NASA detected an unknown massive Blue Sphere in front of the Sun

The Sun is a beautiful star that dictates the existence of those who inhabit planet Earth. Without the sun, there is no light and there is no life involving the plant life, and there is no human existence, due to the many perks and nutrients the Sun provides. Despite it’s heat and beauty, the Sun has had some unusual look to it recently. The Sun has naturally always had unique spots known as sunspots on its surface, which represent a stronger heat signal is in that general spot. These colors vary from a light orange to a very dark red. The Sun, however, has recently shown an unusual color in the sun. NASA has discovered that a blue spot has been seen on the star.
When looking deeper and closely into the photo it is not in the sun, but rather it is a sphere-like shape that seems to be in front of the sun. Conspiracy theorists have quickly jumped into the situation to insinuate that it is a UFO floating in front of the Sun. This photo was captured on November 16, 2016. It is especially a great find because NASA has shown a history of not admitting to the possibility of otherworldly lifeforms like aliens or the existence of UFOs, but in this specific scenario, this photo has been taken by NASA themselves.
Some have indicated that it is a UFO. However some others have gone against the photo and said it is simply a glitch in the photo and is coincidentally showing a spot right in front of the sun. It is referred to as a corrupted image and can occur at random times. A mixture of data from several telescopes can interfere and create an image that is faulty, so this is another theory that is currently out there.
This is ultimately left up to the person. Is this simply a glitch in the system of those who took the original photo or is this truly a UFO that has once again decided to make itself known to the public. It depends on one’s perception, specifically because for centuries the idea of a UFO or alien-like life existing has often been immediately shot down, by some theory regardless of the consistency of the statement. Very often those who oppose it has inconsistent stories and evidence that only enhances the belief of those who do belief that there is life that exists and UFOs do exist.

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