The Mossad sends an order of execution on Corey Goode on in the latest article


I received a red alert from one of my insider since several days (before the article of, which is a fake truth seeker’s french website own by the Mossad, was posted) that the Mossad was going to pass an order of execution concerning Corey Goode in their next (fake) article.

This is the first print screen that my insider sent me on the 14th and which was printed on Sunday 12th while the article was being written by the Mossad (proof that they were under our surveillance as announced in my last live news report):

I preferred to wait for its release until today but I warned 2 people the same day, and I mentioned it in the last news report yesterday to record this information discreetly.

Today the article of the (Mossad) has been published as expected, it contains a coded message calling for the killing of Corey Goode.

The encrypted message underlined in red under the image: COREY DOIT MOURIR (in french. Translation in english : COREY MUST DIE).

Needless to say, all information contained in this article are fake and this article is just made to dis-inform all truth seekers and pass the order of execution. This website is a danger for all Truth Seekers. It is really necessary that the Researchers of the Truth mobilize themselves to make known what this site is, who controls it and how dangerous it is.

I immediately contacted David Wilcock to keep him updated. If you have him in your contacts please send him also this message.

Message to Isaac (webmaster and Mossad Agent behind the website : Karma


Free Man

Source :

Translation :


Less than 1 hour after the publication of this article, the website of the Mossad has deleted his article 😉

No Doubt that now they will have a hard time to execute their plan 😉


Free Man

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