9 Year Old Girl Can Read Blindfolded After Activating Her Third Eye


What if the way we teach our children was broken? What if nature provided a model for developing our faculties that ensure not only we’ll have emotional and physical wellbeing, but also mental and spiritual health? What if seemingly superhuman abilities could be learned as easily as riding a bicycle or reading a book—if we only reconsidered how we raise our children? A nine-year-old girl from India is proof of just that; she can read blindfolded, presenting her amazing abilities all over the world, including in Washington D.C. But are her abilities really so superhuman?

The human mind develops in stages, and the right forms of stimulation are needed at the right time to maximize this process. Children typically need to hear some form of language from birth to year one in order to develop the proper structures for speech to form later.

The brain has finished growing by around the age of seven, with all the major structures in place. However, the connections between those structures are still fairly primitive and the neocortex—the rational thinking part of the brain—along with the left brain are still coming online. What this means is that a child’s capacity to understand abstract information, like math, formulas, complex representational models, and so on, is quite difficult.

It appears that children don’t learn through abstraction as an innate part of the physiology until around the age of ten or later. And even then, there can be developmental delays or setbacks that make logical thinking impossible, which seems to agree with the statistical data gathered by marketing companies and economists that say people do not act rationally when spending money.

These findings, in relation to the methods we currently use to educate our children, are woefully inappropriate. Trying to teach a child who hasn’t developed their abstract rational processes advanced mathematics can be done—but at a heavy price. The right brain and the subtle emotional aspects of being, which cannot be developed using teaching methods currently employed today, are suppressed when children are forced to learn using abstract means. Furthermore, over stimulation via modern-day entertainments, hinder the development of the subtle aspects of being as well. Intuition, creativity, emotional resilience, and so on, tend to develop best when emotional needs are addressed over performance.

This appears to be why, in the Western world, most people cannot comprehend subtle realities, such as auras, life-force, and energy healing. Conversely, those raised in some places in the East, where metaphysics is acknowledged, and the spiritual aspects of life are integrated, children can learn to develop what are referred to as metaphysical powers—like psi abilities.

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But is there any evidence to support the claim that people can develop special abilities? The government seems to think so.

Over the course of almost two decades, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) conducted the Star Gate program, a research project tasked with studying extrasensory perception or remote viewing. According to Russell Targ, who headed one of the research studies at Stanford Research Institute, the reality of extrasensory perception is unquestionably real. They were able to develop incredibly accurate methods for gathering information using non-material means.

Also consider the work of Rupert Sheldrake and morphemic resonance.

The below video of the nine-year-old Yogamaatha appears to be undeniable evidence of extrasensory perception. Taking this in conjunction with data gathered by the DIA during Star Gate and a clear picture begins to emerge, one that undermines the current view of human potential.

Also consider the work of Dr. Michael Persinger, who contributed to the invention of what is popularly referred to as the God Helmet—a device that stimulates the brain in such a way as to produce mystical experiences in subjects. Persinger also worked with Ingo Swann, a well-known remote viewer, proving that a person can receive information telepathically as long as there is a coherent magnetic field in place to act as a medium of exchange.

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Persinger suggests that the human brain, which produces electromagnetic fields and frequencies in harmony with the Earth, will one day be capable of interfacing with the planet to form a global mind, one capable of storing all experiences in a kind of organic data storage system or cloud. Further, there is a body of anecdotal data to support this claim insofar as accounts of spontaneous cognition during times of geomagnetic quiescence—people can become aware of things they shouldn’t be able to when there are no geomagnetic storms. For example, you might think of a friend a few minutes before they call on the phone, which is an example of spontaneous cognition, or morphic resonances in Sheldrake terms.

All this and much more suggests that the human body and nervous system are innately capable of extrasensory perception. But like all forms of information, if the mind hasn’t been properly trained, the data can’t be used effectively. For example, consider that if a person never learns to read, the world of words and literature is unperceivable. In this sense, when considering Yogamaatha’s seemingly superhuman abilities, it appears that she is just a normal child—one who simply activated one of her innate human potentials.

Human beings, it seems, if left to develop their innate capacities fully, would likely all develop psi abilities and extrasensory perception. Looking to the research on hand, such a skill requires incredible mental discipline and a rearing environment free of distractions. But obviously, such hindrances can be overcome. Yogamaatha apparently gained her blindfolded reading skills from a guru, during some kind of initiation rite. What precisely took place isn’t articulated clearly in the below video, but what likely happened is that she learned to organize her “random mind chatter” and use the powers of her imagination to focus her metaphysical eyes.

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What does this suggest for how children are raised and “educated” in the “civilized world?”

Given the fact that abstract rational (left brain) thinking is more biologically suited for preteen and teenage years, the things children are taught, and how, needs to change drastically. Looking to indigenous cultures, if children were raised with emotional wellbeing in mind, while also challenged and encouraged to develop autonomously, this would likely cater to the emotional intelligence blossoming during the 3 to 10 stage of development. Children in this range tend to learn via play and peer to peer interaction the best. Conversely, authoritarian methods that dictate information for memorization overstimulate the abstract regions of the brain, limiting emotional development as a result. Stated another way, children learn how to empathize, take perspectives, and think morally and ethically, during these earlier years when peer-to-peer play is a central focus. Without this crucial period of socialization, egocentric ways of thinking take root and often never get resolved. This helps explain why newer generations who spent most of their social development time on video games and cell phones tend to be myopic in their capacity to consider the feelings of others.

To be sure, there is far too much on this topic to speak to completely here. But what should be apparent is that children—and people—have biological and mental programs of development that should be acknowledged so that they can develop fully. It doesn’t make sense to force kids to memorize random facts they can’t comprehend when their rational minds aren’t developing yet. It makes much more sense to teach children about their emotions, energy in their bodies, and how to use their right brain faculties when these features are highly active in preteens. If this were done en mass, enhanced abilities would likely become the norm in newer generations.

But the benefits of raising and educating children in concert with mother nature’s programs goes well beyond psi abilities. In non-authoritarian schools systems (Steiner Schools), where instructors work with a child’s innate desires and abilities, children learn all the same skills as their peers, except without the severe emotional and intellectual problems that come with coercive teaching methods.

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The fact is, if the freedom to choose is a central feature of what determines a person’s wellbeing, emotional health, and feeling of autonomy in the world, then the way children are educated today is criminal. And it seems to be getting worse as time goes on. According to some sources, current methods of performance-based education were originally developed by the Soviets to train factory workers—not for rearing healthy people who love and can handle life’s challenges.

For the first time in arguably all of human history, children are being raised by TV, video games, cell phones, and the State—more than ever before; on average, parents are lucky to get a few minutes of quality time with their offspring. The average family environment is too time-scarce to do anything but place children in front of “entertainment devices” that keep them busy while parents struggle to work, take care of the home, and maintain their own lives.

Studies have shown that the average child in the first world watches an average of three to four hours of TV a day, and spends most of their at-home time doing homework—parents are increasingly becoming a minor influence on their own children. And the product of this has created one of the most narcissistic and emotionally fragile generations in history, known as the snowflake generation. Given these conditions, can we really blame them?

So while we tend to cite young people and their indolence as the sole cause of their personal woes, perhaps it’s time, as a society, we look in the mirror? Perhaps it’s time to ask ourselves if this modern-day lifestyle, with endless electronic distractions, is really good for us?

Yogamaatha’s abilities should shake parents and people to their foundations. It should remind is that we are not raising our children the best way we can.

Granted, in the world today, newer generations have arguably suffered less than any other time in history, but that doesn’t mean things can’t improve. Common-core and outcome-based education is an insult to a child’s innate capacities and potentials. And it tends to shatter the love of life and learning that is so ubiquitous in children at early ages. But we have the power to change things for the better if we are willing to face reality. And if we can make these hard choices now, as parents and as a people, we’ll be creating a healthy culture of support for prosperity.

– Justin

(LJ VanierNine-year-old Yogamaatha, from India, astonished onlookers in the United States recently, as she applied three blindfolds over her eyes and proceeded to read sentences from the piece of paper in front of her.

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How did she do this?

Yogamaatha claims that she attended a course at Gurukul, in India, where she was initiated by a guru and now possesses the unique ability to see with her third eye. She states that this mystical power is a “learned ability”, opposing those who believe that gifts like these, are only for the chosen few.

Not only can she read blindfolded, this nine-year-old states that she can also ride a bicycle through traffic and dodge cars.

In this short video, Yogamaatha’s curious abilities bring her all of the way to Capital Hill, where her eyes are covered and she is tested.

She then makes her way to a Vedic Temple in Southern California and the results were astonishing, proving to onlookers that not only that she could read entire sentences, she also was able to play games, and even beat another child without blindfolds, at tic-tac-toe!

Girl Demonstrates Cool SuperPower (Third Eye)

Yogamaatha, is not the only child who has facilitated the teachings of the gurus in India. 12-year-old Ma Nithya Maheshwarananda from Dallas, USA says she opened her third eye just over a year ago while attending a three-week program.

In this program the Master, by use of initiation and meditation, cultivates the inner dimension of yourself, by activating the pineal gland and nourishing the extrasensory abilities.

[And here is another video of more super powered children.]

Source : TheSpiritScience.net

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