Standing Rock – Field report (Dec 2016)


I came back from Standing Rock where I spent 5 days on the field with an American journalist friend to report to the France public what is really happening there. It was one of the most important human and spiritual experiences of my life.

I was expecting to meet some incredible and highly spiritual people, but what I met there far exceeded my expectations. I met at Standing Rock, in the Oceti Sakowin camp, the bravest and most spiritual people I have ever seen in this incarnation. 2000 people gathered in a camp for more than 6 months, currently under-25 degrees on average, all ready to give their lives so that the oil company DAPL can not pass its pipes under the Missouri River and at the same time the most A large water table and a drinking water reserve in the United States.

Here is my report …

Reminder of Standing Rock History vs DAPL

An oil pipeline is supposed to cross the US from top to bottom and must pass over the sacred lands of the Sioux in North Dakota according to the following route:

Apart from the fact that all pipe lines subjected to extreme temperatures break some day (and this was confirmed to me by a former oil company employee who went to the Resistance camp after working for years for Of the oil companies), this pipeline is also supposed to pass over the Sacred Lands of the Sioux or their ancestors are buried, and this against the treaty of 1851 signed between the invaders who are called American nowadays and the Sioux Tribe.

In addition to this, this pipe must cross the largest supply of drinking water in the United States. When we know that a single drop of oil released into the water contaminates water over 1.6 kilometers …

Water is regarded by the Sioux as sacred and source of life.

On the other hand, two Amerindian legends, one from the Lakota and the other from the Sioux, have both prophesied that one day “Zezeskaso” the Black Snake would try to cross the river and that day There the 7 tribes would meet to fight him. The legend adds that if the Black Snake managed to cross the river, the whole Humanity would be near an end.

The Black Snake Legend:

All this explains the absolute determination of the Amerindians that this pipeline can never pass the Missouri River.

Our arrival at Standing Rock …

We arrived with my American journalist friend on December 13 at around 9:00 pm, by car, it was dark and I could find very little indication online about the exact location of the camp.

It got us off the road and our car was stuck in the snow on the low side, luckily there was a pass and the people were super nice, they towed us with a cable to get us out pit.

In fact there are several encampments and we arrived at a very small camp which was not the main camp of Oceti Sakowin. The night having fallen, the fatigue and the cold being there, we decided to spend the night in the car, on this little camp, and to join the main camp the next morning.

The night was difficult, I let the engine of the car turn to put the heating to the bottom, and cut it also to avoid a risk of carbon dioxide poisoning, which can happen when you fall asleep in a car whose Motor remains lit overnight. When I cut the engine out of the car, barely 30 minutes later it was a cold ice that woke me up despite the fact that I was in my vehicle. And I was putting the engine and the heating back on …

The next morning we took information from the Standing Rock administrative center where we met David Archambault, the local Standing Rock (politician) member of Parliament, and we asked him a series of questions about what happened.

His answers were disconcerting. He told us that the DAPL had stopped drilling and there was no reason for people to stay on the camp, that it was dangerous with the current weather conditions, and that it cost Keep everyone in the camp. He also made the staggering statement (which put a lot of angry people on the camp when they were told that) that the protesters who came to the camp came for economic reasons, roughly that they had any Profit to be withdrawn, which obviously is totally false.

Some Native Americans from the Standing Rocks tribe told us that they thought David Archambault was playing a double game and that he was probably bought out by DAPL to clear the camp and leave room for the DAPL to continue drilling In all tranquility.

Here is his interview in CO long version, which was cut at the end for purely technical reasons of which we apologize:

Following this maintenance we joined the main camp of Oceti Sakowin, and we discovered a beautiful place, much bigger than we thought, under the snow, and where the Tipis seem to grow like mushrooms.

We joined a large common tent where hot coffee and meals were served. There are plenty of these common tents scattered around the camp where people gather, have a good time to warm up around the wood to speak and eat.

We joined the Tipi around 9:00, very tired, and we settled into our sleeping bags to try to sleep.

The stones around the fire inside the Tipi were totally frozen. I added a log to the fire and I saw for the first time in my life that a log of 40 centimeters, half in flames and the other half totally frozen.

The weather was terrible, the cold went down to -40 degrees and the fire did not warm us at all, in the teepee it had to be about -15 degrees and outside -40. I could not sleep, it was too cold and I was worried about the electronic equipment, camera, computers, batteries … because under these conditions of cold and humidity, we could have lost the equipment and thus lose any chance To do the reporting well. So it was decided during the night to leave the Tipi. We warmed up in the car, and went to the Standing Rock Casino hotel about 20 minutes from the camp.

I was at the reception of the hotel to ask if there was a room left free, thinking that there would be none because many people of the camp had taken refuge in the hotel during this terrible night . There were plenty of people in the lobby, on a waiting list waiting for a room to be vacated.

I still do not know how I managed to get this room, but the fact is that a room got free when I asked … power of the event …

(A video editing with French translations is in progress, it will be posted within 1 week at most, follow us on our channel youtube to be the first warned: YflbJ0WsMoA).

Our two new friends opened the doors of their network, we had access to the whole camp including the forbidden areas and we were able to be in contact with all the most important people of the camp <unk>

By the time I wrote my article my thoughts were going to them and to all the people who are currently on the camp trying to resist the DAPL and their “black snake.”

Meeting with a former Marines

This interview could not be filmed, but I had a great discussion “off” with a veteran of the Marines who participated younger in 3 conflicts: in Iraq, Afghanistan and the third I do not remember any more or …

This meeting was highly emotional …

He told me that before he was “on the other side of the barrier” and that as a soldier he defended the interests of the oil companies and other mega-corporations in the countries of the gulf.

One day he realized that what he was doing was wrong, that he was defending the devil himself, and he had an awakening of conscience. He leaned toward spirituality, and he put himself at the service of just causes ever since.

He came to Standing Rock to help people and protect them, but he doesn’t know that his body is at the service of the community, he also puts his Spirit there. He prays every day so that those opposite, on the other side of the barrier defending the DAPL, have an awakening of conscience. He prays and meditates. He is not the same person at all again.

During the confrontation that you saw or the demonstrators were watered by the security forces of the DAPL last November, he went up to the front and began to communicate with the mercenaries of the DAPL (which are also d Former military) in military sign language. A soldier recognized his signs and approached him on the other side of the fence, and they were able to speak face to face. He told him his story and said, “My brother, you are on the wrong side of the fence.” The mercenary cried because he knew that his fellow soldier and protector of the Resistance was right.

He also told me that he had never seen any war field, people as courageous as those he met on this camp. He told me that he saw 19-year-old girls and women over 60, far more courageous than any soldier he ever met.

He had tears in his eyes telling me this and I felt all the emotional charge that accompanied his words.

Passage of the security barrier to see the line of separation on the front zone

Thanks to our two camp security friends (Rance and Ryan) we were able to pass the security barrier that leads to the front line (forbidden zone) just before the bridge that crosses the Missouri River and which Separates the zone or the DAPL fore and the resistance camp.

Arrived on the front zone, under -20 degrees, I see a man sitting in front of the line of separation, alone, in the blizzard, meditating …

We are definitely in a place where we meet incredible people …

Standing Rock – Spiritual Struggle First

When you arrive at the camp there is a security post and the first thing you are asked to do before returning to the camp and if you possess weapons or what could be considered weapons, Alcohol or any other drug. All this is forbidden on the camp.

Everywhere on the camp there are signs with inscriptions on it that remind us to remain nonviolent and not react to the provocations of the mercenaries of the DAPL.

All the people I met on the camp have a very high spiritual level. It’s like I was on another planet with highly evolved humans. Dedicated to serving others and the community.

No money goes on the camp, everything is free. Food, tents, wood, water, chemical heating equipment for gloves and shoes, diesel for generators, medical services (with traditional doctors but also healers, masseurs, reiki, Herbalists …), everything is absolutely free. People usually bring more than what they take, which has been our case also thanks to the material that was left there and that was purchased thanks to your donations. Donors around the world are allowing this to happen.

There are women, children, Amerindians, whites, people of all origins and all countries. If there was not this war with the oil company, I would say that Standing Rock is the representation of an ideal world, based on sharing, love, tolerance, mutual aid, abundance.

Whether in the dome that gathers more than 300 people every morning for the organization of the camp or around the sacred fire that the Sioux settled in the middle of the camp and where the elders make their speeches every day, Pray, meditate. They pray not only for those in the camp but also for those who militarize them and defend the interests of the DAPL. They pray for their tormentors and send them every day love and positive intentions to help them in their spiritual awakening.

The Standing Rock camp is a haven of peace and unconditional love. This love does not prevent the fight against the oil company, on the contrary, it is this love that gives them the strength to resist and stand there, such as Rock, in front of those who only destroy the planet For purely materialistic purposes.

Standing Rock – A fight that goes beyond the local

This is extremely important to understand. What happens at Standing Rock is not only a local fight of some Indian tribes against an oil company. In addition that two indistinct prophecies speak of what is happening at Standing Rock as the battle that will determine the outcome of Humanity, we must understand one thing …

Never before have humans in the 99% won against the oil industry. Yes there have been some lawsuits lost by the oil companies, but apart from paying fines, the pipelines have always ended up passing. Standing Rock will be the first case where the oil industry lose face to the determination of those who want to protect nature and their lands.

Do you think you own your land?

Wait until an oil company decides to pass a pipe through your land and you will find that you have never owned anything at all except your illusions.

Standing Rock will help the whole world that is plagued by the delusions of these multinationals to set an example. Enough is enough, and Standing Rock has become a global symbol of the battle of good against evil, respect for nature, well-being of the majority and future generations against that of a handful of Billionaires.

The whole world is watching what is happening at Standing Rock, even if the mainstream media at the boot of these same corporations refuse to talk about it. We the people, take over and spread the information. Those who are down deserve our respect and our support.

Not everyone can go there to help them but we can all share information about what is going on and talk about it.

Standing Rock – DAPL continues drilling or not?

I can not guarantee you 100% that the DAPL continues drilling, but what is on and certain is that the drilling equipment continues to turn day and night down. According to the DAPL it is to avoid that the material breaks because of the temperatures.

But anyway, we have this oil company on one side of the river, the rivers in the middle, and on the other side the resistance camp, and even if the DAPL company continues to dig, it will not be able to Not to bring out his pipe on the other side of the river. So as long as the Resistance remains on the camp (which is a privately owned land belonging to a Native Resistance and has allowed all these people to camp on it) the DAPL will not be able to go far with its black snake.

Here is an interview of one of the Resistance of the camp who was at the most ready the night of the drilling, only 2 or 3 days ago:

Summary of the interview:

Yoka tells us that he and a group of people headed out at night drilling the DAPL by crossing the frozen river and saw the drilling machines turn with DAPL staff around. They were hunted by 6 or 7 snow motorcycles of the security of the DAPL whereas the river is not part of their ground because it is a public place but apparently these people have nothing to make …

There are rumors that among the 2000 veterans who came a few days before on the camp, some were agents infiltrated by the security services of the oil company.

The DAPL continues to dig and pay the fine which represents 1 / 100,000 of the total cost of the pipeline installation, in other words, nothing at all.

Thanks to our contacts on the camp we were lucky to be able to interview a Chief Sioux who is far far from those who are called the Elders:

Standing Rock – Infiltrators and Communication Warfare

Many people on the camp, some officials have confirmed that agents of the DAPL (mercenaries) infiltrated, are still present in the camp of the Resistance. They serve as an intelligence service for the DAPL and also infiltrate weapons on the camp (this has been proven at least once), so that the militarized police on the hill on the other side of the river can take pictures of these False protesters with weapons, to feed the mainstream media to make anti-protest propaganda to make them pass for violent people.

This propaganda also serves to motivate the security forces of the DAPL to be as violent as possible against the protesters.

So if one day you see info or images of demonstrators violent or armed on the side of the protesters, it will certainly agents infiltrated by the DAPL that try to rally the public opinion by passing the protestors for violent breakers or criminals .

The DAPL dreams of being attacked by protesters in order to send their mercenaries to make a carnage in the camp.

Standing Rock – The end of anti-white racism among American Indians?

It is common knowledge that American indians do not like white people too much (and we understand why in terms of history).

The fact that so many people from as many countries and as many cultures come to support the American indians at Standing Rock has profoundly changed the look of the American indians on the whites. Standing Rock is also an opportunity for them to heal their wounds, vis-a-vis the whites. And an opportunity for the whites to ask for forgiveness for the genocide of the Indians, the theft of their lands and the failure to respect all the treaties signed with them.

We had the right to this magnificent ceremony of requesting forgiveness from a descendant of a northern general shortly before our arrival:

The fact that so many people from as many countries and as many cultures come to support the Amerindians at Standing Rock has profoundly changed the look of the Amerindians on the whites. Standing Rock is also an opportunity for them to heal their rancor wounds, vis-a-vis the whites. And an opportunity for the whites to ask for forgiveness for the genocide of the Indians, the theft of their lands and the failure to respect all the treaties signed with them.We had the right to this magnificent ceremony of requesting forgiveness from a descendant of a northern general shortly before our arrival:

Witness the Standing Rock Effect – Nothing will stop the wave of truth that is falling on Humanity
The fact is that without the help of all these whites, it would have been very difficult for American indian tribes to be able to do so. The help they received deeply affected them and the ties between Indians and whites. This is also the Standing Rock effect. There is one before, and one after Standing Rock. Nothing will be the same for them on this side and we can only rejoice.
Standing Rock – A meeting with the proud Indian people

I knew the Indians only through Hollywood propaganda films and I was very anxious to meet them in real life. This was beyond my expectations and the lucid dream I had made 2 weeks before going to join them. It is a proud, strong, noble and highly spiritual people.

I attended many speeches from different tribes gathered at Standing Rock, some of which even came from Canada. Women, men, old people, young people, took the mic every day around the Sacred Fire and their speeches were all very moving, filled with great wisdom and immense determination. At the end of the speeches we had the right to Indian songs, dances, traditional music. We really had incredible moments.

The images I saw in my dream turned into reality …

De plus en plus d’artistes soutiennent Standing rock

Images du camp de Oceti Sakowin à Standing Rock

I remind all journalists and bloggers that our articles, videos and images are free of rights. The only thing I ask you is not to distort our remarks.

Thank you for sharing this information, they need our support and humanity needs to see the example that Standing Rock is to fight the Cabal in all areas.



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Translation : Ray Fox

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