Transcription of my last hypnosis session


This transcription is coming from the last hypnosis session that Jack Cain made on me (Laurent Freeman), the 3 of August 2017. The original text is in french and this translation in english is an automatic translation from google.

Laurent Freeman 20170803 Session 03

# 3; 20170803; hypnosis; Skype to skype; 11am (west coast); 14h for me on the east coast; Previous: 20161026.

Laurent: I’m at the foot of a banyan. A great banyan. So I think I have xx xx at the edge of the beach below the banyan.
Jack: [reinforcing the vibrations of this place]
[Travel on a cloud to where to going today]
Laurent: In the mountains of Tibet.
[7: 58] I am in a temple. In stone. With columns that open onto the landscape directly. So it was dug in the rock, in the mountain. There is a part that comes out of the mountain and another part that is dug inside. It’s very high. I see clouds below.
[8:40] Jack: And how are you dressed? Can you see that?
Laurent: I have a light brown tunic. There are two colors – dark brown and light brown. It is a temple, a monastery. The floor is in stone, square slabs. It’s really big. The columns are about six or eight meters high. It is very cold but I don’t feel it. There is no one there.
Jack: So it’s now about going to the next important thing that happens in this place.
Laurent: [19: 48] There is a door leading to the interior, in another part. A wooden and iron door. Tall enough. A door with two sticks. I go inside. There are candles everywhere. There are no windows – they are candles that light up inside.
I feel a presence that I do not see yet.
[12: 00] [strange sound] I see someone – a Buddhist priest who welcomes. He knows my name.
Jack: You’re always called Laurent?
Laurent: Yes.
Jack: When you’re ready you can tell me what happens with the priest.
Laurent: [13: 05] He said, “Welcome.” He said he was waiting for me.
He is reviewing, showing me pictures of what I am doing now. To show me by telepathy that he knows me well. He tells me it’s not the first time we’ve seen each other. The first time we saw each other, I did not have that form. Because it was in another life. And he already had that shape. He had not changed.
[15: 08] I ask if I was a monk too. He said, “somehow.” I ask him to show me.
[16: 12] I see a life in Tibet. He shows me images of the past. I was a man too. I see myself in a Tibetan village, walking, very nice, very good … It is not modern at all but … pleasant as energy. I had already come to this temple in this life. He told me that I came back to finish what I started. He tells me that rare are the missions that end in a lifetime. Often it’s going to go on with many different lives – the same mission.
I ask him if I will find the memory. He tells me you will not need it.
[19: 05] Oh! There’s something connected to the Hollow Earth. There’s something connected to the underground. There is a place in this temple that leads to the underground, which leads to the interior.

[19: 39] He told me that some of my lives were related to the protection of this passage between the two worlds – the surface and the interior.
He tells me that I will have no difficulty finding solutions to my questions because it is something I have already done. He told me not to take any guide, no human master – to go directly without any intermediary. He tells me that I do not need an intermediary that scattered many things. He tells me that but I already know.
[21: 10] I see the sun. He shows me the sun. It shows me the sun that turns red, orange-red while up in the sky. What he shows me there is a future; This is not a thing of the past. He gives me a track, he does give a key.
He tells me that it is not now that I will understand but that it will decode in due course.
[22: 10] He asks me to sit down and he says he will work on my energy. Then I sit down. I let him work on me.
[22: 55] He does not look old. Physically, barely forty years. He is very old.
[23: 15] He is touching behind my back my spine and my skull.
[24: 14] So when it does that, it has an effect on my palms and on my arches I feel very strongly a chakra opening at that level.
[25: 15] He tells me you have a question for him. He told me to say it.
Jack: He says I have a question for him?
Laurent: Yes. He is completely aware of everything that happens.
I really do not feel like it’s in another time; It’s as if it’s happening right now.
Jack: Yes, yes. Now, I think.
I would like to ask is it possible to better understand what I do when I am in a session like this …
Laurent: Facilitator.
Jack: Facilitator. That’s my role. OK.
Laurent: [26: 23] He says it’s very important because we’ve regressed. What we were able to do on our own before in previous incarnations, we need help to do it now.
Jack: I’ve been told I’ll start a new job related to what I’m doing now. Can he explain that to me, or is that true?
Laurent: [27: 05] He replies that this is not the question you want to ask.
Jack: Okay.
Laurent: I think it’s a way to turn away, not answer. But he smiled.
Jack: [chuckles]
Laurent: He said that it was not your question. I think you made him laugh. [Everyone laughs]
Jack: [laughter] But it’s funny because the part in me that wants to ask the question is not in the conscious part. So I can not ask the question.
Laurent: He says it does not matter. xx
Jack: Okay. Yes. I can not force.
Laurent: Yes.
[28: 05] I’m just letting the back down.
Jack: Yes the work he does is very important.

Laurent: Oh yes, he does not have this problem there. He gets to do lots of stuff at the same time – several places, several forms. Wow. I feel his energy and it’s powerful.
[29: 05] I try to have more definition of what I see in the place where I am but … It’s pretty dark. There are really many candles! I do not know if hundreds are on.
[29: 45] And I feel other presence in the room but I do not see them. I ask him if there are any other people in the room. He says yes. I ask him why I do not see them. And he answers, “Because your eye is closed.”
[30:20] “Can you help me open it?” ” I ask him.
He replies that no – that this up to you to do it. Again he said, “You already know.”
[30:45] Xx xx xx
He says, “Patience.”
Finally, he cut my questions! I do not have time to finish.
Jack: Yes, because he gets them before you can say them!
Laurent: Yes, yes.
[31: 12] He tells me that it happens, it’s coming soon – but I do not know what he’s talking about. And he shows me the sun.
Jack: [31: 30] The red sun? [pause]
Laurent: I ask him, “What’s your name? ”
He tells me that you knew me as Ram … Ram-a … Ram-a-sou-di. Something like that. But the names do not matter …
Jack: No, no. No.
Laurent: He tells me to look at as many details as possible in the temple that I can remember.
Jack: [33: 10] It’s important that you remember that.
Laurent: It’s not that simple.
Jack: No, not simple.
Laurent: What he proposes to me is that it should … Ah, I feel a … I feel a stuff in my physical body on the left foot. It’s like … It’s very bizarre as a sensation. [pause]
[34: 13] He told me to concentrate not on walls or details but first on the energy that is in the room.
I’ll do that, then.
Jack: Yes, otherwise images are a distraction but energy is not a distraction.
Laurent: [34: 43] He said to me, “Do not look at the room; Become the room “.
Jack: Are you able to do that?
Laurent: I’m trying right now.
Jack: It’s more a matter of permission than it happens to “do”.
Laurent: [35: 20] I can almost become the room. I feel … I see my physical body in the room below. I’m on the ceiling … And he next to me. And I manage to move in the room as if I were the room. It’s really big.
[35: 52] There is another passage that still leads to other rooms behind. There is a kind of hole dug in the rock that goes inward even deeper. And two doors on the side. There are decorations made of symbols.

It’s very old. It really is an important place. There is no public. It will come very, very high up in the mountains. [pause]
[37: 08] I ask him, “What am I doing here? “. [pause]
[37: 25] He told me that I came to get a key. A key. “Do you understand me?” ”
And he tells me that it is also … the moment. And I said, “The moment of what? “. [pause]
[38: 22] I feel a strong heat in … it is not a heat it is a strong energy in the cranial box. Back of the skull. That’s on the right side of my brain.
[38: 58] I ask if he was doing this. He replied that we are. [?] The key has already started – to open something. That’s what I feel.
Jack: Hmm.
Laurent: He tells me there are a lot of areas in the brain that you’re not using yet.
Jack: Yes.
Laurent: [39: 45] He said to me, “Learn to know your brain.” In this life. He tells me it’s going to be easier. [pause]
[40: 47] He tells me that I am one of the guardians. Among other things. He is laughing.
Jack: Why is he laughing? [pause]
Laurent: I do not know why he laughs. I think I know but it does not come to me.
I think he laughs because … It’s not to laugh at me but it’s … I do not know – it’s not mockery. [pause]
[42: 17] He told me to watch his eyes. To concentrate. [Long pause]
[43: 54] That’s it. I can see his eyes. He’s very, very kind. [pause]
[44: 31] He tells me that this is something I should train more often.
[44: 42] He said, “When you come into contact with someone, anywhere, look, see his eyes in front of yours and dive into his eyes. ”
And I say, “It’s not easy. ”
He says, “With time it will come”.
Jack: Yes.
Laurent: [45: 17] I’ll ask him if he can help me to make my visualizations more accurate, clearer, more colorful, easier to see. He’s doing something in the head.
[45: 52] I feel the energy in my right brain, in my skull.
[46: 10] My eyes will see in it. [Long pause]
[47: 25] There’s something blocking.
Jack: Ah.
Laurent: Energy that moved a little bit. I see right but … the energy is moving to the top right of my skull.
Jack: But you’re always with him, are not you?
Laurent: I’m always with him.
Jack: [48: 00] Maybe you need to find a way to make the process that’s happening in the skull.
Laurent: It relaxes me.
Jack: Yes, it’s a matter of relaxing so that the work can be done inside. The blocks can melt. [pause]
Laurent: [49: 23] I have a world that has just taken me out of nowhere. Martine. What is that. I don’t know any Martine.
Jack: [50: 07] You can ask a question, right?
Laurent: Wait, wait. I have to relax for the …
Jack: Okay. [pause]
Laurent: [50: 50] OK [intonation of finding] [pause]
[51: 54] I ask him if I can go to the place that seems to lead to the hole in the rock … And he said, “No”. “After you will be able to.”
[52: 38] He told me that It was just a helping hand, that he was glad to see me again and that it was also a friendly visit as much as a helping hand, that the work on my energies was done and that the key that was given to me – it will be revealed to me later… it is in process and I don’t have to do anything – it will go all by itself … just continue to do what you already do. You already know what you have to do to reconnect to the group, the network. He said, “You did it many times.”
Jack: [54: 07] We’re just finishing up, but can you ask him if you should do another session?
Laurent: He tells me yes.
Jack: I had that impression too.
Laurent: He tells me yes. This is not the last visit and it is very likely that even in this incarnation I visit with all bodies. And that the goal is that I can do without being in my physical body. He says it’s complicated but it’s possible that I know too. But not now.
Jack: Is there anything else to ask him before leaving?
Laurent: [55: 18] He tells me, “Your physical body does not matter. But what you can do with it is important. ”
[55: 45] I feel he knows a lot but does not want to say much about it. He is laughing.
Jack: He has a sense of humor.
Laurent: Oh yes. He is very joyful. Very peaceful. Very nice energy all the time we worked with him.
[56: 35] Then I take my leave. I tell him, “See you soon. Thank you. Thank you for the work you did on me. ” I will follow his advice. Reconnect. I saw his eyes so I could visualize them during my meditation.

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