Media silence: A ground-to-air missile system deployed at Standing Rock!


North Dakota – Militarization at the Dakota Pipeline site has apparently reached a whole new level.

On Monday, independent journalist John Ziegler posted photos and videos on Facebook showing what appears to be an Avenger air defense system, or AN / TWQ-1, deployed near the Standing Rock Indian Reserve in Cannonball, Dakota, North. The Avenger is a low-altitude ground-to-air missile system mounted in moisture.

Standing Rock Rising, an official support group for the NoDAPL movement, also confirmed the presence of the Avenger ground-to-air missile system:

“Confirmed: Avenger” surface to air “vehicles located near the Oceti Sakowin camp The Avenger is used to fire 8 stinger rockets, mainly used to kill drones and the vehicle is also commonly equipped with a 50 cal machine gun.

Posted by Jon Ziegler on Monday, January 16, 2017

Boeing, the manufacturer of the Avenger ground-to-air missile system, describes it on its website:

“The fully automated, short-range Boeing Avenger air defense system is the Army’s most important air defense weapon. It is a lightweight, highly mobile, easily transportable surface-to-air missile fire Eight Stinger missiles in two missile gussets, acquiring, identifying, tracking and engaging targets (low-wing helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft) from a fixed or mobile position. “

Mounted on a versatile, high-mobility vehicle, the Avenger can operate in extreme weather conditions. Its infrared system, computer, communications equipment and laser range finder locate targets in daylight and at night.

Both the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, which has jurisdiction over the DAPL protest site, and the North Dakota National Guard have refused requests for comment on the Avenger system.

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Ray Fox

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