The extraterrestrial’s hand discovered by an individual is creating the buzz


Dear Friends,

Since several shots of one of the Extraterrestrial’s hand already circulated on the Internet since Wednesday December 21st, we decided to show you a little more (see video at the bottom of the article).

This mummified hand was, with many other things, in one of the two sarcophagi discovered in the southern desert of Peru, in January 2016.

It is 33 centimeters long. It has three fingers, consisting of six phalanges (one of the outer fingers, however, contains only five). The upper phalanx has a nail very similar to human nails.

One of the special features of this hand is also the presence of three metal implants, enclosing tendons and a small bone. All hands discovered have this strange peculiarity to possess such implants, even small round metal plates “encrusted” in the upper part of the palm of the hand …

According to some estimates of doctors, archaeologists and anthropologists, this hand belonged to an individual whose size was perhaps between 2.70 m and a little more than 3.00 meters …


To what species does this strange hand belong? There are only DNA analyzes that will no doubt be able to say …
And you are not at the end of your surprises …

See you soon !

Well Friendly To You, from the Heart of the Andes,
Thierry JAMIN.

15628231_1112790362163911_5282243886368948224_n от Laurent Freeman на Rutube.

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Translated by Laurent Freeman

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