Why do governments lie to us on the extraterrestrial issue?


The answer is very simple:
The official announcement of extraterrestrial visitors coming to earth will collapse all the control system put in place by the “Masters of this World”.

The disclosure has already begun for more than 50 years, and it has intensified these days with the last great event  “The Citizens Hearing the Disclosure” which took place in Washington before former members of the senate:

The Illuminati are doing everything to divert the attention of the public from the biggest historical event in the history of mankind because …

(because it must come out one day or another) this announcement will provoke the following reactions from the public:

But how do they travel such great distances?
Obviously they do not use oil!
Good, but what is the energy system that propels them? (Answer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyPunuOzY0s)
A free and unlimited energy system … you want it?
First must come


Do they have advanced medicine?
Yes they have a cure for just about every human and animal disease…

This would in turn bring about

Do they use the same economic system as us?
Do they work to survive, eat, drink, wash?


Maybe they can tell us what our governments are spraying in the air with their Chemical Trails?
Certainly not vitamins!
What does Monsanto do with the GMOs they trade?

Do they have recordings of our most important periods in history?
Who funded and triggered the first two world wars?
Who killed Kennedy? Who planted the twin towers on September 11?
How long have they been in contact with our governments?
What technologies have we had access to, and since when, if our governments had agreed to disclose their presence?
How many million deaths could we have avoided if these leaders had unveiled their presence as early as 1947?

Can they tell us who we really are, there is a life after death, do they believe in god, who was Jesus, Muhammad, and Buddha? …
Completed the oil, finished the pharmaceutical laboratories, finished the ignorance,

Another question that many people are asking and to which I will answer:

Why don’t they land in front of the White House once and for all?

The first answer is that we are here on this earth to learn our lesson by ourselves to allow ourselves to become a recognized and acceptable species to be assimilated to the galactic community. Only after this transition will we be in contact.

Even if there have been contacts and interactions with some governments and certain races AND (not the best ones at least), it remains that we are not yet recognized as a terrestrial human species. The treaty passed between the Grays and the USA allows the Grays to have ground bases and to experiment on humans, in return the Grays help the soldiers to understand the technology of the found flying saucers crashed and have agreed not to show to the population.

But for the Inter-galactic confederation (let’s call it that) no agreement can be envisaged with humans so long as:

1- nuclear weapons are not completely dismantled (this was said to Einsenhower)
2- the human people are not united around real leaders (no current politician is recognized by the ETs because they are puppets, the real power is behind them).

And here is the situation in which we are, we are monitored by “adults” so we don’t get in the way of what is happening.
But they leave us in the shit because it’s up to us to do the housework and the spiritual revolution.

The current human species is classified as “TYPE 0”. It is necessary to go to TYPE 1 to be recognized as a species by the extraterrestrials.

Who contact? There is no global cohesion, wars everywhere, criminal leaders …

So you have understood, the disclosure can not come from the ruling Elites. Because they all believe and the disclosure will trigger their arrest, because they are all criminals.

The disclosure is what I’m doing, you and I are the base of the pyramid, or 99%, until the lie crumbles. It goes through the dismantling of the pedophile cartels linked to the Illuminati, it passes by the banks’ persecution for the provoked crisis of 2008 (they have already condemned and locked some bankers in Iceland), it passes by the revolution of the consciences, the sharing of the truth.

When ET will see this, a cohesion, a desire, an awakening, they will help us even more and finally we will be in contact with them.
Ask yourself the question about crop circles, Does it help awareness?

It is ignorance and indifference that prevents contact. And that’s why they’re stuffing you with TV programs and bills, So you are brain dead to the reality that surrounds us. To keep you brain always busy with debilitating things.

Last important thing is security.
Some say, are they hostile, do they want to attack us?

One thing is certain, that is what will be said by governments the day the visitors decide that it is time to show themselves publicly. And it is this reason I have already quoted above.
Wernher Von Braun repeated it several times just before he died:

And it was also confirmed to me by other testimonies.

This is obviously false, for the following simple and good reason:

There is such a technological gap between visitors and us that if they had wanted to take the planet we would not even have had time to worry about it, it would already be done.
Another reason is that we are not in a no-law zone (I mean the solar system), there is not 1 race of visitors but hundreds, organized in a community that maintains the law in this region of the universe . And they do not have only superior technology, they also have a superior spiritual evolution. And finally, we are their family, their children, the human genetic code was created by them. Just as other plant and animal species have been sown by them. The earth was Terraformed by them. As well as Mars a long time ago. And we are important to them, our genetic code is important because we are a cross of several species, that’s why there are color differences of people on earth. And beyond the 3D side of the earth and its occupants, let us not forget the spiritual side, the souls that inhabit our bodies come from all over the universe, including those visitors, we are from a point of view Spiritual brothers and sisters.

Concerning the question: “Why do extraterrestrials not make contact?”

The more an extraterrestrial race is spiritually advanced and the more it respects free will in order to respect the course of our evolution, especially in a zero-level civilization like ours or people think they are the only ones.

Positive races remain discrete and allow us to develop. They act to protect us from major disasters, but remain discreet.

However, several attempts were made to test whether humans were ready for contact, the last one was in 1997 when flying over the city of Phoenix, Arizona. This low altitude flight was a test to see the reaction of humans, and the reaction was not at all good, so they postponed their official contact leaving us more time to acclimatize us to the fact that they are here .

Negative races such as reptilians have no problem at all to infringe our free will, they are already there and in control of the secret government of the planet for millennia. They do not show themselves because they are already in control and if we see them as they are, they would lose the power they already have over humanity.


Ray Fox

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