Are you relative? Or Absolute?


Relativity always involves observable Objects.

Objects can be planets, stars, galaxies, etc.
On a smaller scale, objects can be humans, animals, a table, a chair, a car, a tree…
On an even smaller scale, objects can be cells, atoms, electrons, photons, neutrinos… in fact everything that can be observed.

Everything that can be observed is an object, including thoughts and emotions.

From the moment there is an observable object, this object is on the relative plane, it can be observed, compared, measured…

For there to be a movement, there must be a relationship between 2 objects, such as the Earth spinning around the Sun, or a car driving on the road on a ground that seems motionless.

No object is motionless, they all move, without exception.

Look at a coffee cup on your dining room table. It seems motionless on the table, but in reality it moves at full speed like the physical body you think you are, giving the illusion of immobility because the observing subject goes at the same speed as the observed object, because indeed, the Earth, turns on itself, which turns in addition around the sun, which solar system turns in addition around the central sun of the Galaxy, which Galaxy also turns in relation to other Galaxies. Everything moves in the relative world of objects.

It’s like when you’re on the moving train, if you’re on the train you don’t see the movement of the wagons unless you look out the window to add another object as a reference (the landscape).

Everything that is relative has a beginning and an end. Cycles are more or less long depending on the object, but all have a cycle whether it is a galaxy, a star, a planet, a human body, a cell…

Everything that is born will die indeed.

The same is true for thoughts and emotions, they are also objects that appear and disappear. It is said in everyday language that a thought or emotion “flows through us”.

This is Relativity, this is the relative world, always in motion. Never stand still, whatever the illusion of immobility caused by an observer anchored in the same relative plane.

The man meditating under a tree both appear immobile… in fact they move in space at full speed but are on the same relative plane (Earth), giving the illusion of immobility while the sun which is on another relative plane moves in front of them.

Close your eyes and meditate on it, take distance from your relative plane and you will see that your physical body (which is an object) is moving at full speed in space with Earth… and you can go further than the Earth plane and feel the movement of the galaxy…

Your mind can conceive this. This is an undeniable fact, even if you are not able yet to feel it consciously.

Your mind is also an object because it can be observed. It appears and disappears every night between deep sleep (without dreams) and waking up.

But whether it is totally disabled or not, in both cases YOU ARE….

In meditation we are used to observe our mind, our mental activity as we say… thoughts that comes and goes… emotions that comes and goes… visions that comes and goes… visions are also objects…

Light is also an object, it travels through space.

Music notes, sounds, are objects, they appear and leave, they are moving like light, in space. Scents are also objects, with a beginning and an end.

A personality is also an object. Everything that is born, changes and dies is an object.
An identity is therefore an object. We can therefore also say that the ego is AN OBJECT.

This is the Relative Plan….

Now, let’s see what doesn’t move,
which is Absolute.

In the created Universe, what we call the world, let’s see what doesn’t move

Close your eyes and imagine an empty space containing 1 sun and a planet rotating around it, without any other object around them to avoid distracting your attention during your visualization… you see them?

Keep this visualization for as long as you can without it becoming too “forced”.

Observe the movement, and at the same time observe what does not move.

Do you see it?

Do you feel it?

————take time here to really do it—————

What has never moved in your visualization is the space itself!

The space was there before you put the 2 objects in visualization, it was there during, and now that you’ve opened your eyes again, it’s still there!

It is in front of you and in you at all times, it is even in the objects that you see around you with your eyes open at this very moment.

Like the elephant in the middle of the living room that no one sees, “It” is 😉
It has no polarity, no gender, “THAT” is NON-DUAL.

It is not an object, space has no limits, it is infinite and ONE.

It is not a definable object, it cannot have an identity!

It has no history, no beginning and no end. But this is the support for everything that appears, moves and disappears in “it”.

There are no different pieces of space that can be compared to each other.

Space is not relative because it has nothing else to compare itself to.

Space has no preference, no polarity, no identity, it is “uncreated”, it has no history, just, “IT” IS. In an eternal HERE and NOW.

Space has no age, is not subject to time (time is related to objects).

Space is not in motion, it is motionless, the movement of objects is created in it.

What you see on the outside and that never moves is space, emptiness. What you feel inside you that does not move and has no identity is Consciousness, Being, Life, God, your pure Presence. I AM.

In reality, everything is space, even the illusion of solid matter.

Physicists who study matter, fail to find it, creating ever more powerful particle accelerators to find matter, but never reaching… They seek the particle of God, they seek God in matter, the infinitely small, the quantum…

Other physicists who were much more open-minded understood that it was necessary to study not matter, but emptiness. The space….
And oh miracle, in this infinite and UNIQUE space, they realize that everything is contained within. Infinite potential energy, and all the information.

This is called zero point energy.

And the Akashic records.

Everything is space, outside what you think you are, as inside what you think you are.

When you immerse yourself in meditation in your heart, you find this infinite emptiness and yet containing everything that is. All the energy of the universe, all the universal and infinite Love of the Creator for his Creation, an external reflection of its infinite inner  beauty.

No more identification with objects… with any identity you may have created for yourself in your mind over time.

So the question comes up for everyone….

Am I an object?

Am I relative?

Or Absolute?

If you think you are someone, then you are in the relative plan of duality.
If you think you are someone, something, something describable on which you can put a label “I am this”, “I am that”… then you have fixed an anchor and you have identified yourself as an object.

You give yourself the illusion of being relative. And so you are born, and will die, and be reborn, and will die again… it’s Maya. The illusion of “ME”. The cycle of reincarnation of the ego.

See as in human society, everything has been done to maintain this great illusion, the cult of personality. A baby body is born on Earth, it is endowed with a mental body too, to interact in this dimension with objects (relative plane), and it is programmed, it is given a label, parents, a personal and cultural identity/national/human.

See how attached you are to this identity, its stories, its setbacks, its fears, its memories, its desires and expectations…

Lost in your mind, identified with “your” thoughts, emotions, belief systems, everything you have accepted that defines you. What you took and what you were helped to take (with all the mental programming exercised on Earth) for CASH MONEY.

A cage of BELIEFS in which your mind is locked up and has created an identity for itself. A PRISON. The ego.

As a reminder, the definition of ego is “identification with the physical body and thoughts/beliefs”.

You have created a character who is destined to die, like all objects in the manifested universe.

But are you this object? Or are you the ABSOLUTE?

An object in the so-called physical universe (created/manifested world), can only appear and disappear in the Eternal and Immovable Space.

What about this character?

Of this individual?

Of this Object you think you are?

In Who? Or Rather In “What” did this Individual/Object Appeared?

I give you the answer, All this appeared in YOU. Your true YOU, not the one you think you are, but the one that YOU ARE, HAVE ALWAYS BEEN, and WILL ALWAYS BE : Consciousness.

Consciousness is Infinite and Unique.

It has no identity. No history. No beginning, no end.
Consciousness is Infinite and in the visible outer universe it is the unchanging, One, Omnipresent Void/Space, completely detached from time, an eternal present, always here, YOUR PRESENCE, HERE and NOW.

I give you another method of visualization….

Take a blank sheet of paper and see words written on it. The letters are black, each one is interpreted by your mind and emits a mental sound, syllables are formed, then sentences, when reading these sentences emotions arise as well as ideas, thoughts. Everything gets moving… everything?

No, it’s just a matter of focus, of attention, if you focus on words, you no longer see the essential, the blank white page behind words that has never moved.

The blank page is the neutral medium on which everything can be expressed.

The blank page allows a story of fire or a story of water to be expressed.
But neither the fire nor the water contained in the story that is written on, can burn or wet the blank page.

All sounds rise and fall back into Absolute silence.

All colors come from the purest white light.

When you are in a park and hear birds, your attention is focused on the sounds of the birds, which arise from the Absolute silence behind all the sounds.

When there is a great emotional turmoil in you, if you focus your attention on these emotions, you will notice that it is necessarily related to a relative Individual, the one you call “I”, but behind this emotional noise, always in the background, there is a deep peace upon which emotions comes and goes as words on a blank page. It is the Consciousness. This is the blank page on which the film of your character’s life unfolds.

It is the Absolute, ONE and Infinite silence, in which the infinite symphony of diversity of life is played out.

Who are you?

Are you Relative or Absolute?

When the question was asked to the Awakened Being”s”: Who are you?

Jesus replied: I am what I am.

Buddha replied: I am awake.

Ramana Maharshi replied: To find out who I am, find out who you are.

Mooji answers: I Am That.

Whether it is Jesus, Buddha, Ramana Maharshi, Mooji, or any other awake being, you can neither be more than them, nor less than them, everyone is equal, we are already all that, awaken or not. We Are That.

The dreamer is in his head, lost in his identification with the mind, the awakened is in the heart, absolute love, ONE with the Creator. Merged and disappeared in It, forming only one Undefinable One. Absolute.

But as long as there is a SUBJECT, there is an OBJECT. And an analysis from one to the other (mental).
This is where judgment and comparison are created, where the desire to change things is created.

When the ego meets God.

The ego is the subject, and God is the object.

But in Reality all is One!

The Reality is the Absolute, what never moves, what is always there, here and now.

Consciousness, what Buddha called Vacuity, and what is in the physical universe we call VACUUM.

When the ego meets God, both disappear. Because the ego melts like snow in the sun when it get closer to it. And if there is no more ego, who can define this as the Sun? No one, so what’s left?

It remains : What IS.

With no one to define it. It is a pure eternal moment of ecstasy.

It is the present moment, without any thought, without comparison, without analysis, the pure present and eternal moment.

The ego seeks God or want to become God, it seeks the Absolute, it seeks to be and to become. He/She is looking for meaning in “his/her life”. Always in the past or the future, never satisfied, a bottomless abyss. He/She invents himself/herself (and we also invent him/her) past stories and future stories, he/she is never in the present moment, never in emptiness, never in peace. He/She is always worried and thinks he/she is the author of his actions and responsible for his/her own survival.

Like the elephant in the middle of the living room that we do not see, the Reality of the Being is omnipresent, in our infinite and unique universal heart (whose access as long as there is identification with the individual is done in the chakra of the heart).

Consciousness is both external and internal (these words have meaning only for the ego, for Consciousness being Infinite and Unique, internal and external do not exist).

To his disciples who asked him what day the Kingdom would come, Jesus replied: “It is not by watching that we will see it coming. We won’t say: here it is, here it is! or: here’s the moment! The Father’s kingdom extends over the earth, but men do not see it.”
Source: Apocryphal: The Gospel According to Thomas (2nd century work written in Coptic discovered in 1945, in Nag Hamadi, in the Egyptian desert), logia 113

How can we see what cannot be seen?

Only the One Eye of the Heart (Consciousness) can see what is invisible to the physical eyes. But I ask you the question… Can an eye see itself?

Everything you can observe, with whatever sense, including the third eye, cannot be you because you see it. Because you are the Observer.

Everything you see can only be a manifestation, a projection, a tiny and tiny part of what you created/manifested in the Absolute that “WE” ARE.

In reality, we are ONE.

When for you the two will be the One, when the inside will be the outside and the top as well as the bottom, in order to make the male and the female into one, so that the male is not male and the female female, when you will see eyes instead of an eye, when for you a hand will be a hand, when a foot will be a foot and an image an image, then you will enter the Kingdom.
Source: Apocryphal: The Gospel According to Thomas (2nd century work written in Coptic discovered in 1945, in Nag Hamadi, in the Egyptian desert), logia 22

The 2 does not exist, in the sense that it is not a second BEING, even if it seems to be a separate object, in Reality, Everything is only ONE. An infinite void in which THE LIFE that is that “isness” expresses itSelf as infinite oneness.

I cannot promise you that this will necessarily happen on this lifetime for you, only the Grace of the One Infinite Creator can know with certainty the relative date. But while waiting for your Awakening, help is always available to you. You are therefore invited <3

I wish you a good relative day and I hope to see you soon in the relative time 😉



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