Pyramids of Giza – Orion vs The constellation of the Swan, the mystery is solved!


Since 2009 I have heard about the alignment of the constellation of Orion with the 3 largest pyramids of the Giza plateau and I had directly done the test by superimposing myself with photoshop the images of the pyramids seen from the sky and the constellation of Orion, and it is clear (you can do the test yourself) that the 3 stars of the Orion belt do not coincide with the peaks of the 3 pyramids, there is a slight difference…

In the meantime I had found a video in English of Andrew Collins “The Cygnus Mystery” which spoke about the perfect alignment of the constellation of the Swan with these 3 pyramids, which I also verified by myself and which proves to be accurate.

In addition, in the video “The Cygnus Mystery” Andrew Collins states that at the exact location where the other stars of the Swan constellation are pointing (in the middle of the desert) some researchers had undertaken excavations and found hidden entrances to what appears to be a vast underground network under the Giza plateau.

This remind me also the discovery of the 15-year-old William Gadoury, who discovered that Mayan cities are located according to a precise map that mirrors the stars of the sky on earth.

And so for years I remained very perplexed by the countless statements of truth seekers that the 3 pyramids of Giza are the reflection on earth of the Orion belt….

Very perplexed, until yesterday 😉

Indeed, while I was watching a video of Jean Seimple in the series of 4 videos published yesterday on in the article “ÉQUINOXE” (I can’t recommend you enough to watch these 4 videos, especially the last one) it came to me a desire to contact Jean Seimple whom I hadn’t contacted for more than a year ago. And while I was frantically searching for his contact, I received a skype call from Jean Seimple 😉

There followed a conversation about Orion and the Swan in which Jean made an extraordinary revelation to me…

I was right he told me about the Swan, the Swan sticks with the pyramids but not Orion. But I was also wrong 😉

The constellation of the Swan did not coincide with the tops of the pyramids 11,000 years ago (date of the flood).

While today it sticks:

Similarly, the constellation of Orion does not match today:

Whereas 11,000 years ago, it coincided at the tops of the pyramids (there is a slight lag below that can come from several human factors (photoshop+software to see the sky in relative time), but we can clearly see that it was closer to the tops at that time than today):

My mistake was in the relative time and the slight displacement of the stars in the sky in this relative time. At the time the pyramids were built, it was indeed the Orion belt that was aligned with the tops of the 3 great pyramids of the Giza plateau.

But then why did researchers found entries in the desert under the location of the other Swan stars?

The answer was blown to me by Jean….

It’s a countdown that the ancient builders had left us!

The date of the creation of the pyramids of Giza (just after the great flood, testimony of the disappearance of Atlantis) marks the beginning of the countdown left by the ancient builders. With Orion’s belt as a a marker of the beginning of the countdown.

And the constellation of the Swan at the end of this countdown, revealing the time frame in relative time when the revelations will be made to Humanity (now).

And they even told us in the construction of the pyramids what this deadline would consist of and what the final goal of all this… : “The return to home” (see Jean Seimple’s 4/4 videos in the article “EQUINOXE“.

Jean knew how to decode the pyramid code (even if we know that other codes are still hidden inside and remain to be discovered) revealing the exact location in Antarctica of “Poseidonis” (capital of Atlantis), see video 3/4 of the article “EQUINOXE“.

But is that all?

Well, no….

I had asked the pyramid researchers in a previous article to look for the number 9, the most important of all the numbers in the “mathematical wormhole” model (see code 3, 6, 9 here).

The “house” in question (as a reference in Jean’s videos), is both a relative and absolute reference.


On the terrestrial level (created world), the discovered code represents the geographical location of “Poseidonis” before and after the displacement of the Earth’s crust that formed the Antarctic.
It is also a geometric and mathematical representation of our “home” The Earth.


On the absolute plane (uncreated world), the “house” symbolizes the return to our Inner Divinity. The Heart… Unconditional Love… The One Infinite Consciousness… The Inner House: “the 9” which represents the Union of all polarities, the Absolute plane. The One who IS. Immutable… (see article:

Still in yesterday’s conversation with Jean. We found the number 9 everywhere in the measures concerning this famous “house” as well as in other measures.

Jean reveals the importance of the number 864 in the Great Pyramid in his article “The Great Pyramid of Gi Decoded – by Jean Seimple” as well as in his latest videos.

864 in vortex mathematics (teaching also received by Nikola Tesla, see article: “Nikola Tesla and Swami Vivekananda (how Tesla rediscovered the secrets of 369)“), is 9.

8+6+4 = 18

1+8 = 9

The “Gaia” house, the Earth.

We also know that the Great Pyramid represents the Earth in relative terms. And the average perimeter of the Great Pyramid is 921.42 m.

Here are the dimensions of the Pyramid of Cheops[15]:

Let’s say an average perimeter of: 230,357 x 4 = 921.42 m


921.42 in vortex mathematics:

9+2+1+4+2 = 18

1+8 = 9

It’s the 9 again!

The “house of the Heart”, of Unity transcending all polarities, the Absolute plane!

The relative “house” measures 2.0736 megalithic toises on the side (see videos “EQUINOXE“).

2.0736 in vortex mathematics:

2+0+7+3+6 = 18

1+8 = 9

We still find the 9, the number of the Absolute (see code 3,6,9).

Then we have the number 7464.96 in Jean’s video 4/4, as well as the numbers 124.416, then 82.944 and 207.36:

All these numbers surrounded in yellow are reduced in wormhole mathematics to the number 9!

We had already seen for the 864 and the 2.0736….

7464.96 in vortex mathematics:

7+4+6+4+9+6 = 36

3+6 = 9

124,416 in vortex mathematics:

1+2+4+4+1+6 = 18

1+8 = 9

82,944 in vortex mathematics:

8+2+9+4+4 = 27

2+7 = 9

207.36 in vortex mathematics:

2+0+7+3+6 = 18

1+8 = 9

The 9 is coming back everywhere!


The ancient builders of the pyramids left a trace on Earth that cannot be erased or manipulated (the former builders knew it would be a period of great lies), these megalithic sites and in particular that of the Giza plateau (but I have no doubt that we will find the number 9 encoded in other megalithic places), are a testimony of what happened on Earth at the time of the fall of Atlantis, when it happened, where the former Capital “Poseidonis” was located, and when all these secrets will be revealed to us (relative time scale) according to the movement of the stars, from Orion to the Swan.

The constellation of the Swan is also called the constellation of the Cross… we will see with future revelations of Jean this importance…

The Cabal could not change the position of the stars 😉

This is an indelible message that has been left with us.

But this message goes beyond the relative plan, it also speaks to us everywhere about the ABSOLUTE plan. The 9, which is the “return to home” announced by Jesus in “the Kingdom of Heaven”. The kingdom of God is the eternal present (Increated). Here and now.

It is the return to the Heart, to the Being. And it is the passage between the relative dual plane (the one created by the mind which takes itself for an object with a relative linear history), and the Absolute and Immutable plane of the Infinite and UNIQUE Consciousness that WE ARE in reality.

For those who want to discover this space Unified in them I invite you to the conference of April 27, 2019 in Mâcon:

Conférence sur la Réalité de l’Unité et la sortie de l’illusion de la dualité – Par Laurent Freeman

This inner mystery was revealed to me in 2017 as it is told here and my only wish now is to help you to find it yourself (in you).

No one can do it for you, but those who pierced it can help you point in the right direction by giving you leads and sharing with you the frequency of Love that now crosses them, like the Light crossing the Crystal.

The key, my friends, is to return to the heart (9) and thus make the illusion of time disappear!

The difference between the Relative Plane (of objects) and the Absolute Plane (the void that Buddha called Emptiness). This is the difference between the manifested world “called physical” and the Creator (increated so not manifested, therefore not an object: THE INFINITE AND UNIQUE CONSCIENCE THAT WE ARE).

The number 6 is called “the number of the upside-down man”, the one who thinks he is something (a relative object), the one who is in the mind (memories, beliefs, thoughts), in the relative linear time composed of memories associated to create a linear history and thus a character, a relative individual, an object that thinks it is the Being (ego). Welcome to Maya, the great illusion.

The 666 is the beast’s number, also symbolizing the linear time that elapses, past, present, future. Leading inexorably to death.
This is the number of those who remain in the mind. Which are led by their minds.

It is the mind that creates this illusion of relative linear time.

The Heart, Unconditional Love is in the present Eternal, the One and Only Reality.
This is the difference between “thought” and “Consciousness”.

Who built the pyramids?

This answer is not on the related plan 😉

According to The Law of One and the latest discoveries of David Wilcock and Corey Goode, it seems that it was the Blue Avians who built these pyramids:

Les Pyramides (Loi de UN)

Relatively speaking, it would seem that….

But the “problem” is that we are not our physical bodies, so it is neither a bird man who built these pyramids, nor humans, nor “any-body” else.

It is the Being who built these pyramids.

The Being is Unique.

There are not 2 in all Universes because universes are created by the One and Infinite Being THAT WE ARE WE ARE when the veil of the ego is lifted.

We are One.

We are THE CONSCIENCE. And Consciousness is ONE. Infinite and UNIQUE.
There are not two.

And this One Being was never born, never incarnated, “it” is not created, it is the pure Consciousness that WE ARE. The eye of Orus, THAT SEE ALL. For it is the same behind all beings (egos).

The Consciousness that lies in the background behind you who read these lines, IS THE Same as the Consciousness that lies in the background behind the one who writes these lines.

This is the reason why the mind goes in circles and always seeks to achieve something it lacks. He seeks the Absolute and will never find it, those who remain attached to their ego will be lost forever in the lymph nodes of ignorance.

All the Wise Men tell us so:
The path of external knowledge is the path of ignorance.
The path of inner knowledge is the path of enlightenment.

How do you want to find on the outside what you ARE already inside?

An eye cannot see itself in the same way that a knife cannot cut itself.

On the relative plane related to the ego, it is God Himself (The Unique Infinite Consciousness) through the physical form of bird men (The Blue Avians) who created these pyramids out of love for “his children”.

The One Infinite Consciousness that WE ARE ON THE Absolute Plane (The Only Unchangeable Reality) has created not only these pyramids, but all universes. We are The Source. There is only that and we are That.

To “find God”, “YOU” must DISAPPEAR (your ego).



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