Marshall Barnes on Time Travel & Wormholes


Marshall Barnes on Time Travel & Wormholes

We’re joined today by Marshall Barnes, an internationally noted research and development engineer with an eclectic background that extends back to 1976.

In 2000 he discovered a way to create an electromagnetic field that exhibits gravitic properties on the fabric of space as it moves through space. The effect is derived from Einstein’s theory of distant parallelism. Marshall has developed it into a functioning warp drive solution to the theoretical Alcubierre drive.

In 2012 he applied it to a rotating fan to spin the field at a high velocity and created the first functioning time machine – the Verdrehung Fan, which opens micro wormholes. It is expected, that when scaled-up in size, it will match the predictions of Mohammad Mansouryar, the so-called Iranian Einstein, for a ring of micro wormholes to be able to collapse the space in the center to create one large traversable wormhole.

Marshall is now synthesizing the expectations of simulation theory with the reality of the participatory universe model, and proving that time travel is the way out that Silicon Valley billionaires are looking for. Simultaneously, he’s performed so-called, retrocausality effects on a macroscopic level, with a full laser, instead of single photons – demonstrating the existence of the participatory universe.

He’s established himself as the leader in the field of time research and the potentials for time travel with his book, Paradox Lost:The True Geometries of Time Travel, based on his 2013 special report to select members of Congress.

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