versions of ourselves (what is called “the Other” on Earth) and which are in fact other versions of ourselves.

“The journey to the other is long but it is the shortest path to ourselves.”

Jesus was a Shaman, too (cf definition of Shaman). And before his final ascent he had recourse to shamanic practices with mushrooms.
In fact, there are actually universal rules that even the Cabal must follow, the Cabal can manipulate us by adding lies to a true story, but they are also obliged to follow the rules of the game and show us what they Do Not want us to see … They do it by hiding it in full sight because what is too big is either ignored or ridiculed.

“In 1970, Dead Sea Scroll scholar John Allegro used his expert knowledge of ancient languages to demonstrate hidden references to the psychoactive Amanita Muscaria mushroom in the Bible.  Allegro’s work was not well received by the Freemasonic establishment who depend on suppressing historical knowledge to keep their secrets safe. Time magazine labelled Allegro’s book on the subject as “like the psychedelic ravings of a hippie cultist”. When opponents resort to name calling it’s usually a sign that they’ve lost the argument and the Christian church’s own art shows that church leaders already knew what Allegro so ably demonstrated.
A 1291 CE Fresco in Plaincourault Abbey in Indre, France depicts Adam and Eve standing in the Garden of Eden beside a tree, which is painted as the hallucinogenic mushroom, Amanita Muscaria. The abbey was built by members of the Knights Hospitaller who had returned from the crusades.”

Sources :

Same thing for the meditation, Jesus said:

The Kingdom of heaven is within. (Luke 17:21)

“Jesus certainly would have been familiar with meditation while he was growing up, because this is mentioned in the Torah. As a Jewish Rabbi, he would have fully understood the actions of Isaac meditating in the fields. In addition, there were numerous people in Jerusalem during Jesus’ life that he would have met with, and who would have understood the benefits of meditation. There are many who believe that Jesus traveled to India during his life and studied at a number of Buddhist Temples, because many of the parables that he told after his return were quite similar to the teachings of the Buddha.”
 Meditation and Jesus
The Bible shows in the New Testament that Jesus meditated when he was giving the Sermon on the Mount, and provided his disciples with that teaching. In the New Testament it is also stated that Jesus went into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights to pray; however, in Matthew 6:5 he taught the disciples to pray alone and to use few words. One belief is that when Jesus spent all those days in the desert, he was spending time meditating, which in reality is “listening to God”. In these passages, it is very easy to understand that Jesus not only meditated, but taught his disciples that they should be meditating – or listening to God – as well.”

Source : http://eocinstitute.org/meditation/meditation-and-jesus-what-was-their-relationship/

Then came the time for personal experimentation.

I wanted to know, to be certain, if it is real, I must know, I can do it, too … So, I started meditation, as well as shamanic medicine.
I needed a lot of healing, I had accumulated over the years, stuff in me, that blocked my chakras, preventing my energy from circulating freely and my natural joy to express (the inner child).
Shamans have allowed me to pierce the veils that separated me from myself and All That Is. I have seen with my single eye the spiritual kingdoms. I moved from belief to knowledge validated by personal experience. But the connection with these worlds and the opening of my third eye (the 6th) are not stable. I really have to work very deeply on myself, and practice meditation.

Shamans and plants can show you what is hidden from us, but they can not do in our place the inner work that we each have to do in us so that this connection to the other parts of ourselves is stable and continuous.

It took me 4 years to learn meditation and get to activate my Kundalini but this time without any resort to shamanic medicinal plants.
I meditate now every day, at least 30 min in 1 or more times, and sometimes I meditate 3 hours in a row, it depends.

I lived the union with the source that the Hindus call Samadhi. I saw many different beings, different worlds. The best video on YouTube that is the closest to what I see every time my Kundalini activates, is the following video :

No one who is awake will ever say to you: “Believe my words”.

Everyone told us that we had to experience it ourselves.

This is what the skeptics do not want to understand, they are waiting to be proved by human scientific methods. This world will remain out of their sight and reach as long as they are in this pattern of demand. All the answers are actually inside of us. And it takes efforts, and the road is sometimes difficult, especially at the beginning because we have to get rid of our illusions, but this way is also pleasing and interesting/rewarding/invigorating.

Today I have no problem with God, but I do not see God as what is depicted in religions. The article below explains:

Who is God? And who created God?

I also have no problem with the words of Jesus, it corresponds to what I know to be true by my experience and the overlap of many other testimonials/books that I have seen/read.

The book “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East” from Baird T. Spalding is also full of information about the life of Jesus when he went to India and his analysis of religions is rather well seen:

I highly recommend this book :

Another great book to read is “Talking with Angels” by Gitta Mallasz:

Here are a few selected excerpts:

“Sometimes we feel behind the numbers a wonderful system of forces. What is hidden behind the 4th, the 7th?
-You will know the system of forces if you do not look at the numbers, because behind everything lives the Force.
Each form is the door to the infinite system.
For those who have eye – through the eyes,
For those who have ear – through the ears.
To each is given differently,
But the Force is ONE. “

The 4th is the chakra of the heart and the 7th is the chakra of the crown.

Another extract is even clearer:

“The earth is fulfilled, but the sky is not yet burning in you, and you have not two places, but only one: in the middle.
The degrees of earthly life and celestial life are 7.
Three are accomplished. The other three are beyond the limits. But the Fourth will find them.
The “SEVEN” will be ONE and there will be no more sin. The Fifth is talking to you.
L. I do not quite understand.
You can not even half understand. In the seven, the Four connects the three terrestrial and the three celestial. I’m the fifth.
And I rely on you on earth. Faith leads to the Four.
But the Four no longer needs faith. The Four is already working. “

It is crystal clear, the 4th is the heart, the central point connecting the 3 from above and the 3 from below, the bridge between what is matter and what is celestial. The top and bottom.
The 5th is the chakra of the throat, the one of communication: “The Fifth talks to you.

The 6th is the third eye. The 7th is the crown connecting us to other spiritual worlds.

Another passage:

“The Five sings.
The Four awakens to consciousness. HE LIVES. The Light that illuminates,
Who is Truth, penetrates the heart. The heart is afraid.
He is afraid as long as he is half, and not whole,
That he left and not everything.
The earth and the heavens glorify Him. “

You will notice that the reference to the fact that the 4th (the heart, Love) that brings light is also validated by the Law of One (from Love (the Force), comes the Light).

This paragraph also confirms that the I/Me is the brake on the total opening of the heart.

“He is afraid as long as he is half, and not whole,
That he left and not everything. “
We also find the same information in the tablets of emerald of Thoth in which he adds 2 chakras out of the body, the 8th and the 9th :

PDF :  http://www.horuscentre.org/library/Hermetism/The_Emerald_Tablets_Of_Thoth.pdf

If you do not understand what is said by Thoth, consult a Shaman and you will experience it one day or another if your intention starts from the heart.

Those who seek the path of enlightenment have all the information at their disposal. All this is true, We are ONE, separation is an illusion and we live in a spiritual world before integrating matter, then we forget (veil of oblivion), the aim of the game is to pierce the veil and thus to bring the energies of the more higher densities, here on Earth, Jeshua did it, hundreds of thousands of Tibetan monks did it, we are all able to do it because we all have in us the same building base if I may say so. Everything has been given to us, everything is in us. Only we can create the veil of illusion because we are also the All from a higher perspective.

It is the ego, the I/ME, the character in which one is incarnated and given life here, who resists. He is afraid. The ME/mental ego is the ultimate barrier that separates us from ONENESS.

We are millions to wake us up. The awakening is not knowing that we are manipulated on Earth or that there are secret space programs and extraterrestrials. Yes, all this exists and is also part of the illusion in which we play. Spiritual reality is beyond all this, beyond the mind, beyond space and time.
We must leave the mind to gain consciousness.

Questions comes from Noise, Answers comes from Silence“.

The illusion is strong because we are strong and we created it. The details are created by the mind, the mind wants to know, wants to understand, but our Spirit IS, it is and remains for eternity, out of time and space. The solution is simple, but radical, it is a shock that is not expected (the raising of the Kundalini).

No part of us must be rejected, and neither the ego, it is a part of us too, one of our bodies, we must heal him and get its agreement to simply leave the driver’s place to the Spirit. There must not be a loser, it must be a win/win partnership. Any other deal will never work.

Enlightenment is not the abandonment of a state to another state; it is the bond, the bridge between all our parts.

Love is the Force of Gravity, everything that attracts, groups, integrates.
Fear is opposite, everything that rejects.

We do not reject. One takes everything and transmutes it through Love. He is recognized as a part of us, our creation and he his transmuted. We do not abandon any part of us on the journey, while respecting free will. The great transmuter is Compassion.

The key is in the heart, it is Love. The self I/ME is limited in this expression of the Source of life, the highest version of ourselves, Unified. The I/ME must take another place now, that of the passenger, it must integrate the US (vertical). There is a real work of negotiation between the Spirit and the Mind/ego (ME/I).

I suggest that you begin by meditating on the fact that already you are conscious of possessing several bodies: a physical body, a mental body, an astral that you use when your physical body rests. You have to recognize him. Stop doubting. To doubt of this, is lack of Integrity towards yourself, which leads to a blockage of the chakra of the throat.
Already when the mind understands this, it opens up to the idea of ​​other bodies more subtle and to which it could connect in order to move on to another stage, much more enjoyable;).
Either one remains in the loop, or one wakes up (passage of class). It’s as simple as that.

You wish to ascend? Stop the BS and go directly to the Ultimate Truth

Once this vertical connection is opened and stabilized, then only our real mission here begins. The Horizontal. Wake up, heal and reconnect all other versions of ourselves. Bring light in the darkness.

Our physical eyes are not made to see …
Our hands are not made to take …
It’s up to you to look for the rest;)

May Love and Peace reign in all of us for eternity.

Glory to All That Is, this extraordinary Universal Consciousness of which we are an integral part from the smallest to the greatest.

Glory to us all.



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