Lying Techniques


Lying Techniques
Lying is an art, more so, it is a science.

Imagine a world in which future elites learn the arts of lies.
They go to the school of lying, perfect their knowledge of the human brains, learn the manipulation of the masses, they are congratulated by their masters when they excel in their art of deceiving people …
Once well trained they are placed at the head of governments, banks and media and obey their master carpets in the shadows.

Can this world? Can you imagine?
So welcome to the world today because we are there, this is not a fiction but a very sad reality.


A- Religions
Even if you are not a believer, you can not imagine the impact that religion has on our culture.
Religions provide pre-digested answers that prevent us from asking ourselves the essential questions about our lives:
– Who are we ?
– How did the human being appear on earth?
“Are we alone in the universe?”
– What is the purpose of our incarnation on earth?
– What happens after the death of the human body? …

This does not mean that God does not exist!
Religion and belief must not be confused. But if God exists (and I believe it), he can not be represented by a man or a group of men, his disciples could not piss in silk while children are dying of hunger among us.
The word of God should bring people together and not oppose them. Physical and chemical laws, science, astronomy, biology and mathematics being universal, these should be at the heart of discourse on the divine.

The erroneous translations of the bible:
We could spend hours on this subject but I will not let you do your research. Just an example: The term “Elohim” used in the first Bible written in Hebrew, also taken up by the Mormons as God’s name, literally means “Those who come from heaven”.
The word “Angels” means Messengers.
Read Ezekiel clearly describing a spacecraft landing as well as Enoch (why have you removed it from the Bible), and therefore replace the word god by “Those who come from heaven” and the word Angels by “messengers” and you will have A completely different understanding of these texts!

The new religions.
The new religions are not displayed in broad daylight, they are called Freemasons, Cabal, Illuminati … and many others.

To create a new religion it is first necessary to destroy the old ones.
Did you know ? Charles Darwin’s father and grandfather were Freemasons.
Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is a “command” of Freemasonry.
Indeed, in order to set up Freemasonry, it was first necessary to discredit the theory of the creation of man by God.

If the Bible is false = God does not exist = There is no hell nor paradise = no evil nor good = man can become God through science.

Although totally devoid of scientific evidence, Darwinism was put forward and pushed by the power of shadow to diminish the power of the Catholic Church.

Man descends from the monkey, the monkey from other primitive lives = can man be a descendant of bananas?

Darwinism is a sinister imposture designed to mask a well-known reality of scholars: extraterrestrial intervention.

Why do the Elites have to hide it? As we will see later in other articles dedicated to this vast subject, the extra-terrestrial factor will dismantle forever the power in place.

The greatest secret of humanity is that of its origin.
This truth will deliver us and that is precisely what the elites want to avoid at all costs.
Do not make fun of this subject, even if you are incredulous, because by denying it or denigrating you serve your masters who laugh at you by seeing you doing the job of disinformation for them.

B- The media
Quote from Le Lay (TF1):
“It is necessary that the viewer’s brain be available, and our broadcasts have the vocation of (…) entertaining it, of relaxing it to prepare it between two messages.”

When you watch TV, the waves of your brain change, this is a scientifically proven fact that you can easily check by doing your research, you enter into a sort of trance preparing you to receive the programming implanted through advertisements.

Traditional media, are ALL CONTROLS by the power in place, and are ALL at the boot of advertisers, which are ALL of the multinationals (you’ll never see a grocery store pub from the corner).

A journalist is either an unemployed or a puppet of power. Investigative, sincere and impartial journalism no longer exists.
Just an example if you still have to convince:

C- Democracy
Do you know what democracy is?
Democracy comes from the Greek “Demos” the people “Cratos” Power.
According to Abraham Lincoln, democracy is “the government of the people, by the people, for the people.”
The draw was used by ancient societies such as ancient Greece to choose its leaders. This system is the foundation of the Athenian Democracy.

Today democracy is presented differently: white cap and white cap, choose band of fools!
Do not be offended by the word “imbeciles”, I too was part of you, just like you. It only keeps everyone from staying it or not.

To go voting has become impossible to me, to vote is to authorize the power to take me for a con by making me believe that I have some decision-making power over my future.
The two candidates that will be presented to me are 1, professional liars, 2, they are both at the boot of those who finance their campaigns (the same financiers finance the 2 camps, in case you doubt it), 3 Have no real power of decision, they are all marionettes themselves slaves of the Masters of the world who are not elected, pursue their designs whatever the official Elect …

Democracy for me has never existed since it was born of an imposture, that of the French revolution, which in fact was never a people’s revolution for the people, but a Maconic revolution for the people. Frank macons and whose best proof is at the top of the universal declaration of human rights (pyramid and illuminati eye).


A- Hiding the truth by showing it in the eyes of all.
The more a lie is fat, put before the sight of all and the more it passes.

Some examples :
– Illuminati symbol on the dollar bill.

The word “illuminati” is not recognized in the spell checker of microsoft! (Try it you’ll see)
– Georgia Guidestones, the 10 commandments of the Illuminati, foreseeing the reduction of the world population to below 500 million!
– Speech of Bill Gates on the reduction of the population, beneficial effect of the vaccines on the overpopulation …

– Attacks of September 11, 2001
Since when towers on fire tumble like that!
What about the building 7 that collapsed when no plane touched it?
How does a passport of one of the so-called terrorists of the plane find itself intact on the gravas?
Or are weapons of mass destruction of Saddam Hussein?

B- Keep the minds of people busy at all times to keep them from thinking
It has become almost impossible to sit quietly to reflect on our life and the world around us so we are stunned by information and daily solicitations.
TV is a major example, but not the only one … an untrustworthy courier with an insurance, a raise for non-payment, papers to be filled and sent back … and the day is spoiled by black ideas. A phone that makes us dependent, soon we will not be able to go pissing without his phone because to pay lady pee the phone which will also serve as a means of payment will be essential!
Forms, registration papers for anything and everything.
Advertising boards on the street, on our laptops in the subway, in the sky drawn by planes, on our table set at the restaurant … If I had to describe the hell I would have taken as an example our modern world.

C- Provide a minimum education
If you remember the thousands of hours spent in school, from 5 to 18 years old, or 13 years of your life, or about 8 hours a day about 20,000 hours of work.
What is the share of this “education” that seems to have been useful to you today?

Now take the economics lessons that have only been there to prepare you to accept a sick system.
Unless you speak a foreign language, remove those hours too.
Now take history lessons (the story is written by the winners, never by the losers), filled with lies and inaccuracies.
(If you want examples I have hundreds, write me and I will give you, or I will publish them in another article).
Take lessons of drawings (for those who are not draughtsmen), or flute (for those who play more flute) …
Also remove the rotten books that you have read (instead of those that are really interesting), philosophy lessons or if you dare to tell the truth you take bad notes …

I have a child and I do not want him to go to school, at least not to that.
That does not mean that I do not want to instruct him on the contrary!
Reading, mathematics, science, initiation to the arts, sports, astronomy, learning of symbology, biology, computer science, medicine (the real step pharmaceutical medicine) History (the real one, that seen by the 2 camps), all these subjects are ultra important. For languages, living in the United States he is already bilingual at 6 years without ever having taken a language course of his short life.

The school besides the trivialities learned is an apprenticeship to enter the mold shaped by the rotting that govern us. Under a praiseworthy pretext, they break the brains of our dear little blond (or brown) heads.
Arrived a bac + 4 they go out into the jungle and go to work to mac do shit.
I was born in 1974, I do not have my bac and I manage 4 companies in several countries.
Unfortunately, it is not taught at school!

C – Use chemical methods to limit brain capacity
It seems hard to swallow, is not it?
Did you know ?
The pineal gland in the middle of our brain is essential to our survival and brain development. It has been considered for millennia by all the most advanced civilizations as our “third eye”. Symbolized in India by this red dot in the middle of the forehead, the pineal gland trone in the main square of the Vatican:

Why am I talking about the pineal gland here?
Answer: Because the chemical component that blocks the Pineal gland is “Fluoride”.
And Fluoride is used in ALL toothpastes and also added in ALL tap waters.
It is injected from childhood to our children by the pharmaceutical laboratories that make the toothpastes as well as water, fruit juices, soft drinks … The water used in drinks based on juice or sodas is EVIDENCE water The cheapest to make a max of wheat, so water containing Fluoride that blocks your brain capabilities.
You can find in specialized stores toothpastes without Fluoride, myself I only use this ca:

To regain your brain capacity, stop all sodas and juices with concentrate and water added, change toothpaste also is imperative.
You want a fruit juice, squeeze your fruit!
You will see the difference after 3 to 6 weeks, you will be amazed, it is spectacular. Where you will notice the most change is also in your dreams, you will better remind yourself of your dreams and dream again in color.

In the United States other chemical spraying processes take place “The Chemic Trails”, it would not surprise me that it is already used in Europe and elsewhere.
Governments are placing chemicals in airplanes (originally military and now under contract with private companies) that are then released into the air.

You can spot them easily (until when) thanks to the weird traces left in the sky and which does not resemble at all the traces of normal airplanes:

These chemical agents are intended to limit the brain’s capacities, to spread infectious agents to limit the population (kill them with a small fire like that it goes unnoticed and it makes work the pharmaceutical laboratories), to make sterile …
Studies were made in the USA by groups of dissatisfied people who recovered air samples from passages of these aircraft and had them analyzed by independent laboratories.

You did not hear it on TV or in the newspapers? Look how strange!

Make yourself a flower, you and your children, fuck me your fucking TV in the trash and start doing your own research!
It will not stop you from relaxing in front of a good movie or a good documentary, everything is on the net, but at least it is you who choose!

D- Discredit and ridicule those who try to reveal the truth
Do I really need to explain why?
I do not tell you to believe anything and everything, but you have lied so much to me that the truth may seem crazy and that’s normal, you have to do your own research to validate or not the information given to you.
But above all keep your mind open!
Just the fact that your masters say “it does not exist” or “that’s ridiculous” must put you on alert! Dig and stay open.

E- Limit access to technology
This is a very big part, I would develop in other articles.
What needs to be understood first of all is that the technology from a general point of view frees man from painful tasks and reduces the production cost of products.
In 1800 the work of 1 peasant allowed feeding 10 people, today with technological advances (fertilizers and mechanization), 1 peasant can feed up to 10,000 people (depending on the type of crop).
Another example for cars, in 1900 it took 5 years of average wage to pay a car, nowadays it takes about 7 months of wages for an entry-level.

Technological Progress = Produce +, at a lower cost, by eliminating the painfulness of human labor.

If we trace a curve over time of technological progress, access to basic goods and services of survival (house, water, food, electricity) and their prices, we should logically work less and less more and more.
This is no longer the case! This curve is in the process of being reversed since the early 1980s. We are working to earn less, the basic necessities and raw materials are increasingly expensive, the poor are poorer and the classes Average disappear!

The reason is simple, technology is maintained and controlled to create more and more needs, the important technologies that can liberate us are hidden from the public and restricted to a few multinationals and military industry.

What I am going to reveal to you may seem unbelievable but this is 100% true:
Nicolas Tesla, the greatest genius of modern times (you do not know it, how strange .. you were not taught it in school? I wonder why 😉) has discovered since the beginning of the years 1900 free energy. His work was funded by JP Morgan, the United States’ most powerful banker and major investor in copper, which was used to electrify the entire US power grid (a gigantic market). When JP Morgan discovered that Tesla could supply free and wireless power (all investments in copper without any interest), he had his laboratory destroyed, cut off his financing at Tesla and ruined his reputation.

Since Tesla hundreds of other inventors have discovered the way to create clean and free energy, they are either dead assassinated or their patents have been bought out (mainly by the oil industry) to be forgotten.

How do I know if this is true?
1.look around you, nature shows us every day that energy is everywhere, unlimited and free.
2.ask yourself the question: is what multimillionaire of petrol want to continue to get rich and are they ready to anything to protect their business? your research!

Every time you refuel your car, whenever you receive an electricity bill, you are taken for cons!
Slaves just good to enrich these industries, which finance the political parties, which are elected so that everything continues and nothing changes!

An endless loop …

The medicine … all the same.
An inventor “Antoine PRIORE” created a machine to cure cancer by induction of electromagnetic waves.
During 25 years, between 1950 and 1975, he cured all the incurable cancers in animals, from the mouse to the dog thanks to extraordinary devices of his invention called to revolutionize cancer.

Many trials on humans were successful with regression and sometimes the disappearance of the tumor.

The machine and the whole laboratory were destroyed and it was discredited by the scientific community:

Did you know ?
Medicine schools are funded by pharmaceutical laboratories. The studies in these schools have only one goal: to be a good prescriber of medicines (to return the elevator in bulk).

In China, a doctor is paid when the patient is healthy!
When the patient is sick it is that the doctor has not done his job well to keep his patient healthy, so he is not paid!
Medicines are not pills but plants, and their longevity is superior to Europeans and Americans!

In our rotten world sick people are not patients but clients!
The more you are sick and the harder your illness, the more pockets they fill!

Another example is communications.
Communications are waves sent either into the air or into optical fibers or terrestrial lines. Apart from the line drawing costs (tiny in relation to the number of users) and the electric current to create the wave (which should normally be free for more than 100 years), the cost price of a communication is close to 0.

We block the technology to increase the price …
An example: trade shows.
Did you know ?
In trade shows or companies hiring booth seats to present their products or services, companies specializing in communications have developed a new market, that of scrambling the reception waves of the Internet to prevent any internet connection from the inside Of the show to then be able to propose to exhibitors to sell them an internet access in the living room!
The cost of this rental can exceed 3500 euros per day!
I even met a technician whose birch is in the United States (in Europe it is the same), I said to him: “But how can you do a job of shit like that!”.
Cut a free technology (or in any case already paid in its subscription plan 3G or 4G), then resell it 100,000 times the price!
Any 3G or 4G phone can serve as an internet kiosk, if it did not catch people for cons!
You do not care because you’re not exhibiting? Do not you dislike it is you who will pay the slate at the end because like any expense it is reflected in the selling price of the objects or services that you will buy.

Maintenance of your car is expensive?
Normal it is wanted, normally an electric car (that you should have at least since the 80s) having little or no mechanical parts that can wear needs maintenance only every 10 years!

I lie ?
Watch this video on the EV1:

This car did indeed exist in the 80s in the United States and it was so efficient that it was withdrawn from the market, under the pressure of the oil industries!

Examples like that there are thousands, we are kept at the age of stone forced to work to pay for things that normally should be free.

F- Controlling information
We have seen previously that all the media are controlled and control you.
But there are worse, communications are spied, your mails read by powerful computers detecting certain keywords. This is a problem not only for our privacy but especially for scientific discoveries and industrial espionage.

G- Murder, threaten, imprison, torture the most dangerous truth-tellers
You can not imagine the number of deaths from cardiac arrest, drowning, car accidents, political killings … concerning those who want to reveal the truth.
I do not fear so much that I do not have a large number of visitors but anyone who discloses the truth is a potential target.
Did you know ?
JFK was assassinated because he was about to announce the presence of extraterrestrials.
I lie ?
Listen carefully to his last speech before they were assassinated:

This information is confirmed by military and members of his government, you just need to look, you’ll never see it on TV or in story books.

Disclosure of extraterrestrial contacts = questions about extraterrestrial technology = (free energy + answer to the question “Who are we” + revelation of the lies of our governments) = immediate end of slavery

H- Controlling terminology (the vocabulary of falsehood)
Why in the film categories we find the term “science fiction”.
Ask yourself, why the word science is attached to the word fiction?
Fiction is not it “pejorative” (it is not true).
In Indiana Jones “in search of the lost ark”, one sees the Nazis seeking the ark of aliance. Historical Reality or Fiction?
Answer: historical reality.
In the Total Recall Film we see a company that implants false memories. Reality or Fiction?
Answer: reality.
In Encounter of the third type, all the history of the encounter with extraterrestrials that would have happened in the desert in the United States. Historical Reality or Fiction?
Answer: historical reality.
See my most visited page for more details: Hollywood Lies

I am not saying that all the details of these films represent reality, I am simply saying that reality is hidden inside a lot of “science fiction” films so as to discredit the truth by showing it to everyone And associating it with the word “Fiction”.

When someone says “there was an alien encounter with the American government,” everyone replies “yes I saw the film, not bad …” finish circulate there is nothing to see. You say the opposite you pass for a con.

If you would not be the only item to read about handling the masses, read Silent Wars for Quiet Wars is fascinating!

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