Trump missile attack on Syria is a sign of Khazarian mafia desperation


Well, this is a bit of a kicker… but actually I’d not be surprised at any of it. The KM would stop at nothing to take out “the Trump”. In any event, read on and see how this resonates. I do know that I have read on some Dinar type sites that they predicted Trump would eventually be leaving the US President stage, after he’d “done his thing”.

Some might also like to read this latest “I told you so” Lada Ray about this.

The missile attack ordered on Syria by US President Donald Trump is a sign of desperation, not strength, and will lead to the end of Trump’s presidency, CIA sources in Asia say. It is no coincidence the missile attack came as Chinese President Xi Jinping was visiting the US because it was intended to provoke China and Russia. However, this attack will fail to cause World War 3 and will fail to prevent the bankruptcy of the corporate government of the United States.

This attack came after the heads of state of Egypt and Jordan visited the US to demand a final end to Israeli crimes in the Middle East and to force a solution to the Palestinian problem. The US military supports this request and has created an alliance around Israel to ensure such an outcome.

In a desperate hail Mary move aimed at preventing their demise, the Khazarians forced Donald Trump go along with this stunt by blackmailing him with a video of him raping a 12 year old girl, CIA and NSA sources say. By forcing Trump to carry out this act, however, the Khazarians have only revealed their desperation and doomed the Trump presidency.

The Satan worshipping gangsters who control the State of Israel apparently did not read the story of the boy who cried wolf or in this case the boy who cried Sarin gas. They have completely lost the ability to fool the world no matter how hysterically their propaganda repeats their lies about Sarin or anything else. The link below explains what really happened in Syria.

It is time to permanently end these criminal’s reign of terror over the planet earth.

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After Standing Rock, that ?!

Trump has been elected because he said that he will focus on America and stop interferences in foreign countries. He Lied. This chemical attack in Syria was obviously another false flag and Trump certainly knows it. It is a new Pearl Harbor / 911…

Attacking a foreign country without the agreement of the US congress is not only a treason against ” We the People” but it’s an international war crime.

After Bush(s), Clinton, Obama, we have a new criminal at the head of the White House.

Don’t you think that it is time to change the System that allows those criminals to run our countries, instead of voting for a new puppet of the Cabal every 5 years ?

We don’t need any middle man to take important decisions for us, we just need an app on which everybody can propose and vote for what WE WANT. Bureaucracy must obey to We the People, and not the opposite, do you agree with me?


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