Iranians have developed a technology to test Covid-19 infection without contact !


All is vibrations. So is covid-19.

Even Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel prize winner in medicine, said it again in his last interview: All illnesses can be treated with frequency waves. Each disease emits a specific vibration frequency and we can send the opposite frequency wave signature of any virus to destroy it.

Well if we can cure a disease by the frequency waves, we can also detect it by its specific frequency, and this is what the Iranians have developed !

An electronic device that detects in 5 seconds the frequency signature of Covid-19 up to a radius of 100 meters !!!

Understand the importance of this new technology !!!

The new technology will eliminate the chances of contracting a virus by traditional testing methods such as intravenous or swabbing, thus avoiding the spread of the virus.

Fast, cost effective, and effective at a distance.

No more need for lock-down !!
All we have to do is treat only people who are effectively contaminated, quickly, and without having to confine a whole healthy population.

It also puts an end to the hegemonic project of population control by vaccine and RFID chips !!!

No more need to block airports, just install these detectors.

It’s beautiful!!!

The implications are enormous, in all areas and not only for the coronavirus.

All the evil plans of the shadow fall to the ground 😉

This is the beginning of the end of all pharmaceutical industry and vaccination institutes on Earth!

Real medical technology will take off on Earth. And it will be done with frequencies.

It will also allow humans to understand how the forces of darkness were already using this technology for destructive purposes, including 5G to weaken the human immune system.

Light will always dissolve shadow. That is the way it is.




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Coronavirus: Iran’s IRGC unveils new device it says can detect the virus

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) unveiled on Wednesday a new home-grown device capable of detecting individuals infected with coronavirus remotely and without blood tests, the semi-official Tasnim news agency reported.

The device can detect infected individuals as well as contaminated areas within a 100-meter range, the head of the IRGC Hossein Salami said.

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“The device is able to detect every coronavirus infection case within a 100-meter radius by creating a magnetic field and using a bipolar virus inside the device,” Salami said.

“When the device’s antenna is pointed at a specific location, it will detect the contaminated spot within five seconds,” he added.

“This device has been tested in various hospitals and has an 80 percent accuracy level,” said Salami.

The device was developed by members of the Basij, the paramilitary arm of the IRGC, he said.

“This device can be a good basis for detecting not just coronavirus, but any virus,” said Salami.

In other countries, the accepted testing method is typically a nasal swab that collects cells from deep in a patient’s nose. The sample is then tested in a lab where it is determined if a patient has coronavirus.

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