Who is God? And who created God?


For me the existence of God is no doubt, it is a simple evidence based on my personal experiences of inner research. I do not ask anyone to believe me, I share my experiences to help those who want to explore by themselves the inner path that will unveil the truth they seek.

Nothing can be created out of nothing. And since there are many things in the universe (of which I and you), there is necessarily an origin to the creation of everything.

As you certainly know if you follow stopmensonges.com, I am against any form of religion, including the secular Freemason religion.

The three monotheistic religions are based on:

– Lies / manipulations
– Some truths totally misunderstood and therefore misinterpreted

Concerning false interpretations, we must delve into the context …. Imagine that you live 20,000 years ago on Earth, and that a spaceship lands in front of you, bathed in light, and that beings of high frequencies (light) disembark and speak to you by telepathy, give you information to help you in your evolution (written language, mathematics …), project holograms in front of you, laser engrave information in the stones … Let’s say you call them “Gods”.

But in no case are gods, or a God. They are just part of infinite creation, like us, but much more evolved.

The notion of God makes me think of something relative, for a baby, his mother is God!

God is a name that bears great confusion (this has been done on purpose) because it has a masculine connotation and identity (a higher entity). Outside God can not be a simple sexual entity because this is far too reductive in my opinion.

God, is ALL THAT IS.
I do not call him God, but ALL THAT IS. The All has the advantage of not reducing ALL THAT IS has a simple “something”. The All enlarges its role and its image towards the infinite, ALL THAT IS is “creation itself”, all things, for nothing exists outside of the Whole, of creation itself, of existence itself, even.

Non-existence by definition does not exist. And existence by definition do exists.

Logical questions:

Do you know anything that can be formed out of nothing?

Do you know something that exists and can disappear totally?

Me no.
Everything is transformed, nothing is lost and nothing is created, it is a physical fact. A law of the universe and of existence itself.

So what is ALL THAT IS?

ALL THAT IS is what created everything from itself by dividing in order to experience its own creation through various points of view of itself.

At the beginning ALL THAT IS was ONE, unique, but It could not be aware of itself since, besides It, nothing existed. It separated in 2 and thus was able to contemplate for the first time through 2 points of view of It separated. It continued to separate, to separate, to separate, in various things that ALL THAT IS contained. The whole did not create Man in his image PHYSICALLY, but where I join this declaration of the Bible is that indeed we are all in the image of the Whole in the sense that we are immortal and that we have all the power of the EVERYTHING since we are made of the EVERYTHING, ALL THAT IS created ALL THINGS from itself because nothing can come out of nothingness.

Concerning what we call “the matter”.
Each pebble, every piece of plastic, every plant, each animal, every planet, each sun, you and me, are made of the same thing when you descend into the infinitely small: light (energy), vibration, scalar waves , Photons.
Matter is organized and condensed light.

Concerning the spirit
The Spirit is another form of energy (light) vibrating on other (non-physical) planes.
I have not pierced all the mysteries of the Spirit. But what my experiences have taught me is that as with matter, all the spirits contained in creation come from the subdivision of the Whole.
Have you heard the Pleiadian’s message “Bringers of the Dawn”?

I find their explanation simple and coherent:
“The First Creator brought the energies and essences of life, extensions of himself, into this universe, and he endowed these extensions with the gifts he possessed.
The First Creator said to his extensions: “Go out and create, and bring all your creations back to me.””
Thus one again obtains a coherence with the message of Jesus, because when asked who he was and who replied “I am the Son of God”, it makes sense. He could only be the Son of ALL THAT IS, like every thing and every being in the infinite universe.
We are all his sons and daughters, every sun, every grain of sand, every animal, everything is born of the Whole.
In order to be able to experiment everything, he had to leave free will to his extensions. Thus all things could happen, and duality was born of free will. The entity embodied under the name of Hitler is just as much the Son of God as the entity that embodied Mother Theresa.
We are all connected at one level or another. It is like a pyramid, at the top, you have ONE, ALL THAT IS, below you have the first divisions of the Whole, one can imagine SUPER ENTITIES very close to the source, then one has ON SOULS, which they Are themselves divided into SUMS, which are embodied everywhere in the different parallel universes. There can be a whole bunch of different levels of divisions between the top and the bottom.
Everything is part of ALL THAT IS, and ALL THAT IS is all things. We are ONE, each of us and every thing is part of ALL THAT IS.
God is existence itself.
And who created God?
When you give a traditional identity to God, when you reduce it to an entity, you can actually ask yourself who created it.
On the other hand, when you identify it with ALL THAT IS, with the existence itself. This question no longer arises because Time is subject to existence, but existence is not subject to time!
For the notion of time to exist there must be a space, a displacement and a reference point.
Except that it is the space (of which it is now known that it is filled with energy, therefore light and therefore information), whether it is a displacement that requires a reference point, EXISTENCE HERSELF!

Bashar on the Big Bang and the Prime Radiant by ncfreeman

Therefore: Time is subject to existence but existence is not subject to time!

ALL THAT IS created time, so the question of who created God can not arise. ALL THAT IS is ALL THAT IS and includes the creation of time and not the reverse.

It’s pure logic.

Laurent Freeman
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