New evidences that GLADIO’s Network is linked to attacks from 2015 to 2018


The truth about the terror attacks or other attacks from 2015 to 2018
Or how did I become the recorder and messenger of these shadow terrorists?

In 2008, I was only a small computer scientist, but known to accept complicated and technically risky missions. I was then approached by European organized crime. Preferring to get me out of this situation, I had been finding the French authorities, who asked me to stay there as undercover informant. I registered this organization on Mp3.

I realized then that the one who urged me to enter the organized crime was at the same time a very high Belgian policeman, non-Muslim, but that he had mostly very terrorist ideas. He said he was very proud of September 11, 2001. That was not my business.

In 2009, a man who claims to belong to the Mossad, the Israeli secret Service, contacts me to get me out of this situation. At that time, I didn’t ask questions. I was only happy that an organization wanted to take me out of the rice fields. Mossad, or at least what I believe to be Mossad, then repatriates me to Belgium, where they settle me in a former bank, bought just on this occasion. That’s one thing I’m sure of, the agent still had the acquisition papers in his hands.

In 2011, the high officer is trying to silence me. The alleged Mossad saves me from this situation and explains the reasons for their protection. I record them on Mp3. This is indeed a protection against the high officer, who for them is an important international terrorist, but in exchange for this protection, they ask me not to complain against the high officer, which could hinder or stop the alleged Mossad’s investigation of the high officer. At least that is the explanation that is given to me and recorded.

However, as their role seemed ambiguous, I often asked myself the question; Who between the officer and me was the most protected. This question did not really find an answer.

According to this alleged Mossad, the specialty of the high police officer is terrorist Intelligence, the provision of real false documents to terrorists and especially of having participated in the elaboration of September 11, 2001, with a well-known terrorist. Still according to the alleged Mossad, and it is important, it is very close to all organized crime networks, terrorists, extremists and many other things. But at this point, this alleged Mossad could have been very well on the side of the high officer. Moreover, this agent told me that I was serving them, but to what, I knew nothing about it. Another thing is sure; If the main part of this story is my link with the high-level officer heading this terrorist organization, I still feel, including through Internet, that there is also a hidden link with Mossad, but nothing is precise. It’s not impossible too that there is a link between this terrorist organization and Mossad, but it’s also only a feeling.

In 2012, the agent of this alleged Mossad in charge of my protection is murdered. My wife also disappears, under the intervention of a professional apparently linked to international organized crime. The latter would have been able to belong either to one side or to the other, or even to both or to a third one. Let’s say that a professional, riding in an armored car, with a gun in the glove box and fake Belgian papers in his wallet, that matched the context, but that didn’t give his membership.

In 2013, I find myself alone in the face of an organization that stalks me, but of which I do not at all measure the importance and which I do not know the name. They know I have MP3 recordings and they watch me very closely to know what I’m going to do with it. I am then subjected to multiple intrusions at home, sometimes in the middle of the night, while I walk my dog. They intrude in my home and scan my computer, while my doors and my computer are locked. Nothing stops them, and they seek to know what I intend to do with the information I have and monitor my relationship with the counter-terrorism and the Belgian Secret Service.

They follow me on foot or by car, listen to my apartment, my car and my phone lines. They follow me even without a visible spinning. It worries me. I do not understand, but it does not stop me. With other credible witnesses, I meet the counter-terrorist police and the Belgian Secret Service. The anti-terrorist police do not want to believe in my case, despite my evidence.

The Secret Service has the opposite attitude and they ask me to find additional evidence, which I do, by risking my life.

I meet other members of this alleged Mossad, which I record again on Mp3. They confirm all the information already received but add many more. I understand that Mossad is investigating and stalking the high officer since the late 90 years. They’re issuing me the code name for this operation and they’re showing me the hideout with the files. Again, I record everything, but all of this information reported to the Belgian Secret Service does not change anything. They do not receive, from the Belgian courts, the right to conduct the investigation.

However, the Belgian Secret Service confirms that these pseudo Mossad agents are known to them for their Israeli orientations and activities, but they were not aware that it was Mossad. However, they said that might have been the case. In any case, they were not disputing my protection that Belgium would never have had the means to offer me. I cannot dispute this protection which has been triggered on more than one occasion and I cannot deny that these pseudo-Mossad agents are of Israeli origin. However, it is not impossible, and it seems even very probable that this pseudo protection, is also a very big way to control me very closely. In any case, they did not want me to touch the high officer from near or far, and that is obviously suspicious.

Everyone knows the means of Mossad, but I did not feel that this cell had such means, even if they had the same philosophy and the same origin. I often wondered at this time, during these intrusions, whether the intruders were of Israeli origin or of Belgian origin under the leadership of the high officer. Many facts have always led to the conclusion that they were Belgians, but they did not work for the Belgian state.

Indeed, the Secret Service, my Internet provider and myself, have quickly identified that the perpetrators of these intrusions, eavesdropping and spinning, were equipped with military or police Belgian radios. Yet the official services confirm that it is not for nothing. Belgian Justice knows apparently who these intruders are, these spies and choose to close the file immediately.

At that time, I have been poisoned twice, not in order to kill myself, but to keep me in bed for a week. The first time had been in the presence of this organized crime agent in 2012 and the second in 2013 while I was in close contact with the anti-terrorism and the Belgian secret services. As with subsequent attacks on my computer, I should have understood that the purpose of these poisonings was threefold:

  1. To scare Me
  2. To make me understand the power of my enemies
  3. To prevent me from investigating or trying to understand.

This was already the case during the attempt to silence me in 2011, a situation from which this alleged Mossad had immediately saved me.

The Belgian secret service does not let go of the case and help me to open a new complaint to a new court. However, I am forced, under pressure to leave the country.

2014, I am sent to Madagascar, Africa, where I am welcomed and financed by the family of one of the highest magistrates in Belgium, very involved in my dossier since its beginning. This family knows my relationship with this alleged Mossad before I tell them about it.  I wonder then who sent me to Madagascar; The Belgian justice, the high officer, this alleged Mossad, or the three together?

September 16, 2014, I’m not aware, but in Belgium, a police commissioner is starting an investigation into my open file with the Secret Service. Only three hours after its passage near my former home, some very skilled hackers attack my computer and this one is rendered unusable. Moreover, one of the main websites I care about and known by the high officer, is destroyed, up to the customer account in a Belgian national host. This one begins by denying the existence of this 12-year-old site and of which it finds no traces. For my part, I can only see the unlimited attack power of the people who fight me, without being aware of the visit of this commissioner to my former home.

These attacks last a fortnight. Then they end. Three days later, the Commissioner whose visit to my former home had provoked these cyberattacks, contacts me and asks if I’m ready to return to Belgium. He says that Justice wants to hear me, but he mostly says he wants to take my computer equipment, without which, I do not know how to work. I ask him if he is ready to protect me and he refuses. I take weeks to think about what I’m going to do and finally, I give up. I don’t want to take that risk. The investigating judge in charge of this terrorist case, therefore closes it immediately without any investigation.

January 2015, then, in Europe, the attacks can begin;

  • Charlie Hebdo, in Paris, several journalists are murdered. Among the terrorists, witnesses find that there are hooded men who look more like military or police than terrorists. Nobody will never talk about them again, but they were there. On the other hand, the pseudo-Islamists leave their identity cards clearly visible.
  • The Hyper Casher, in Paris, hostage-taking with several deaths. Here too, surveillance cameras reveal the existence of people among the hostages who do not have the attitude of hostages, nor of terrorists, but rather of agents in charge of the organization.
  • The raid into a terrorist hideout in Verviers In Belgium. The Franco-Belgian police forces find police equipment in the hideout. The authorities explain this by the intention of the terrorists to attack the police. This has indeed happened several times since, but, strictly never using police equipment.
  • The Paris attacks, organized from Brussels, make 130 dead. The high officer chosen, in the aftermath of these attacks, a new avatar meaning “slaves of evil”.
  • The Brussels attacks, March 22, 2016, are carried out in the same lineage as those of Paris.

All this leads me to think that I am directly linked to these attacks without finding any strong links. The first three have a connection with police officers, or at least the same professional style as for my intrusions in 2013. The latter two are obviously linked to Belgium and provoke a change of avatar of the high officer in connection with the Slaves of Evil. Then there will be 3 apparently related events:

  • July 13, 2016, I am filing a new complaint for terrorism with the Commission on the Brussels terror attacks. Indeed, I am convinced that my story is linked to all these attacks and I note that one of the experts in this Commission on the attacks is one of my counter-terrorism experts in 2014.
  • 27 hours later, 14 July, takes place, the bloodiest attack on European soil, the ram truck attack at Nice, 80 dead at the passing of a 20-ton truck that rushes to the pedestrian in front of the fireworks.
  • 27 hours later, again, this attack will be claimed by the agency Amaq of Daesh, yet the terrorist has no connection with Daesh.

In fact, these three events above are related, but I will understand it only in 2018. In fact, since 2014, just before I left for Madagascar, my main computer, as well as my phone, had been completely pirated, to follow the least of my movements and to follow everything that was happening on my computer.

In September 2016, the Commission on the Brussels terror attacks, comes home from vacation and begins to look at my file. At this time, the world’s largest Internet weapon, Mirai botnet, appears to the world. This is in fact the result of an earlier evolution related to my story:

  • September 2012, while the main Mossad agent was murdered, and my wife disappeared, the hackers who were going to be at the base of Mirai botnet, began their activities unofficially on the Internet, under the name V-DOS in Israel. It is very serious to note that the origin of V-DOS is Israeli, as well as this cell of the pseudo Mossad. It is a verified fact and yet on the ground it is difficult to see this link. They propose, in fact, DDoS attacks of industrial power, among the most important in the world and destined therefore, to attack enterprise or state servers to make them inaccessible.
  1. September 2014, while a terrorist investigation, has just started in Belgium, following my open file with the Belgian Secret Service, V-DOS begins its activities officially on the Internet and even begins to bill their DDoS attacks, always from Israel. They have become more powerful than before and are also involved in pressuring me so that I do not return to Belgium at the request of justice. I also see that the origin of these Internet attacks on me is indeed of Israeli origin.
  • September 2016, V-DOS disappears and gives way to Mirai botnet which starts his first attack on the company Krebson Security in the USA, which is at the origin of the complaint leading to the disappearance of the company V-DOS. Indeed, Israel, at the request of the FBI, briefly stops 2 hackers at the head of V-DOS, but as soon as they are released, Mirai botnet attacks Krebson Security, on 21 September 2016 Belgian time, while the Commission on the attacks in Brussels makes its official comeback on that day.

Then, for 7 months, occur several events directly related to the birth of this Internet weapon, Mirai botnet. Indeed, this organization never does anything without having planned it long in advance and Mirai botnet was in fact destined, although it is the most important Internet weapon in the world, mainly to the communication that this terrorist organization wanted to establish with me.

But let’s summarize: I was apparently protected by this alleged Mossad (Israel), from 2009 to 2012. The Internet weapon Mirai botnet has an Israeli origin and my file follows, from 2012 to 2016, the one of this Israeli Internet weapon. And until this day, in 2018, it is Mirai botnet that makes a constant connection between me and this global terrorist organization which has its headquarter in Belgium. And all this is absolutely certain and proves itself easily, since I am in the middle.

  • 19 October 2016, I receive a letter from the Directorate-General of the Belgian police, which says that my file is being followed.
  • 3 hours after, my Internet server, which is located in the lap of the Dyn DNS company in Manchester USA, is destroyed by very skilled hackers. But, in fact, these hackers who still belong to this same organization, knew very well that I had another server in preparation, since they controlled my computer remotely. They knew that there was actually no danger to my activity.
  • 20 October, I immediately setup my new server on the one I had in preparation in the Netherlands. I am very happy to believe that I managed to counter my attackers, when I was only manipulated, and I start insulting a group of people, including the high officer, about these hackers.
  • 21 October, Mirai botnet, starts attacking the Dyn DNS company in Manchester USA, where my server was. This gigantic attack is the most important in the world and paralyzes all major American sites, including all social networks. President Obama must give a conference to calm the population. I just think it is strange that my server was there 48 hours ago, but I do not make any other connections with me at this time. This attack was in fact intended to make the world understand that a new ruthless weapon had just been born and had to make me understand, later, that I was intimately connected to Mirai botnet, to this attack and to the organization, which had provoked it.
  • 1st November 2016, my computer, my new server in the Netherlands and my girlfriend’s GSM are the subject of several small simultaneous attacks. These come from Belgium and I feel something personal, since they take place at the very moment, where my partner and I are shopping and we are not connected, which is not common. We see it when we return home and I solve all the attacks, but again without understanding, what I had to understand.
  • November 9, 2016, this is an exceptional episode, necessary to help me precisely to understand the previous episode and all my situation. My girlfriend is in town in the Philippines, and she gets accosted by a couple of strangers who gives her a procedure to find an unknown user on a GSM. When she comes home, she tells me about this strange encounter. I understand immediately, that these agents belong to this powerful organization in connection with these attacks. We follow the procedure received and we find indeed, an unknown user. This one has for image, the avatar of the Belgian high officer and a pseudonym, in two parts; the first part is the anagram of his first name, the second makes a connection with Mirai botnet! We can’t erase this unknown user, but I’m starting to make the links that seem so extraordinary to me. All this is so orchestrated as if it were a film and it was just beginning.
  • November 10, 2016, we must to go to a store to have this user removed. The technician informs us that this GSM is completely enslaved in spy tool, camera, micro, GPS and applications. I’m going to delete everything. He added that the GSM had to be borrowed discreetly from my partner because it is impossible to add this user without having the GSM in hand. Here we are, completely certain to be under the control of a huge organization with unlimited means, in connection with all terror attacks and Mirai botnet.
  • End of December 2016, Mirai botnet connects itself to my new server in the Netherlands in the manner of a frequency, a continuous and relatively stable signal. I’m contacting the FBL. We exchange 450 emails, of which 150 received. The FBI confirms the severity of the situation, but they can’t find anything on my server. I emphasize to them that they probably must look in my past and not on my server, but it is a track that does not seem to interest them.

On my side, I immediately realize monitoring tools that allow me to display graphically the number of connections per hour of Mirai botnet on my server. These applications show me, on one of my screens and therefore continuously a red line, which goes up or down in a very visual way, depending on the number of connections received per hour by my server. The average number of connections changes between 150 and 250 per hour.

  • January and February 2017, my companion and I, are in the midst of swamps, visiting another island in the Philippines. We’re not connected, but I try to find a way to connect, to know how Mirai behaves on my server.

When I do, I see that the red line of the number of connections shows very strong spikes of activity that I do not put long to understand. This organization, shows me via Mirai botnet that not only, they control entirely Mirai botnet, but that above all they monitor us, minute by minute, since the frequency of Mirai on my server depends on our activity in the middle of nowhere and especially without Internet! I contact the FBI, who just replies that they know we are being watched… with what? A satellite?

  • 22 May 2017, I see that Mirai botnet suddenly reaches a high-level activity on my server, at more than 1000 connections per hour while its normal level, on this date is +/-150 connections per hour. This high activity continues for 4h30 and I try to understand. When it falls back to its normal level, I look at what I could have done to provoke the discontent of this organization, but I do not find anything.

Then I see the news. Donald Trump has just been welcomed to Israel, by Benjamin Netanyahu. Their meeting took place at 11h02 in the morning, Belgian time, at the airport… and Mirai also reached this high-level activity on my server at 11H02 in the morning!

I understand that Mirai may be warning me of an imminent terrorist attack. I’m contacting the Belgian terrorist threat Center, which asks me for a report. This one asks me for hours and shortly after its dispatch, it is the attack in Manchester in England, at the Arena. Many deaths including children. Later, the CIA will say that the terrorist who blew himself up, was trained in Belgium.

Moreover, this organization that leaves nothing to chance had just launched the 4th terror attack a 22 of the month, including the one in Brussels, but especially it just occurred in Manchester UK while Mirai had “celebrated” its birth by its gigantic attack on the USA on Dyn DNS Company in Manchester US! Twice Manchester, it didn’t know it was a coincidence.

And this attack was also not a coincidence since 50 others were going to follow and all were going to be signed in the same way, by Mirai botnet on my server. Here’s the list:

 First series of attacks

  • Manchester (UK), Bombing. The terrorist was Trained in Belgium.
  • London, ram car and stabbing attacks signed 2:30 before the attacks, then a new signature identical during the claim. Fake explosive belts and ceramic knives.

  • Paris, an idiot attack and failed against a police car.
  • Brussels a missed and idiot attack. An incendiary bomb in a train station.
  • Halamish (Israel), a stabbing attack by a Palestinian. Signed 1h40 before.
  • Hamburg (Germany), a stabbing attack by a Palestinian. Signed 1h before.
  • Levallois – Perret (Paris), a rampage attack against military. Signed on the same day.
  • Barcelona (Spain), several attacks on 3 days, explosion, stabbing and rampage attacks. Terrorists carry Fake belts explosives. The attack signed shortly before the first explosion. A terrorist received a phone call from the police 2h before the rampage attack. The Imam who trained the terrorists had a second live in Belgium.
  • Brussels and London, Two failed attacks and Idiots Against police
  • Edmonton (Canada), Stabbing and rampage attacks. Signed by the minute.
  • Basel (Switzerland), Stabbing attack. Signed by the minute.
  • Marseille railway station (France), Stabbing attack. Signed by the minute.
  • Las Vegas (United States of America), massive shooting with automatic weapons. Signed to the very minute, three times on different time zones. Claimed by ISIS, but not related to ISIS. The killer is committing suicide, but he let in the room some note about ballistic computing. Was he a professional?

  • London (UK), Incendiary bomb. Signed in real time.


Identification of the terrorist organization

It is in mid-October 2017, that in Belgium, the news talk about, by chance (?), of the case of Killers of Brabant and that I then have 2 important phone calls at 2 hours apart; A call from a Belgian federal Justice agent; The other with a former agent of this organization. Of these two phone calls recorded on MP3, it appears that the organization against which, I have been fighting for almost 9 years bears the name of GLADIO.

GLADIO is an emanation of NATO and the CIA, whose first vocation (Wikipedia) was to defend Europe against the USSR. GLADIO finds its staff, most often without giving them the choice, within the army, the police, intelligence, but also, bandits, terrorists, the unbalanced and extremists of all sides, and therefore “simply known” to the police and therefore Identified. Very easy targets for GLADIO.

But in the years 70-80, with the end of the Cold War, GLADIO turned to terrorist operations across Europe, whose Killers of Brabant In Belgium. It’s in October 2017 that the Belgian population discovers that the Killers of Brabant were some former members of the Belgian special forces. Immediately, Belgian judiciary attempted to refute the new testimony. This demonstrates again the total unconsciousness of Belgium about terrorism, which GLADIO generates throughout the world.

In the years 90, Europe demanded the dissolution of GLADIO, but these two phone calls tell me that GLADIO has never been dissolved, and this is also confirmed by many international experts. GLADIO, in the years 90, became much more discreet and they have spread across all NATO countries, to become the force at once the most secret and powerful in the world with unlimited access to the means of intelligence, espionage, surveillance of NATO, CIA, Mossad…

The high officer then takes his real function. He is more than likely the head of Gladio, since Mossad told me that the high officer was already linked to September 11, 2001, which certainly allowed him to gain importance within GLADIO. Moreover, its position and its power even within the Belgian police, allow it to be in the best position to recruit, even by force, new members of Gladio. Moreover, the one who is at the base of this whole story and who seems to have extraordinary means is still the high officer. Finally, for choosing me, to record all the operations of Gladio, without having to account to anyone, is still the high officer, who can only be at the head of Gladio, impression which is also confirmed to me, on the telephone, By the former member of Gladio.

Second Series of attacks

  • The murder of the Maltese journalist, Daphne Caruana Galizia. Signed in real time on my server. The journalist was also murdered because she was on the trail of Gladio, Dixit, Gladio’s expert, Sibel Edmonds. And so, I am the pawn of Gladio, on the chessboard of terror, but I am still alive, which confirms once again, that for having chosen me for this role, the high officer must really be the leader of Gladio.
  • Manhattan (United States), a ram car attack with false weapons (toy). Signed in real time.
  • Texas, church (United States), a massive shooting with automatic weapon. Signed in real time. The killer, a former military man, commits suicide.
  • Blagnac (France), a ram car attack. Signed in real time. The terrorist’s brother is working for the police.
  • Argentina, the missing submarine… that has not disappeared, or exploded, according the USA, but that would have been hacked. Signed in real time over a week.
  • Saint Petersburg (Russia), an incendiary bomb explosion. Signed in real time.
  • Kabul (Afghanistan) the attack at the Intercontinental Hotel. The attack is very well prepared, and the guards received the orders before the attack to not search cars.
  • … Another chip because from now the attack start with one of my actions.
  • Gent (Belgium), a stupid attack by an Afghan, against police Signed in real time. This attack has been executed exactly 1h after I warned the authorities of a significant threat visible on my screen and that had started few hours before. It was the first time that after an alert on my part, attack occurs, exactly 1h later, even failed. I had noticed and pointed out to my correspondents, without understanding that this would henceforth be the case, for all the other attacks that were going to follow.

However, this immense activity of Mirai on my screen was intended to draw my attention to anything else. This important activity of Mirai began at the very minute of the opening of a conference against the chemical weapons In Paris and this will also mark the beginning of the chemical weapons attacks.

In fact, I do not quite realize it, but Gladio has just changed completely strategy with me and with itself. It’s already six months that Gladio records his attacks on my server, first, shortly before they happened, and then when they happened. Now, Gladio is going to choose to place me as the trigger of all the attacks, choosing one of my attempts to alert the world, as the starting point for a new attack, even if at times these had been planned by them previously.

I understand this change of position, as having become the only way in their eyes to make my e-mails even more convincing.  They make me pass from the status of a recorder of their attacks, to a messenger status.

I have with Gladio no direct contact except via Mirai botnet with which, they communicate with me and with the rest of the world, since I systematically transmit what I see. I must, however, add my personal decoding, to what Mirai tells me, insofar as I am the only one who can do it. And that’s what would turn me more into a messenger of Gladio.

  • Kabul (Afghanistan) The ambulance bomb attack. Signed in real time. More than 100 deaths.
  • Leicester (England) Explosion. Signed in real time, started when I published my story.
  • Washington (United States of America) A chemical attack by poisoned letter at a military base American. Signed in real time, started when I sent an email to Edward Snowden. An American base because Snowden is American. No dead.
  • Kabul(Afghanistan), a car bomb attack against an Australian convoy. Signed in real time, started when I sent an email to Julian Assange. An Australian convoy because Assange is Australian. This operation hid the one on Skripal.
  • Vienna (Austria) Double stabbing attack. Signed in real time, started when I launched a petition and a fundraiser.
  • Salsbury (England) The chemical attack against the Skripal pair + murder of his friend. Signed in real time for 15 days and this signal began when I sent an email to Julian Assange.
  • Tihanges (Belgium) 30 Cars in fire in a nuclear power plant. Real time signed attack and following my call to RT television.
  • Carcassonne/Trèbes (France). Deadly hostage taking. Signed in real time, because I wrote that the police and military were seldom killed. This operation hid the Kemerovo’s case.
  • Kemerovo (Russia) The Fire attack of a shopping mall. Signed in real time because I called the RT Television. Operation to be linked to the Cars in Fire in Belgium and with the last tweet of Julian Assange about the timing of this fire.
  • Munster (Germany). Ram car attack, started while I was writing to the President of this region. Signed in real time.
  • Syria. The chemical attacks, in fact the aftermath of chemical attacks against the American base and against the Skripal pair and already planned after the chemical Weapons Conference in Paris! Signed In real time.
  • Algeria. A first plane motor explosion when I sent an email to a large number of authorities. 257 dead! Signed in real time.
  • Mali. The terror attack against a United Nations center. Attack started when I sent an e-mail to the UN Secretary-General. Signed in real time.
  • USA. The second plane motor explosion. Attack started when I sent a second mail to the UN Secretary-General. Signed in real time.
  • Afghanistan. A double bombing attacks. Operation started when I put my first video online. Signed in real time.
  • Toronto (Canada). The ram car attack. Operation started when I sent an email about the double bombing to the embassy of Afghanistan in Ottawa (which explains why Canada). The attack is in all respects the attack scenario described in my video. Signed in real time.
  • Shaanxi (China). Stabbing attack against kidsSigned in real time.

So, about 1500 deaths and thousands of victims in nearly 50 terror and other attacks in 11 months, all organized by Gladio, and all signed, in the same way, on my Internet server…

… to which, it is necessary to add at least all the attacks since the beginning of 2015, made by Gladio and to which some alerts and other attacks refer…

… to which, it is still necessary to add, all chemical attacks and other (false) disasters since 2015 and those in 2017, which I still would not have detected in the signatures since the beginning of the recordings.

The purpose of all this

Before I specify the purpose behind this, I need to clarify the context again. To carry out all these events and attacks; For the preparation that it requires and sometimes in a few hours or in a few minutes; For my continuous monitoring and for that of Mirai; To follow the news; To be present and invisible in all countries, you need a real army. And it is not too much to say that it uses gigantic means and that it is so secret that no one in the world knows it when it is obvious, this file proves it, that it actually exists.

However, the speed of the decisions, in other words the responsiveness to the events seems to come from one man, commanding his army, which, I remind you, has no flag. They belong to nobody; They are not Islamist, nor radical, but they seem to come together for the same religion, terrorism on command. Many of them were forcibly recruited. I am not talking about the terrorists on the ground, who have also been enlisted and/or manipulated, but who, unlike others, do not realize it, or have been drugged for the time necessary to carry out the attack and then forget those who have driven to realize it.

But therefore, this story, its facts, and the responsiveness seem to demonstrate that there is only one man at the head of all this.

I think I know this man. Let’s say it is a quasi-conviction, since it never confirmed me black on white or verbally be at the head of GLADIO. On the other hand, playing with the facts, he would have shown it to me more than one time, but legally, each of these facts, as each of these signatures of attack would not form any evidence. It is the whole of the events that constitutes the evidence and not one of these events, taken in an isolated way.

He is a super-brain, who succeeded, within a year, attack after attack, event after event to constitute the proof of the existence of GLADIO and to place it on my only person and on my Internet server. Once again, both are inseparable for the evidence to exist.

But to get such situation; to place in me his trust; to be sure that I will never give up; to ask me to be the sole witness of all these events, the man at the head of GLADIO must know me better than anyone. And he must keep the possibility to take me back on the road that he is the only one to know in case I deviate from it.

To be certain of this, he must have experienced it on me, in the past and almost to have accustomed me to this kind of situation. This is therefore only possible through one person whom I know indeed very well and who was also for more than 20 years, the sole target of this cell of Mossad having ensured my protection. It was also the same person who forced me in 2008 to go into organized crime, which is nothing but GLADIO.

So, if GLADIO’s head knows me in such a way, it’s also true in the opposite direction. I also know him very well, even though I am the pawn and he the master. And so, I can guess his motivation and purpose.

He’s all the super brain. He’s a strategist and loves that kind of scenario. He also conceived this story as a film and I recognize him there. He can take on several different roles, without anybody realizing it. He has everything of the perfect agent, able to work for one and the other, without raising suspicions and even to dismiss those whom I, by my accusations, could raise. He’s a professional in each of the roles he plays.

I think he decided to end it. I think he wants to destroy GLADIO which has never had the vocation to enrich his members either. I think he wants to put an end to GLADIO before massive chemical attacks are asked. He becomes old and he probably does not intend to leave this world without a huge blow of brilliance. He chose a new target in addition to his traditional targets. He probably wants both to destroy GLADIO, but also and especially those who have used GLADIO and who continues to do so.

He is the sword, which means GLADIO in Italian, but this time he wants to give him a movement of 360 °, to eliminate those, who behind him, have commanded him, for 20 years and all this before turning it against himself. I think it’s his intentions. In any case, since he has planned everything in this story, like a super brain or a great chess player, he had to plan a final that will be terrible, but I have no idea what it would be.

Finally, currently, the path of Mirai botnet on my screens has become very interactive, both ways. I understand what they’re trying to tell me. On the other hand, they read my emails when I write them. They are therefore aware of the interpretation of the graphs that I give to my interlocutors. They are therefore careful to follow this interpretation in the evolution of the graph. As a result, the graph becomes almost as clear as an email. It gives very clearly the steps related to attacks, to the press, to my activity and to the changes of countries.

At the time I write these lines, I would write, while they read me, that they are still in a situation of alert, at 400 connections of Mirai per hour, but that they are waiting for the acquisition of a new target. No target or country is defined at this time, at least on the chart, but this can change from one minute to the next.

This obviously means that we are talking about a terrible organization that reads to me, listens to me, follows me constantly and adjusts the level of Mirai according to what I do and what they do, or what they have decided to do. This is rather diabolical, and the word is well chosen, this is the finger of Satan, GLADIO, which apparently wants to turn into a vigilante, but at the manner of Satan.

Source : anonymous whistle-blower

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