Why are they lying?

indexThe question seems trivial but before we look at the various lies we should ask why we lie?

The reason is that lies allow you to keep control.
CONTROL, makes it possible to obtain and keep power and money.

So automatically the truth is the number 1 enemy of those who control us because you can control 99% of the population only if these are kept in ignorance and division but you lose all your control the day they know The truth and / or unite.

Let us not forget: Knowledge is power.

That is why we have on Earth:
– religions
– secret societies (Illuminati, Bieldergerg, freemasons, Cabal, mafias …)
– the Vatican cellars (containing explosive records dating back to the Christian era and could instantly destroy all monotheistic religions if they were revealed)
– media under the control of these Illuminati
– Hollywood (“the Holly wood” which magical wands are made, destined to maintain illusion among the people)
– a school system that is there to control information and reduce consciousness
– an army and a police force which is there to serve and protect the interests of the control system set up by the Cabal
– media held by Cabala to control the minds of the masses

Despite this obvious finding, some people continue to believe:
– religions
– what they learned at school
– scientists (whose theories are all proven false to 70% 100 years after their publication)
– the elected
– information on TV and in newspapers
– that the army and the police are there to protect them (lol)

The truth is top secret.

If you do not go out of the way traced for you by the Elites, you will always be ignorant and therefore always under control.
Worse than that, you will participate in controlling those who want to get out by ridiculing them.
You will spit on the Arabs that these Elites have voluntarily returned to and camped in refugee camps called Cities. They will attack you in return of course …like latin term Ordo ab Chaos(Order out of Chaos) … Problem, Reaction, Solution …

Do you not see that what has happened has been perfectly organized and planned?

Read the letter of Albert Pike and the Protocol of the Elders of Zion …

Control is easier to maintain if you divide humans right from the start, because division allows noncommunication between them, communication that could bring together the pieces of the puzzle and unite them around the universal truth and also that of the human condition.

The first enemy of knowledge is the belief that one already knows.
The second enemy of knowledge is to believe only in what one sees.
For it is the Masters who show you what you must see and hide from you what you should not see.
For these Masters are perfectly acquainted with human psychology, and precisely they want you to believe only in what they show you!

If you were an Alien race, 300,000 years ago on Earth, and you wanted to create a race of slaves by making genetic manipulations and ultimately creating humans, what would be the security you would put in place to keep them all the time under control?

1- I would create different races that can not communicate with each other (languages) and are not alike (colors).
2- I would give them different religions.
3- I would limit their DNA (we only have 20% of our DNA which is activated, the rest is called uncoded DNA).
4- I would set up democracies to give them the illusion of choice while I would control both my pawns right and left.
5- I would control all the resources, forcing humans to work to buy them.
6. I would suppress archaeological and scientific discoveries.
7- I would wage wars to keep them in fear and illusion of the need for military budgets, while taking advantage of them to clean up the dissent.
8- I would control their education to limit them intellectually.
9- I would limit their population and the age limit by spreading new diseases.
10- I would give them movies to tell them the story that suits me and I would entertain them with programs for children of 5 years to stultify them.

In fact we have a succession of divisions of these 99%, divisions by races, languages, countries, cultures, religions …
And even if we take only one of these sub-groups, we continue to make between them other divisions, political, social class, schools, trades …
We finally arrive at the individual, and in turn we divide it, divide its own consciousness so that it is no longer even a human in its own right (dna, psychological attacks, medication, brainwashing by TV …) .

It is only with these conditions of divisions on divisions that one obtains a kind of cream, modelable, fragile, frightened. A kind of modeling paste <unk>

When you read “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” which is a manual on population control written by the Illuminatis, psychologically power is supposed to replace the family cocoon when humans become adults. To feel safe and dependent (like a fetus in his mother’s womb).
As an adult, instead of becoming powerful humans, we become, French, Spanish, Belgian, finally we become a citizen of a country instead of being human on Earth. We are also Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, instead of receiving a universal spiritual education, we become a plumber pharmacist, policeman, instead of being an indispensable component and a servant of the Earth and the Humans.

Just see the level of “cultural” shows and TV commercials to realize this evidence. The more we are spoken to as 5-year-olds, the more we become childish and dependent on the “Adults” who govern us.

The school is not there to educate us, but to limit us.
The police are not there to protect us, but to contain us.
The army is not there to defend us, but to conquer new powers, to maintain those already in place, and to help the multinationals to make more money.
Television is not there to entertain us, but to brainwash us.
Religions are not there to awaken us to spirituality, but to keep us in ignorance and to divide ourselves, to prevent us from reflecting on who we really are, why we are there and to absolve ourselves from our actions, to relieve ourselves of our Responsibilities (my god why so many wars, why famine? …).
Why ask this question to God when we are all responsible for our own stupidity and lack actions …
A human in full possession of his means would never ask God such questions.
A responsible human should take full responsibility and spend the rest of his time acting to denounce what is wrong and alter that, even giving his life for it.
He would never be content to go once every five years to deposit a ballot in an urn, and the rest of the time to criticize while accepting this without doing anything.

And finally, why are we lying about the extraterrestrial?
For terrestrial extras represent the “lifting of the veil” (apocalypse in Greek), there lies the truth, the truth about our origins, our conditions, the stratagems used against us for millennia to keep us under control; Know all the crimes committed by these Elites, their names.
This is a very important point for which I wrote another article:

Why do governments lie to us on the extraterrestrial issue?

This problem of Humanity vis-a-vis the Petroleum Lobbies of the Cabal is also the reason why the Cabal refuses the Disclosure concerning the other civilizations outside the planet Earth that visit us.

It’s a domino game. If Humanity is officially aware of the presence of other visitors in our solar system, the first question that will come is: how did they make the trip?

And the answer involves disclosing free energy and antigravity. Unless these two things come within the understanding of humans to join their reality bubble (which they accept as part of reality), then humanity will very quickly find itself liberated:

Of the entire monetary system
Of the boundaries because we would be more obliged to move only in 2 dimensions on the surface of the planet
Free Energy, Anti-gravity, Depollution, Overpopulation, Extraterrestrial, Monetary system, lies of the Cabal, Liberation of Humanity and passage to the next level of human evolution. Everything is connected. And the news media that refuse to deal with the Extra Terrestrial subject will never understand anything about the world we live in. Their reality bubble is too small and does not take into account all the keys necessary to the understanding of the Universe in which we live.

Knowledge is power. That is why we have been dismissed for millennia.

But the time has come. Change is already happening and the world we know (this shitty system) will disappear, at last and all the better! We are going forward, let us not be afraid of what is happening because it is a necessary and extraordinary evolutionary passage that we are living.


Ray Fox