The madness of meat consumption explained by a + b


This video is exceptional and it has been translated into French which is even more exceptional

I think that the one who leaves us after seeing this video a phony excuse of the style “and the vegetable suffering you made of what?” Is really bad faith. Yes, plant suffering exists, but it does not destroy the planet, the oceans, or public health.

There is much more plant suffering because of meat (livestock feeds on plants in enormous quantities) compared to using plants only for human consumption. In addition, plants produce oxygen by getting rid of carbon dioxide, while animals do the opposite. The equation is not complicated to understand …

As long as we are not able to feed ourselves directly from non-densified light (any “physical” 1D, 2D or 3D object, mineral, vegetable or animal, is made up of photons and light), the veganist is the most appropriate Solutions at all levels. Point bar.


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