USA: 3000 pedophiles arrested in 2017


3000 pedophiles arrested since January 2017 in the USA with a media screed

Craig Sawyer , a former Navy SEAL  said that more than 3,000 pedophiles belonging to an elite satanic pedophile network were arrested in the middle of a total blackout by traditional media .

Speaking with Michael Zimmerman of Infowars at the NRA’s annual conference, Sawyer says intelligence insiders have confirmed that Trump’s vow to shoot down a pedophile network in the Washington elite is already filled

According to Sawyer, independent research has enabled him to discover that high-level government officials have regularly tortured and killed young children during satanic rituals.
He said that despite a concerted effort by social media and the general public to remove this information, they can not escape the avalanche of truth freed by the independent media.


We started a non-profit organization called Veterans For Child Rescue called Veterans For Child Rescue and we raise funds to expose high-level pedophile networks among the elites who kidnap our children.
Some of them torture toddlers and even infants during satanic rituals.
I was able to obtain high-level information from the intelligence communities and the federal law enforcement community.
There have been more than 3,000 arrests since January.
We now have a president who disagrees with letting the children get raped and tortured to death, thank God.
With all these arrests going on,My mission is to inform American citizens of what they have been prevented from knowing.
I would create a non-permissive environment against these acts committed against these children, and create a better environment for children in the future.
We have to do something.
I have assembled a task force composed of high-level intelligence retirees and veterans who are very capable.
So we will shoot this documentary and expose to the Americans this corrupt corruption and help clean it up.
Immediately after talking about this to Alex Jones and announcing the founding of our organization, I received phone calls from officials saying that ” There are two groups that plan to attack our organization.
I will let them do their attacks to show everyone what they are doing.
Social media repress my actions and actions.
The crowdfunding sites sabotaged us.
But every day we are gaining more and more support from high-level officials.
It is a popular movement that is developing very quickly.


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