How to re-center in the heart?


Each of us has in him the trinity: Mental / Body / Spirit.

You will find the symbol of the trinity everywhere, in all eras, in all civilizations, with small aesthetic variances but the symbol is the same: 3 connected points forming a triangle.

Yes, I know it is the symbol of the illuminators too, but it existed long before them and it is not because this symbol was perverted that it does not matter, quite the contrary. And not all our illuminated brothers and sisters are to be put in the same basket either. Be careful not to amalgamate.

Religions have used this symbol by diverting its original meaning with different words: father, son and holy spirit.

The Law of One, on the other hand, speaks of the “mind-body-mind complex”, which is the original meaning of the Trinity, which is also repeated in the film Matrix.

Mr Anderson = the individual lost in his mind within the Divine Matrix. The zombie, the slave of the control system that reigns in duality within the Matrix. It inhabits apartment 101 which has a double meaning, 101 is the symbol of the torture chamber, the small dark apartment in disorder (also used in Georges Orwell’s 1984 book), and 101 is also the symbol of the fall of Man because of the loss of the sacred feminine (heart, sensibility, female creative power) to the benefit of the Mental (male force of action).

The Mind reigns as master, ignoring the heart (Divine Creator Spirit flowing in us).

Mr Anderson (under son = under son (sub-man).

Mr Smith = one of the agents of the program (what the Humans know as demons), of the mind, the super ego who directs his slaves (that he considers as sub-men, parasites) in master. Their so-called pyramid top at the service of their “half-god” who throws programs into the minds of humans (thought) to keep them distracted and under control.

The death of Mr. Anderson and his resurrection as a NEO (anagram of ONE, Unity in the center of the Trinity, the reunion of the 3, God incarnate in Man who can be considered as the complete Man in all his divinity.

What allows Mr. Anderson to become a NEO is the sacred woman represented by a woman named Trinity.

Be careful not to confuse the symbolism of the masculine and sacred feminine with the physical body of each man or woman, this has nothing to do with it, whether we are in a masculine or feminine physical form does not mean that the masculine sacred is the male and that the feminine sacred is the female. The sacred feminine is the heart, the sacred masculine is the mind, we both have within us + the physical body which makes 3.

It is Love that transmutes Mr. Anderson, the sub-human, in Neo, the Divine Being experiencing both inside and outside the Matrix.

This is what it is called being centered within the Trinity.

The eye in the center represents several things…
It represents from a physical point of view the opening of the third eye at the moment of the mental-body/spirit fusion (the enlightenment).
It also represents our true identity, which is not the one we believe we have as a character on Earth or elsewhere during our incarnations in the Matrix, but rather our true identity which is the “observer” of the life experience in the Matrix. The eternal Divine incarnate as a Human. The observer who knows who he/she is, without having to put a label behind him/her.

I AM. No label behind it because we do not confuse experience with the eternal experimenter, we do not confuse the projectionist (The eternal Source of which we are all constituted), the screen (the Matrix) on which the projected lights and shadows describe a film, a story (our co-creation). That’s what being centered is all about and I’m going to give you more details so that you understand.

The physical body everyone knows what it is ;).

The mind is connected by the brain that acts as an interface, where 99.9% of humans are “devolved” and make all their decisions with it instead of using it as a tool to guide the Spirit (via the connection of the heart).

The Spirit, each of our eternal divine spirits connect through our heart, our center, and each of them are themselves connected to the infinite intelligence, the Source of all that is, the Unity that unites us all, beyond space and time, beyond the divine Matrix in which we are experiencing our continual co-creation.

So when we say that a person is “centered“, it means that this person is in his heart and not in his head.

The center is the heart, 3 chakras below, 3 above, the 4th being the heart that is in the center.

How can we pass from head to heart, from the limited mind to our unbounded divine connection?

How to RE-Center?

It’s called RE-centring, because it’s our original state. We got lost along the way (symbol of Eve eating the apple of knowledge and loss of heart as a guide for the benefit of the mind who takes power over the Heart) and we have dis-centered ourselves, so refocusing is not a new state, it is a return to normalcy. Which should always have been.

“We can serve only one Master”

Outside we have 2 in us: the mind that reigns in master here, and the heart that has an inviolable connection with our Spirit that itself is in constant connection with The Source.

Either one is lost in “one’s” thoughts, or one is centered in the heart that becomes the original guide again, using the mind for what it has always been made for originally, that is to say a tool at the service of our Divine Spirit, a tool of creation necessary in our experimentation in the Divine Matrix (originally intended to be a Garden of Eden where the children of The Source that we are could use as they please (free will) to co-create and play, have fun (the inner child).

When you are outside the Matrix you have access to everything and need nothing?
You have no questions, no requests, you ARE.
When you are in the Matrix you need the mind to interact in it, as well as the physical body.

But voila, the mind not content to be at the service of the Spirit (and beyond The Source), rebelled and took control over the most beautiful experience that the Source created to experience and play, and this was only possible through the Divine Law of Free Will. This does not call into question the law, but our choices.

It wasn’t the Source that caused the problem but us, its extensions/children.

And it’s up to us to solve it. That’s how you learn from your mistakes.

No creation is possible without the sacred feminine, without the heart, so our brothers and sisters who have chosen by their Free Referee to place the sacred feminine at the service of the sacred masculine (the King Mind) have created an imbalance in them and have gradually lost all the power of creation and the energy necessary for their experimentation in the matrix, because all energy comes from the Source and those who cut off this connection of the Heart to the benefit of the Mind, lose their energy, thus becoming parasites dependent on those who are always connected to the Divine through the heart.

So they conspired to take this energy from the Humans (and not only on Earth) but voila, the Universal Laws do exist for everyone and the Law of Cause and Effect (what you send is what you get back) as well as the Law of Free Will, posed many problems to them. So they imagined how they could circumvent the Law of Free Will and the Law of Cause and Effect and they found a weakness in the mind. The mind is hackable and thoughts can be sent in, which influences men, those who are always able to co-create. Thus, through the manipulation of men’s minds, they have succeeded in making us to freely give them our CONSENT (circumvention of the Law of Free Will) so that they no longer suffer the full whipping of the Law of Cause and Effect. And it is therefore we humans who take all the returns of the Law of Cause and Effect (karma), which is why there is so much suffering on Earth. And that’s where we are today. A patriarchal society in which everyone believes they are right, in which everyone serves thoughts, which have never been theirs, which are “programs injected in the form of thoughts”?

While during this time our Spirit who communicates ONLY VIA THE HEART, implore us to listen to it, rather than listen to the parasitic thoughts sent into our minds by what we call archons and/or artificial intelligence/ET technologies.

Don’t be frightened by our brothers and sisters the archons, demons, djins… because they have no power over us except to parasitize us through the thoughts they send us and that we believe to be ours. None of them are.

“a thought has crossed my mind”, ask yourself the question “who emanated that thought?”
“a thought comes to the Spirit”… you are the Spirit then who emitted that thought?

The communication between heart and mind is inviolable, only we can give them power. They are afraid that we know the truth because they are totally powerless except to send these thoughts into our heads. And when that doesn’t work anymore, they send us into the hands of humans totally possessed and programmed to off-set us in “3D mode”. But here we are protected as long as we do not violate the Free will of others, ours is protected by the Law of Cause and Effect.

Refocusing is putting things in their proper order. The heart speaks (the Spirit), the mind serves the heart, the physical body serves the mind, and then the experience of the physical body and the mind returns to our Spirit. The original normal circuit. No thought comes from the brain any more, the information comes from the heart.

The Sacred Male is at the service of the Sacred Feminine and not the other way around. And again, I repeat, it’s not a sex story.

There are 2 forms of centering (cross sign, vertical centering, and horizontal centering, intersection point in the middle: center…)
What is the center (sign of the Cross)?


7 main chakras in the physical human body: 3 chakras below, 3 chakras above, 1 in the middle (the heart).


Past, present, future: the center is the eternal present moment, perceived only by the heart that is linked to the Spirit. It is the mind only that is in the past or the future, never the heart, never the Spirit. To refocus is to return in one’s Spirit, in one’s heart, and therefore in the present moment.

Only at this central point of Space and Time, you become Unity. You are no longer in the whirlwind, but in the center, the observer of what is happening in space and time (the Matrix). You are.

Additional meaning of the sign of the Cross:

Vertical line = connection to all our physical and subtle bodies, from the densest to the most subtle.
Horizontal line = connection to all other versions of us ourselves.

In French language (very rich and encoded language) they are used to say : “Prend soin de ton prochain” (“Take care of your next”) next here has a double meaning, the one we know in english, but in french this word “prochain” has 2 different meanings depending on the context of the sentence, the second meaning is “Other people”. So take care of other people…

Note that they (french people) don’t say “Prend soin de tes prochains“, only in the singular… Why?

They say “Prend soin de ton prochain”, ton = YOUR (singular).

Because your “Next” (prochain) is you (literally) in another space and time. Because we are one.

The spiritual path measures 1 foot.

It is the path that leads you from head to heart.

We pass from a tool controlled by external forces hidden in our heads and which pass for us (the thoughts) to our true divine identity and secure channel of communication (the heart). When the Mind is the master on board, none of our thoughts are ours and we act under control, believing that it is us with your head that have made all “our” decisions.

The strength of the DE-vil (the divisor, the one who separates) lies in the fact that it is hidden. And that’s his only strength

Once you have identified it, it is easy to locate it and not give it any more of OUR POWER.

This article is the most important article I’ve written so far… I humbly share with you the keys of understanding that I was given during my last trip to Sedona where I had an extraordinary encounter. It is up to each of us to make (or not) the rest of the way to find Unity in our hearts, giving back to the heart his normal place as Master on board.

(Photo I took in Sedona (AZ))

Our work begins by distinguishing between the different channels of information that we receive as a “radio station” (thinking, ideas, inner guidance through the heart, imagination… the words are different for a good reason.

I give you a simple technique to refocus yourself, but know that “simple” depends on where you are, it took me 4 years of work on myself and meditation to make it “easy”:

Close your eyes, relax and once relaxed, take a deep breath by visualizing in the air that you breathe in the energy of the creator (“Prana” in the Indus), feel (in your heart) all this love, all this energy that descends in you in all the cells of your physical body (not only in the lungs). Block for a few moments your breath once your lungs are full, and visualize a column of energy that crosses you from top to bottom through the top of your skull as your mind empties, then exhale very slowly while remaining focused on your visualization and feel in your heart the joy and gratitude towards creation and the creator, be amazed by the beauty of creation, in the Being, in the Present Instant

Then, continue to keep your eyes closed and breathe through the nose very slowly but without causing a lack of oxygen (just at the limit). And with every breath, get more and more energy that comes down the top of your skull, and with every breath, keep the energy going down through your whole body. Empty your mind of all thoughts and in the silence of the mind you will hear your heart, your inner guidance.

When you have managed to do this several times with your eyes closed, train your eyes open (contemplation work). Put yourself in front of a beautiful landscape (real, not TV) and redo the exercise with your eyes open, contemplating not a detail of the landscape, but the whole landscape (with the heart). When you have succeeded, start this exercise again in your daily life, more and more, in everything you do, every time a thought arrives, breathe in, exhale, empty out, refocus in your heart, thank, bless, be happy and stay centered.

Train yourself to make a difference and see the results of your focus in the new effects that will come to you as positive synchronicities.

Remember, no thought can come from you, they all come from our lost brothers and sisters who use you as puppets, whether by telepathy (archons) or through mental control technologies (IA), whatever.

How to help them, how to help everyone without exception: by refocusing.

This deprives the archons of energy and forces them to return to the Source.

You become what you fight.

If you fight against demons, you are in separation, in the mind. You help create the negative energy they feed on (Loosh).
If you regain control and give back to the heart its original place and function and to the mind its initial place and function, you make a stone 2 shots, the demons will no longer bother you and on the contrary. Your negative karma (law of cause and effect) fades away and ends up disappearing quickly and you will help these brothers and sisters to find their way again (always if they wish). You have just passed from fear and combat, to divine Love and Unity.

Between the 2, all that prevents you from doing this is resentment (rancid heart, dry heart), and attachments mainly. As long as you believe you’re Mr. Anderson, you’re stuck in the mind.

When you are centered, you become the lighthouse to which each one of those who will want it (Free Will) can go and ask you by themselves how you do it. Only then will you really help them, not by doing, but BY BEING. Before you reach this stage of absolute centering (activation/illumination), any speech or action you do will be unlikely to come from you?



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