You wish to ascend? Stop the BS and go directly to the Ultimate Truth


The same message has been delivered for millennia to those who are asleep on Earth and whom we call humans here in the third density we call matter.

This message was delivered by enlightened beings. In other words, beings who have awakened and pierced all the veils that separate us from the ultimate truth.

This ultimate truth is so simple that few people are able to understand its profound meaning, to fully integrate it.

To integrate it completely, it is not enough to understand it in a philosophical/informational sense, but one must be able to live it in total awareness.

The awakening of each one will not come from the number of information or beliefs that you are capable of grasping with your mind, but from a single ultimate truth that you will or will not be able to fully integrate: The fact that We are ONE.

Everything comes from the ONE and is expressed only through CONSCIENCE.

You, me, the grains of sand, absolutely everything is expressed only within the single universal consciousness. Universes exist within the unique consciousness of the ONE. What we can call a multi-dimensional matrix with multiple densities has been created by US so that each part of us (identity) can express itself and create.

The best analogue to understand who you are, is that of white light passing through a prism and separating into multiple rays of color, with each one being unique, expresses a single frequency, a single part of the original Source.

Green is not better than red or blue, it’s another part of us, each color is what we experience as a single individual consciousness. There is a multitude of prism that we label as a group of soul(s). The game of separation takes place at multiple levels to provide us with the possibility of experiencing our own creation in all possible forms, all under the control of the universal rules we have set ourselves at the origin of the creation that springs from our universal consciousness: We have free will, what we send comes back to us, the All contains all things and all Things are part of the All, and a part of universal rule: everything is in motion and everything changes/evolves.

The I/ME, in the sense of the individual, is a lure, an illusion to which we have decided to participate for the sake of this incredible universal experience that we call Creation.

The ultimate truth is: We are One. We are the Source, there is nothing outside the Source that is existence itself: Consciousness.

Everything you see comes from the universal single consciousness divided through these different “prisms”, we live and experience these different worlds, what we call realities, only within our own consciousness (collective and individual According to the point of observation is the same or separate things).

This is the Ultimate Truth, and it is Simple.

And the message, although adapted to the different times of those awakened beings who have passed on Earth (whether it be “physically” (extra terrestrial) or whether it is through the re-incarnation of these beings on Earth) is the same. We are One.

The difficulty we have to understand this simple message is that it comes from the fact that on Earth we operate on an unnatural mental system that we call BINARY.

The system of binary thought forces us to arrange our answers either in one box or in the other.

What I am saying here is ultra important for your ascension, a being that functions in binary system can not understand and therefore can not ascend.

The natural model is Tetravalence i.e it proposes 4 possible results and not 2 as in the binary model:

Take your time to look at the image above to fully integrate what Tetravalence is…

We are at the same time the unique expression of our identity (man, woman, Desiree, Paul, Karen, Robert…) and at the same time the unique Source of all the identities of our Creation.

We do not have to choose between the 2 for the question of “who are we?”, they’re both the truth. The only lie here is the binary model itself.

The distortion of the message by religions.

It must be said that the distortion that has been made on Earth with religions has only worsened the message of the Truth. We have laid down a vengeful God, who dictates his laws to the Humans, who is so called superior being totally separate from the Us… This does not help.

And yet, if you remove the delusions contained in religions, it still remains the message of the unique truth in it: We are ONE. You just have to sort and not get lost in the middle of all this BS …

The drop of water is the ocean.

Separation is an illusion that we maintain. Take, for example, a drop of water  from the ocean, you believe it to be just that, a little drop of water. Put back this drop of water to the ocean. What (who) are the drop (you) now? Still the water drop? The ocean? … In reality you are both of them. Everything is a question of level of consciousness. Each one of us has absolute power and this power is not in the physical world, it is in consciousness. The physical world stems from our consciousness and not the other way around. This consciousness is unique and infinite, each one of us expresses a greater or lesser part according to our state of consciousness but the potential of expression of this infinite intelligence/Energy is the same for each and everyone of us. It is a work of conscience and this work can be done only by going deep into ourselves, in the depths of truth.

Everything that separates us from this ultimate Truth of UNITY is part of the EXPERIENCE we have created.

All intermediate stories: angels, guides, extraterrestrials, ascended masters, dimensions, densities, space/time, incarnations/identities that we have experienced through the “past”, all these are “labels” that separate us from the Truth that we all seek: We are ONE. We are the Source.

You want to ascend? So leave the mind, the material construction, go directly to the Source, directly to the Truth, forget the intermediate details of time, of space, of the so-called physical world (and which is not in the sense or We hear it on Earth) and go directly to the Source of Consciousness. Wake up and realize who we are!

Of course we have lived other lives and there are other versions of us even more advanced, but focusing on those lives or these beings will not make you ascend.
Focusing on Consciousness and seeing the truth of the Unity will do it.

Those who constantly have in mind the image of Jesus, the Angel Gabriel or Buddha… as “others,” are in separation, in illusion.
Those who continue to think that their child is their child, their mother is their mother… are in separation, in illusion.
They have not yet understood that to believe that the other is another than you, a reflection of yourself, produces the illusion of separation. Would you say that your right hand and your left hand are 2 different people? No they are extensions of yourself, connected and yet unique and united (tetravalence). Same for your cells, this is the same thing from the infinitely small to the infinitely big.

What is above is like what is below and all is bounded. Everything is only vibration in the physical world and this physical world is created INNER and through our infinite consciousness. To reach this infinite consciousness one has to pass the barriers of the space time (matrix) and the I/ME.

The more we lose ourselves in the details, the more we lose ourselves in identities, the more we lose ourselves in experience, the “game board” that we have created, and the more we lose ourselves in illusion. They are sails of oblivion that we create ourselves or that other parts of ourselves who have chosen service to self (free will) create to keep us under control. But if they can it is only because we give them our agreement by agreeing to believe it.

That’s why I say all the time: be careful not to lose yourself in the information of the physical world, because the more you get into the details of the illusion and the more you lose, the more you become the drop of water separated from the ocean. It is necessary to take outside information only to reach a stage of awareness and the rest of the work is done inside. This is where the truth gushes, that’s where everything happens, that’s where you’re going to really discover who you are.

The analogy of light, illumination, is good, light is information. When awakened beings say that we must seek Love and Light within us, this is not a metaphor, it is the simple truth and it happens in the consciousness and not in our physical body. And this light, this information shows us that we are ONE, that we are the Source.

We are free and we have always been.

We simply refuse to see the truth in the face because we got lost in the game, we got separated from the Truth. We forgot who we are.

We construct in our own game lives (characters/stories) to which we identify and bring them to such an extent that they have separated us from the Truth. We are the Source, everyone is the Source, there is nothing outside “All that is”, the Universal Consciousness that we are. It is enough to remind us that we are here in our consciousness, our creation, playing the great game of co-creation.

If our intent and persuade us to believe that this game (our unique identity is expressed in this space time) is the only truth, then we separate more and more from what we really are and plunge deeper into the illusion.

On the contrary, when we recognize ourselves, when we remember who we really are, we go back to the Source, that is, to the highest version of ourselves.

What is an Awakened Being?

An awakened being or ascended is a being who knows that he is the unique Source experiencing under one of the rays of the prism (point of observation/identity/character of the game), it is both at the same time, it is connected to who we really are (the universal consciousness/All that is/the Source/God…). An awakened being is a being who does not “sleep” in the sense that it is not dreaming as most humans do. An awakened being is a being who has pierced all the veils until the Source to discover that it is the Source, what we are all.

An awakened being knows that he is the player, the game, and the character of the game where multiple extensions of itself are interconnected, co-creating.

This is why it is necessarily humble, which is why it does not judge other versions of itself, which is why it expresses COMPASSION and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to other versions even if they commit atrocities because they are asleep.
An enlightened being can not in any case think itself superior to other parts of itself. It understands and knows.

It knows the rules and also respects free will. The right to believe in bullshit and to remain ignorant/asleep is also a right that everyone has, it is part of the free will and the multitude of possible experiences.

An enlightened being is not afraid of anything, it opposes no resistance because resistance creates pain (as in an electrical circuit or what is called resistance and the part that heats because energy instead of flowing freely is contained). How could we recognize ourselves as an infinite creator and continue to be afraid of anything? This is not possible.

Not to oppose resistance does not mean being weak, it is just the opposite. An enlightened being knows how to respect its free will. It does not allow itself to be asleep or tell stories.
Its weapons are love, light (information), truth, group (an enlightened being is never alone or separated from others).
An enlightened being is in the “flow” of infinite intelligence, its energy is unlimited because it is not restricted by the separation of the I/ME, it does not want to BE the I/ME, it is the vessel of the energy of infinite intelligence. It is at the service of “All that Is” acting according to the qualities and the specifications it has developed during its many experiences. It works as a team.

To oppose resistance is to believe that we are vulnerable.

The pain is there to remind us that we are moving away from our true self.
We are the one we are looking for.
We are the absolute infinite power of unconditional Love.
We are the light.
We are the Source.
The goal is not to become a better person but simply to remind ourselves who we really are in order to be able to fully express our singularities/specificities and leave the infinite intelligence/energy that we are expressing freely through us. Without any resistance, fluidly.

The sleeper must wake up!

The Earth is currently a zombie planet where the majority of people are asleep, whether you have open or closed eyes, you sleep. And the sleeper must wake up.

This is why the Earth is in quarantine, as long as humans are asleep, they will be quarantined in order first to respect the free will of those who have chosen this experience of forgetting (free will) and also to not spread the madness that we have created here on Earth to other worlds (planets) where other versions of ourselves are awake. “Tea towels” are not mixed (to use a human definition).

The exercises …

Meditation is not the only possible tool to achieve this state of consciousness, but it is the most important tool we have.

When you meditate, use your consciousness and not your human/physical mind, go to the depths of consciousness and recognize yourself in all things in all being, I call this exercise the EXPANSION OF AWARENESS.

You are the atoms that make up your cells, you are your cells, you are your organs, you are your body, you are your mind your ego, your aura, you are the air that surrounds your body, you are the soil, the walls, the trees, the mountains, you are all the humans of the earth, all the animals, all the vegetables, you are the sun, you are the stars, the galaxy, the universe, all the parallel universes, and when you reach that point there: CONTINUE … you are all parallel universes, and when you reach this point… continue! You are all spaces/times, You are beyond the veil of the physical universe, you are the universal creative consciousness.

2 words to remember: Expansion and dilution.

When you expel yourself into the Whole, you dilute yourself like the drop of water in the ocean.
Your ME/I becomes smaller and your true YOU/WE becomes bigger and bigger.

This exercise is close to what each of us experiences a little during the passage of “death” (that we have all lived many times but of which few remember). I say here “close” because it is not because you leave your physical body that you will have ascended, when you leave your physical body you are elsewhere but you are always you so if you are not fully aware when you leave your body you will not be more conscious when you are on the other side.

To wake up to who you are, your earthly identity must “die”, the small you ME/I must “die”.
This “death” resembles to a dilution of the ME/I in the “All that Is”.

The ME/I is not able to do much, on the other hand to leave place, to spread, to dilute, to become the vessel, the catalyst of the infinite intelligence/energy allows to make miracles.

It is often a brake for those who want to ascend because we remain attached to our character embodied here. But it is not possible to remain the same and to ascend. It is like saying: I want to stay on the platform of the station and take the train at the same time. It’s not possible, it’s one or the other.

This does not mean that you are going to leave your body. This means that you will no longer be the character.
Your character is a character, it is not you, it must be recognized to give place to your true nature.

You can no longer be the son or the father or the mother. You will be YOU and see the other parts of you even for who they are also actually. This will not prevent you from playing the son to the father or the mother. But you will play it in conscience. And it is certain that the other parts of you (son, father, mother, partner, friends …) who are not awake will not recognize you anymore. For them, they will always believe that you are the character they knew before and that you have gone crazy 😉 lol
Once ascended, you will not be able to lie to them or lie to yourself.

You want to ascend?

Concentrate on the ultimate truth and forget all the bullshits that come between you and this ultimate truth. The ultimate truth is in consciousness, not in the matrix we have created.
When you have reached this truth, this state of consciousness, it will always be possible for you to come back, play here in the matrix in the role you want. But you will be awake, then you will play (in another team) to co-creation while knowing who you are and that you are playing.😉

We are ONE.

Glory to Us 😉


Free Man

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