Question about Love and so-called contradictions


Question from the audience :
“I would like to complete my last message and echo what you wrote to me.  Indeed, the divine has never ordered to kill, it is Man, lost in the midst of all these “religions” who has perverted his soul by wanting to follow them or ignore them! Wouldn’t you see an irreducible and elementary contradiction in the fact that Man delivered to all the prophets (because they existed) is still being mistreated by life at absolutely every level of his existence on Earth? This situation could be understood if we consider that these prophets are all fools, unable to express themselves clearly or that it is we who are complete fools unable to understand them despite all the efforts made in this direction over thousands of years… How do you understand this contradiction which is beyond the content of religions? Can Love dissolve this contradiction and justify taking it upon itself (consciously or unconsciously) in all circumstances of life in society on Earth?”

And this is “my” answer:

Yes, love liberates, love dispels illusion and so-called paradoxes, and love heals everything.

Love is unconditional, it does not choose, it welcomes everything that is.

“This” that is mistreated is the ego, and it is you who created it, and you have identified yourself with “this” and it is therefore “that” that suffers.

Suffering is also pure love, it is there to help you question what you have identified yourself with and which is not Real.

Suffering is therefore also a blessing.

However, suffering is not necessary, you are the one who triggers it by identifying yourself with the ego.

Discernment and rectification also lead to wisdom and enlightenment, it is the path without suffering, the resistance to questioning the very foundations of what you believe you are is the path of suffering.

Both paths lead to Liberation, which is simply the Awakening to what You Are.

So everything is there to help you, whatever your path is.



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