Michael Salla, Cobra & Unknown Lightwarrior Roundtable RELEASED + News Updates


That’s right folks … The Unknown Lightwarrior, Dr Michael Salla (ExoPolitics Institute) & Cobra are going to be in the one virtual room together.

Need I say more!

Whether you’re a Goddess … Panzer tank Lightwarrior or gifted organic Tech-Type … this blockbuster roundtable is for ALL the troops!

Time to get galvanized & re-charged everybody ….

This is HUGE … and if you’ve been listening to Ground Crew Command for any length of time, you know full well that yours truly ain’t gonna hold back, pull any punches or shy away from the biggest … hardest … and most revealing questions, for YOUR Empowerment & frequency increase!

Shows like this are on every Wednesday at 9PM EDT on Ground Crew Command Radio!


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