There are no conditions for Joy and Happiness


If this period of organized social fear, confinement, human craziness, rejection, judgment and separation, has confirmed me definitively, it is that there are no conditions for the Joy and Happiness that I am, in my heart, the Divine essence that God created.

I have seen everything in this life and so many others… rejection, abandonment, lies, betrayal, fear, slander, insults, disrespect, humiliation, imprisonment… I have gone through everything and even if I see that from time to time on the screen, it does not change who I am. I am what sees it all scrolling across the screen. Even the births and deaths, I am still the witness. Never born, but witness to all that is born and dies.

I cannot change what I am.

Made by God. For Eternity. Unchangeable.

The film, the characters, the script change all the time, yes. But not who I am.

Not the witness of what happens in the film and who also sees the physical body, the sometimes restless or calm mind, the character(s), masks… The witness never changes and I am that.

This is what the confinement confirmed to me. Validated.

This period also showed me the bottomless pit of fear. Fear is the terrorist of life. Even if it cannot reach Life, fear can create an illusion, a veil, an endless mental story, a bottomless pit of suffering. The abyss… Madness arises from fear. The use of mental force instead of the Power of the Loving Spirit.

Fear create walls, Love create bridges.

But True Love sees. Nothing and no one can hide from its gaze, unconditionally Loving, this gaze is Consciousness and this Consciousness is ONE.

Love, peace, joy and happiness cannot be found outside.

Simply because this is what I am.

Before, when I fell in love with a woman, I believed that it was about her, her form, her character… as if it was a kind of indispensable complement to an inner lack… a condition for Happiness… a mental and societal program… whereas now I know that it was a reflection of the Love, peace, joy and happiness that I am already, from all eternity.

Starting from an imbalance, from past traumas, from an illusion of lack… when they left me, I had the illusion of losing what I was. I see God in her, and I lose God… carrying an outward projection of who I am into this perfect mirror of Love. The resulting pain is immense and illusory at the same time. For I cannot lose what I am. I can only dream of losing it. And this dream is called the nightmare of separation 😉

Many times I have fallen into this bottomless pit, in this fear of losing or not getting what I had forgotten I was already and thought I could find outside. This came from old programs (desires and attachments) that are not mine, that are not from God, and therefore not who I am.

When you really discover what you are, and it has nothing to do with what you thought you were, there is no longer any lack felt. You’re complete. You’re not looking for anything to add to or take away from who you are. You’re perfect in every way you’ve ever been. Circumstances change, but you’re not moving. You are what you are. And it is the Love that you are that acts through the little characters you have created 😉

What I am, I am in all circumstances. Even when there is a veil.

Nothing moves in Reality.

Stability is at the origin of movement.

Inner peace is constant.

Love is the unshakeable basis.

I have forgiven, I have forgiven myself. Then I realized that none of the scripts or actors in these films are who I am and that there is nothing to forgive because none of this was real, Reality never moved and it is the Love that I am.

I let go of the different mental characters, and I found myself as if sitting in the stillness of the present moment. Calm and motionless, in peace, in silence, filled with joy of happiness and fullness. By the simple fact of Being. Without any effort to be what I am. Dis-identified from the physical body and characters. One with all that is.

I see only Love.

Recently I met a soul mate in whom I still recognize my reflection.

Her smile is beautiful 😉

I am the Joy that her smile reveals, that she is too and that you are also.

But this time I did not let myself be deceived by the mind.

It is what I am that I see in the mirror, it is through the ONE eye of the Heart that I see and love myself in my different forms, in full Consciousness, and not through the physical eyes that see only the external “things”.

Grateful for the Love, joy and peace that I am, I see her as She is in Reality. Eternal.

And I cannot lose that, for that is what I am too. There is no separation. There can’t be.

Whether I am physically in this dream with Her, or not, it does not change what I am, which is also what She is. And the same goes for you, even if you don’t see it yet.

By merging in the Self, this infinite Love, this peace, this natural joy that we are, we find ourselves in ONE. We come together or rather we remember that we are That and that we are already UNITED for Eternity in what we are: Divine Love.

And since Love is also Respect, everything that can happen will not change anything. Everything is accepted, everything is loved here and now, and nothing is separated.

I remain unchangeable.

Love alone is Real. And it is there everywhere.

I am is Real. What comes after I am, is a story that passes and flies away to return to what I am.

You are the Love that I am also, with which I love you.

Everything is ONE.



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