The Story of the Central Race


— By Teka Luttrell —

The Central Race is the most ancient in the universe, as they are the first, original beings created by God (First Source). This race of beings were created sequentially — in seven stages — based on seven distinct archetypal qualities of First Source. Consequently, the Central Race consists of seven families, known as the Tribes of Light.

Radiant beings of the Central Race are eternal souls who inhabit refined bodies made of pure light — they are the children of God — “God fragments” you might say. They are first-generation, soulful embodiments of First Source, Itself, and are living beacons of love, light, wisdom and power. (Using your imagination they may appear as luminous, holographic, light-filled entities … the light streaming from them in smooth pulsating waves of unfathomable splendor.)

Only rarely mentioned in mythology, the Tribes of Light have been recorded in the stories on Earth by the names Elohim, The Angelic Hosts and/or the Shining Ones. These luminous entities appear to us as being Gods, but they are actually US — they are our past and future selves. This may seem to be a contradiction, but I will clarify this point as this essay unfolds.

The structure of the physical universe and the original home of the Central Race

The material abode of First Source is called the Central Universe and it lays at the heart of the Grand Physical Universe. Expanding out from the home of First Source are seven distinct Super Universes that comprise the vast realms of Creation.

Our galaxy, the Milky Way, and our physical universe which is home to trillions of galaxies and numerous major and minor dimensions … are all in the Seventh Super Universe.

You may now see a symmetry developing … There are seven Tribes of Light families composing the Central Race, and seven Super Universes. Each Super Universe has a Central Race family associated with it, and each families’ influence is projected throughout its universe.

The native homes to the Central Race families are represented by the red dots in the graphic on page 5, and you can see that they encircle the outer fringe of the Central Universe. Their sanctuaries are the central-most galaxies in the universe and barely in the realms of time and space. These spectacular places have been hinted at by the greatest mystics to ever grace the earth, to be realms of incomprehensible beauty, harmonic cosmic symphonies, and saturated with infinite love through and through.

In their native homes, souls of the Central Race are One with God and each other, and infinite gratitude permeates the entire realm. They radiate with the understanding that the core essence of every individuated being is that of First Source and we eternally share Its essence in non-time and non-space. They know that all beings in Creation originated from the home of First Source — the Central Universe — and they see the primary identity of every being as a SECU … a Sovereign Entity of the Central Universe.

Even though stars and galaxies are separated by immense physical distances, each Super Universe is a cornucopia life. On a cosmic scale, intelligent life is common and diverse, and deeply interconnected through energy, DNA and quantum networks that make time and space no barrier at all.

All beings of the Central Race are created using the same genetic template as all humanoid life within the 7th Superuniverse. This template is interconnected and does not relate on an evolutionary scale so much as a density scale. The density of vibration of one planet within the 7th Superuniverse is unique, and it is this vibratory soup that prescribes how the template is expressed, which defines the propensities and capacities of the human instruments that are native to the specific planet. The Central Race are the geneticists and property managers for human DNA and are responsible for its distribution and growth in the ever-expanding universe.

Makers of the soul carriers … the Wingmakers

One of the compelling instincts bestowed by First Source upon the souls of the Central Race is to explore the far-flung realms of the Super Universe that they inhabit. To accomplish this, members of the Central Race symbolically known as the Wingmakers, developed biological vehicles (bodies), that were designed to be mobile instruments of perception that could interact with planetary, terrestrial environments. A conscious particle of a soul could be placed INSIDE the instrument and become its animating life force. Hence, the soul carrier would surround the precious soul and through the soul carrier’s senses, the soul is able to see, feel explore, interact with and transform distant worlds and dimensions.

But the beings in the Central Race only need to place a slight fragment of their consciousness in the soul carrier, as the greater part of the soul can remain in its native home, the sanctuary of the Wingmakers, on the fringe of the Central Universe.

Furthermore, a soul of the Central Race is such a vast, powerful, limitless entity — after all, it is an individualized expressions of First Source — it can easily put a tiny fragment of its consciousness into a thousand different bodies simultaneously … and send each out in a cycle of incarnation to explore the Super Universe in unique ways, from different points of view, in a multitude of places. In this way, the soul can have thousands of different conscious fragments of itself exploring different areas of the universe, all at the same time.

And so you can see the structure of this relationship: a soul of the Central Race, residing in its native home on the fringe of the Central Universe, can act like a central hub for its thousands of fragments that are out exploring life, nature, planets and cultures, in the far corners of the Super Universe in which the soul resides.

To quickly summarize this: the Wingmakers are a specialized faction of the Central Race who are responsible for the evolutionary progress of the human species, wherever it appears throughout the Super Universe. They experimented with and customized the DNA that makes the “human vehicle” or “soul carrier” that we are familiar with (our body, mind and emotions that operates as a unified whole). A template of that design is exported to planets suitable for human life. There, the genetic seeds are sown and the human evolutionary process begins. The soul carrier adapts and grows with the life forms, ecosystems and conditions of its planet. Hence, soul carriers provide opportunities for members of the Central Race to send parts of their soul’s awareness out to explore the distant edges of the Super Universe that they inhabit. In this way, soul carriers are occupied by conscious soul fragments — throughout the Grand Universe. Soul carriers are temporary vehicles that are born, grow, have a life and then pass away, and the eternal soul uses reincarnation to migrate from body to body, to continue its exploration of Creation.

When you look at the big picture, you see an infinite number of conscious soul fragments that are spread throughout the universe. Collectively, they literally are the eyes, ears and mind of God as It sees, knows, contemplates and expands Creation.

You, of course, are one of those God Fragments, and the eternal soul that you originated from is a radiant member of the Central Race — a Wingmaker — hence, you are the same. Your soul is a direct descendent of First Source … and that is what you are, too. You actually are an offspring of First Source and have Its abilities. You have direct, intimate links to First Source and you originated as a particle of light and Source Intelligence born from the Central Universe.

The journey of exploration is a “round trip”

The journey of exploration is designed in coherent, circular fashion, so that conscious parts of the soul that travel to the most distant places will also return one day, to the source from which they originated. The entire journey is an organic, natural part of the soul’s expression, which allows the pioneering fragment an incredible sense of independence. It is given a great deal of freedom to create its own reality, to identify with its surroundings, and to adapt, modify and help evolve the environments that it finds itself in while on explorative journeys.

line top The Journey Home:

“Each species, or more specifically, sub-species of the Central Race, ultimately returns to its origins. In this case, its origins are instilled deep inside the soul carrier coding or DNA. It is an indelible instinct to locate the true origins of the species, and the Grand Portal discovery provides the first verifiable evidence linking the species to a greater brotherhood whose lineage is extraterrestrial.”

— from Relationships of Lyricus to the Human Species, FAQ’s at
line bottom

During the expanding journey outward in the worlds of space, time, and into greater and greater physical density, the return path homeward is hidden to the soul fragment, otherwise she would immediately return to the sanctuary of her native home as soon as she ran into seemingly insurmountable problems. The nonphysical being named Seth in the book
Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul refers to this situation: “In order to begin this new venture, it was necessary to pretend that this inner unity did not exist. Otherwise the new kind of consciousness would always run back to its home for security and comfort. So it seemed that all bridges must be cut, while of course it was only a game because the inner reality always remained. The new kind of consciousness simply had to look away from it to maintain initially an independent focus.”

Despite the illusion of separation, no soul fragment is alone, as there are a multitude of other soul particles around her who are on their own journeys of exploration, and the Wingmakers are always in touch by quantum connections. The Wingmakers carefully monitor the evolution of a humanoid species on a planet and plot the time that is best for the fragments of souls to return to their native home.

The homeward journey begins in earnest 11,000 years before the Grand Portal Discovery, and is initiated when the Wingmakers awaken an energetic DNA component with guidance properties, that is part of the hidden, core essence of an incarnating being. That essence is lovingly named the Wholeness Navigator and is stimulated by DNA resonance — also called “source code activation” — that is managed and customized by the Wingmakers through a quantum network that extends throughout their Super Universe. Over time, the Wholeness Navigator will be fully activated and become highly functional. It is designed to faithfully navigate the eternal soul fragment back to its Source … the soul from which it came.

As stated before, the journey home is brilliantly hidden in a place that the fragment never thinks it could be, as its mission in the worlds of space and time has been to explore the seemingly external worlds. But the external worlds have been explored from inside the soul carrier, as that is where the conscious soul fragment lives in holographic reality. The sights, sounds, smells, feel and taste of the external world have always flowed through the senses of the body and are projected by the brain into an inner theater for the soul to experience.


line top The INNER ascending journey:

“You are in the infallible process of inward ascension — journeying from the outer reaches of creation to the inner sanctum of the One Creator who is first Source. We, the Central race, your elder brother, remind you of the journey’s purpose so you may understand that the role of the human form is to embody that which unites us all. However, it is only within the centermost universe that the children of time may experience the spokes of identity and the supremacy of their convergence.”

— excerpt from The Central Race, Chamber 13, The Wingmakers.
line bottom


Hence, the place that the Wholeness Navigator, and the journey home is hidden, is INSIDE the body — in the luminous inner worlds of the fragment itself. The path homeward … back to the unity and wholeness of the soul and God, is within herself … through the mysterious worlds that lay inside her mind and heart … in the dynamic environment of consciousness known as her Personal Inner Hologram. The soul fragment must “Know Thyself” to return home — which actually is a process of remembering who she really is — her true essence and identity is an eternal soul, a Sovereign Entity of the Central Universe.

The Wholeness Navigator is an original, pure, energetic element that is the very essence of soul. The path homeward for the fragment is a reflection of the soul, as the fragment will have to be true, awake, trusting, grateful, empathic, and forgiving as it progresses ever inward, through the inner landscape of the Personal Inner Hologram. Though the person may loose interest at times or go weary, and even turn their back on their inner journey, the Wholeness Navigator is always available to help guide her attention through thick and thin, and ever inward to the original home of the soul from which she came.

The Wing–Makers received their name as the beings under their care are transformed from identifying as a mortal Earthbound human who has all sorts of limitations, into a Sovereign Entity of the Central Universe … a free-flying eternal soul. The name is not only symbolic but practical as well, as the soul fragment awakens to her natural ability to fly via consciousness through the vast realms of her Personal Inner Hologram — which reflects the whole Multiverse — where she may experience anywhere, any being, any time, any dream or physical environment she pleases in the Super Universe.

“If you distill the purpose of a humanoid species to its basic goal, it is to transform or activate its soul carrier in order to access the soul consciousness of the individual, collective, and First Origin sources.”
— Relationship of Lyricus to the Human Species, by Lyricus


line top
Initial soul carrier set-up on a planet by Lyricus and the scale of its operations in the 7th Super Universe:
“A life-bearing planet is carefully selected once it has proven itself supportive to advanced life forms. Then the soul carrier template is adjusted to operate within the environment. Once the soul carrier template is defined, experiments with incoming souls from Lyricus who are adept at occupying and operating multiple soul carriers simultaneously, are carried out. From this experimental data, any necessary adjustments are made and then and only then is First Animation initiated.“This basic process may be carried out on approximately 32.7 trillion planets within the 7th Super Universe. When these materials are first published on a planet, and members of the species examine them, it is the scale of this number that typically stands out in the psyche of the individual. Following the discovery of the Grand Portal it is considered plausible. Only a small percentage of these life-bearing planets are currently supporting humanoid soul carrier templates, but these are the dominant soul carriers throughout the 7th Super Universe.“From its most formative stages as an experimental soul carrier, to its arrival as a unified consciousness devoted to the holographic truth of First Source, the hand of Lyricus unalterably leads the soul carrier species to the Grand Portal.”

— from Relationships of Lyricus to the Human Species, FAQ’s at
line bottom


The Lyricus Teaching Order are beings mostly from the Central Race who have the job of going out to the distant edges of the universe, and provide a way for the fragments of soul consciousness (that have been incarnating into body-after-body in their exploration of the universe) … Lyricus provides a way for the soul fragments to return to their native home … to the soul from which they originated.

Actually, the soul herself is calling home the fragments of her own being, and Lyricus provides the path for their return. The journey home begins as a personal, intimate decision to do so … by a person just like you, Dear Reader. The path home provided by Lyricus is made of the values and energies that are native to the soul. These most primal of all energies are described as virtues of the heart, which are: appreciation, compassion, equality, forgiveness, humility, understanding, valor and universal love.

On the path homeward, an individuated soul fragment soon finds herself merging with the thoughts, feelings, dreams and inspiration of other beings around her, as such is the nature of the soul.

The first visible, externalized awareness of the path homeward comes as myths and stories of the Wingmakers, that are told by beings of the Lyricus Teaching Order. The stories are intimately connected to source codes that reside in human DNA, and when the myths are read by a person like yourself, the energies of the Wholeness Navigator residing IN YOU are awakened.

As the reader contemplates the stories … their attention flows ever inward which is exactly where the Wingmakers want you to be, as that is where the Wholeness Navigator and the path homeward resides. The “path homeward” is a symbolic expression that has nothing to do with a physical destination nor physical travel. “Home” is a resonate, psycho-coherent place inside yourself where eternity-consciousness lives in the eternal nowness of First Source. It is a resonate quantum field address from which your essence originates, and to which you are always connected. Since “home” is rooted in the quantum field, it’s location is not limited by time and space … it is present everywhere and always.

The Wingmakers refer to this in Chamber Philosophy 3 where it is written “The distance of this womb from your earth is near infinite, and yet, so close that it would make your heart quiver if you knew the reach of your imagination.”

Remember that our Quiet Center of Stillness is everywhere and always, too, and students of the Wingmakers may visualize their native “home” to resonate from that center. You may symbolically imagine it to inhabit the first spirals in Creation that rotate around the quiet heart of your central universe. Hence, your spiritual home is a place that is not separate from you, but has always been at the very center of your being. Once the Wholeness Navigator is awakened, it faithfully navigates your conscious presence “home” to the unity and wholeness that is your natural, true, brilliant essence of soul … which has never left you but has actually been the essence of your being, and that of humanity as well.

The aim of the myths and stories offered by Lyricus, is not so much to find answers and objective truths, but for the reader to be fully involved in the process itself, as doing so is transformative. The goal is to transform the consciousness of the individual from a survival-oriented, ego-centered, terrestrial being … into a citizen of the planet who is One with All, and who has awakened to her true identity as a Sovereign Entity of the Central Universe — an eternal soul who is the living expression of First Source, Itself. Such a transformation is truly a quantum leap of consciousness.

Individuals are not an islands. They are not alone and separate from others. Everyone is intimately connected and woven into the fabric of Universal Life and all are vital expressions of the human species. Though transformation is very personal and occurs one individual at a time (at the request of the individual), the journey home is not solo as other soul fragments are doing the same thing, at the same time. This trend will grow as more Wholeness Navigators become operational, and eventually the attention and vision of the entire species will begin experiencing greater and greater, group psycho-coherence. This collective mobilization of the species is accomplished as we grow ever-closer to The Grand Portal Discovery, which is the irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul. This discovery is orchestrated by the Lyricus Teaching Order. It is so profound, not only are individuals transformed, but the entire species, and all cultures, governments and organizations on the planet are, as well. In summary: “Lyricus bear responsibility for shepherding a humanoid species to the Grand Portal, and thereby indoctrinating the species, as a whole, into the broader network of the intelligent, interconnected universe.” (from

Your personal story is intertwined with
The Great Story

In the context of the Wingmakers’ mythology, you are a conscious fragment of First Source … and you are intimately linked-up to the soul from which you originated. Hence, you are a member of the Central Race and were one of the original beings created by God.

And so, you can imagine: your true, larger, Whole Self, is a radiant, incomprehensible, eternal soul who’s native home is beyond this world. Your true home is actually the sanctuary of the Wingmakers, on the edge of the Central Universe.

Furthermore, the soul from which you came, has not left its natural home, but you are simply an emissary of it and have journeyed to the far ends of the physical universe. You now find yourself exploring a gorgeous, life-filled planet called Earth. Through your eyes and ears, mind and heart, you are engaging with this dimension, this planet, these people, this life, our star, these plants and animals, this culture, and the evolutionary track of our species.

All the things you see, hear, feel, imagine, dream, remember and discover … all those impressions flow INSIDE yourself … they swirl into your Personal Inner Hologram … they are naturally seen and assimilated into your Quiet Center of Stillness where they cross into the quantum field and are instantly, spontaneously and effortlessly received by your greater being, the soul.

line top “I am the perfection of my Creator, individuated as a single point of pure energy, yet living in many places on many dimensions simultaneously — fully aware of all aspects of my wholeness. Like a loving father I shepherd the fragments of my wholeness to the glory of our common origin and destiny.

“Every cell in every body is fully attuned to the song of my vision as it weaves its melody through the structure of atoms, and beyond, through the intricate systems of light that connect my fragments to the whole of me.”

— Vision of Mantustia
line bottom

Hence, all of your experiences … all the information (both real and imagined) … is being holographically transferred to your soul through the Soul Connection Network. Your soul is gathering-up and processing all experienced had by you … and also from all the other conscious fragments that it has on other exploratory missions. Other fragments like yourself, are in different bodies, different places, different situations and cultures … and in different periods of time … and your soul is assimilating all of their experiences. You may remember that the soul is a vast-enough being to have a thousand soul fragments of itself, enlivening a thousand different human bodies. This multitude of human lifetimes may be cast across 200,000 years of linear time … but from the soul’s perspective, they are all happening simultaneously, in the ever-present moment of NOW.

According to this expanded view, your soul can easily have a part of itself in more than one human soul carrier at a time, at the same time on the planet. Hence, as you are reading this, your soul may be activating other bodies, and BE other people, in other cultures, on the other side of the planet … or anywhere, of course. In fact, another version of YOU may be reading these exact same words later in the day. Again: the prime desire of the soul is to explore Creation and to have a full range of diverse human experiences, and so its innate essence has empathy for all and to see things from multiple points of view. After all, the soul is a God fragment and it has the vision and perspective of the Creator.

Through your soul, you are intimately related and intertwined with the thousand other soul fragments that fan out from it. Each has their own body and life time. Hence, as you read this, other versions of yourself are a mother, a father, a baby, a teen, an elder, a saint, a sinner, you are very rich, and terribly poor, you are experiencing a multitude of personalities in a vast array of cultures, spread across thousands of years of human evolution. On the quantum wings of holographic consciousness, all of you are sending your life experiences back to the One Soul from which you originated, which is like the Grand Central Station for its thousand conscious fragments.

The Sovereign Integral

This broad assimilation of life experience by the soul is converted into incredible understanding, love, acceptance and wisdom. The objective of all its explorations in all its incarnations spanning hundreds of thousands of years of time, is a state of incomprehensible enlightenment called the Sovereign Integral … which once achieved, radiates throughout the soul’s existence.

The Sovereign Integral is a state of consciousness whereby all of the soul’s various forms of expression and perception are integrated as a unified, conscious wholeness. This is a state of consciousness that all souls are evolving towards, and at some point, each soul will reach a state of transformation that allows it and its instruments of experience (each soul fragment living in a human body) to become a clear channel of expression for the divine intelligence, light and love of First Source. The Sovereign Integral is the embodiment of Source Intelligence’s yearning to express itself in optimal form.

Everything evolves to more and more unification and wholeness. Just as each soul fragment originally thought themselves to be isolated and alone … but were transformed into sovereign entities who are intertwined with All … the same unification pattern is also reflected at the Sovereign Integral state, as Sovereign Integrals come together for evermore eloquent, beautiful and radiant expressions of First Source.

The Central Purpose at the
heart of the Great Story

This unification continues in a spiral of infinite ascension until each of the Tribes of Light embraces its sovereign perfection.

Finally, the seven Tribes of Light shall come together …

“As it is my nature to be seven-fold, there are seven universes that comprise my body. Within each of these, a species of a particular DNA template is cast forth and is nurtured by Source Intelligence to explore its material universe. Each of these species is sent forth from the Central Race into the universe that was created to unveil its potential and seed vision. Your species will converge with six other species in a distant future that will reunite my body as the living extension of known creation. While this may seem so distant as to have no relevance to your time, it is vital for you to understand the scope of your purpose. You can think of these seven species as the limbs of my body rejoined to enable me/us total functionality within the grand universe. This is my purpose and therefore your own as well.”

— First Source Transmission, My Central Purpose

Wingmakers  •  The Lyricus Teaching Order
Thank you to John Berges for his excellent essay: WingMakers: An Introduction to A New Teaching for a New Century.

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