The Russian ambassador of Turkey assassinated and the US embassy in Turkey receives shots (probably under false flag)


We replayed the episode of the assassination of the Archduke Francois-Ferdinand de Lesseps, we are witnessing an attempt to trigger the third world war.

The Cabal no longer have the choice with the eviction of Clinton and the Pizza Gate. The last forces of the Cabal will fall on us to try to clean up their shit with a new world war.

This attempt will not work, the Alliance is watching and the people are now quite awake on these manipulations so that public opinion does not rock into the guilty delusions of the mainstream media.


The diplomat, Andrey Karlov, was killed by a man (probably handled for the Gladio network) who opened fire on him while visiting an art exhibition in the Turkish capital.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin after the murder of the Russian ambassador to Turkey.

At the same time in the US, the great voters are preparing to vote to elect their new president:

Little pressure on the big voters to pass ???

Attack of the American Embassy in Turkey !!!

As if by chance … the same evening as the assassination of the Russian diplomat, the American embassy in Turkey receives shots: -ankara

Will the US accuse the Russians of retaliation against their embassy in order to justify the outbreak of the war?

In no case could Putin, who is a cold-blooded failure player and who knows very well the methods of the Cabal could have had a “hot” reaction as stupid and swift as this attack from the US embassy.

It remains to be seen who the American mainstream media at the Cabal boot are going to wear the hat ….

In the wake, the christmas market in Berlin was attacked by a truck, version of Nice’s attack. An article will follow on this subject ….

To follow very very ready and relay en masse.

Glory to the Resistance.

The victory is near!



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