Mass Evacuation Of Antarctica as Special Ops And Military Moving In

Mass Evacuation Of Antarctica Happening Just Now. All Civilians and Scientists Being Flown Out. Special Operations And Military Moving In.
This astonishing report was published at godlikeproductions. A civilian working for the United States Defense Industry published in the godlikeproductions that witnessed strange material and military movements on the way to Antarctica and also knew that they were withdrawing all civilians from Antarctica This comes as the Russian navy is on its way to Antarctica, why are they sending a entire fleet of armed ships there?
He also learned that the military was preparing to remove anything from Antarctica and that everything was surrounded by secrecy Hummmmm I wonder if some sort of ultimatum was laid down to world leaders ( hence the elite rushing to Antarctica ), and that ultimatum was not met.
Please watch video below to lear more about this breaking news about this latest Antarctica conspiracy.

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