UPDATE – Reports of New Healing Energies, the Mass Exodus, the Judgment of the Cabal, and the End of Evil on Planet Earth

In recent times the process of disclosure seems to have accelerated tremendously. We may have noticed that many of the testimonies of well-known public figures have begun to congeal and become increasingly more congruent in their direction of progress and development.

Many of us have kept current with personalities such as  Kent Dunn, Cobra, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, and Dr. Michael Salla. Each of these sources has been progressively revealing the unfolding situation within the solar system. This situation has evolved toward the elimination of the dark forces that have controlled us, and a gradual liberation of the planet and the solar system as a whole.

UPDATE – Mass Arrests Continue – Alliance Forces Targeting Pedophilia Rings, According to Reports – Video, Commentary and Links

To add, we have now seen each and every one of these sources endure ruthless character attacks, defamation campaigns, endless trolling and censorship by various establishments—all for nothing more than giving their testimonies to the people. Yet each of these people has persevered as best they know how to share their knowledge and experiences with the whole of humanity.

Kent Dunn: “Healing Energy Coming in February” Pray to either “Destroy Evil Corporations and Nations” or Turn Them to the Light

There are so many key points in this interview that seem to corroborate with others. It may seem difficult to address all of them, but let’s try.
Purging the Planet
The concept of the purging of Earth from all darkness is one that dates back thousands of years. There are numerous prophecies and predictions which all seem to pertain to this point in history. This time of purging typically includes a parting of ways between those on positive and negative paths. The process may be referred to as a type of judgment, though not the religious judgment we may be thinking about.
According to many of these ancient prophecies, the people of Earth either have a choice of achieving higher states of consciousness on the negative path or the positive. As of a number of months ago, it seems that our planet collectively chose the positive path and this has become more and more apparent as events progress. However, this does not mean that our path has been completely trouble-free from that point until now. As we have observed, the world has still faced a number of difficulties since that time.
The lingering presence of difficultly in this world is caused by the remaining negativity on our planet (both in the physical world and within ourselves). This negativity and destruction has a short time to exist on this planet, according to my observations. The negative trouble-makers in this world (the Cabal) were actually attempting to create enough negativity through music, through entertainment, wars, disease, and famine in order to send the Earth on the negative course to higher consciousness. This was so that they could remain here and rule over a defeated humanity as demigods. Fortunately, they failed.
The Cabal was attempting to create their negative world, but there was (and is) too much positive energy among humanity to allow such things to occur. As long as we each maintain our positive focus, the Cabal is finished.
According to my understanding of the ancient predictions, this present moment represents the juncture on the path at which a choice must be made by every individual. If we do not make the choice, we cannot progress. This means that if the Earth ascends on the positive path, only those who are ready to ascend on this path will be remaining on the planet. According to multiple sources, all negative people and those unready to ascend will need an evacuation of some kind.  It may very well be that the deterioration of health of the negative indicates that the energy coming to the planet is healing to the positive, but lethal to the negative beings of Earth.
Also to rectify Gary Larrabee’s theory on a poll shift, it may be that those who require a karmic balancing (namely those who have caused thousands of years of suffering on our planet) will experience some type of cataclysm. Then again, this balancing could be accomplished without any such destruction. There is also another possibility.

The “Final Judgment”
There are a number of reasons as to why I believe that the splitting of the paths will be two-fold (or three-fold if counting those unready to advance). I have discussed this before, but we may think of the concept as similar to the conditions of an electrical circuit. According to both scientific and predictive information, we have a steadily increasing amount of cosmic energy enveloping the entire heliosphere and bathing the entire solar system. As this energy increases, it will naturally pass through all beings and all matter on Earth.
As with any flow of energy, there are some objects that are conductors of this energy and some that are resistors to it. In a circuit, a resistor is designed to prevent a certain amount of electrical current from flowing through certain sections of the circuit while conductors allow current to pass more freely. The trick is that within resistors, there is always a conversion from power to heat. The resistor will heat up the more energy it is exposed to. If its resistance meets a current that is too high, the resistor will either explode or combust, while conductors will allow electricity to pass without issue.
There is also the concept of the semi-conductor which comes in common forms such as computer chips. These circuit components have way of dynamically changing their conductive state according to whatever program the computer is running. We could think of semi-conductors as having microscopic sections of conductors and resistors. This concept of semi-conductivity is the perfect analogy to describe our own bodies as human beings.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – Prepare for Ascension

Within our being, we all have different areas which are conducive to health, growth and expansion, and other areas which resist these. The areas which contribute to our growth include those which allow freedom of existence and honor of self and others, while the areas of resistance act to block growth and prevent healthy energy from flowing. We may liken the areas of conductivity as those which exist in love and those which resist love and are left to exist in fear. There are many complexities within these different concepts, but this is a simple way of describing them.
An electrical resistor when too much current is applied
For everyone who has learned to choose love and freedom, the increasing of energetic flow to our planet will bring greater levels of freedom and expansion. On top of these benefits, the resistance within the positive beings will be brought forward to be released. On the path of fear, the resistance will likely build up to such a great extent that the individual cannot absorb the inflow of energy. At that point, those with too much resistance will begin to self-destruct, much like the electronic resistor. This may be an explanation as to why the negative groups on and within the Earth will desire so intensely to leave the planet.
(Keep in mind that if we are diligent in doing our inner work, there is nothing to fear. If we are ones who care about this issue, chances are our path is positive, though improvement is always a good thing.)

The Sphere Ships
One of the details which Kent Dunn disclosed was very interesting in that it corroborated a major point made by whistleblowers Corey Goode and William Tompkins. These two former operatives from within the Secret Space Program both revealed information about large, planet-size spherical ships which have made their way into our solar system over the last few decades.

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock – Guiding Humanity to Ascension – Choosing Our Path to Ultimate Breakthrough

According to Goode and Tompkins these ships were preceded by the arrival of one spherical ship into our solar system in the late 1980s. This ship was nicknamed The Seeker as it had a way of orbiting each planet of the solar system one by one—starting with Pluto and working its way inward.

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode: Arrival of the Spheres with William Tompkins

Within the discussion on the series Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia.com, David Wilcock and Corey Goode discussed the possibility that these spherical ships may act as transport vessels at the time just before a solar flash event takes place. These ships may actually act as ferries to transport to remote solar systems, all of those who are unable to raise their vibration and consciousness with the rest of the planet. Though the specific purpose of these ships had not been disclosed to Goode at the time, their size and number made it seem very possible that they were designed to efficiently transport planetary populations from one system to another.

I find it very interesting that Kent Dunn mentions transport ships during the interview, as (again) this is one major point of corroboration between Kent’s intel, that of Corey Goode and of William Tompkins.

Galactic Superwave
The phenomenon of the galactic superwave has been the topic of interest in many online communities. Both in mainstream and in alternative media, this phenomenon has been one of extreme interest and mystery until this point. However, this mystery has begun to reveal itself in recent days and weeks.
The recent report by the YouTube personality Dutchsinse featured data from microwave satellite imaging that was far different than any previous data. These satellites displayed a level of energetic influx to the Earth with magnitudes that dwarfed any CME from our sun recorded from the past. Though the true nature and source of this wave was not known at that time, its arrival bears striking correlation to the information we have been hearing on the galactic superwave.
To add to this influx of microwave energy, we have the intelligence from the whistleblower Corey Goode who has revealed in recent times that the research within the Secret Space Program had predicted a massive solar event within the timeframe of the next couple of years. Though these military personnel may only have logistic data in mind, this data is believed to be accurate by those within these programs.
On top of these corroborations, we have the intelligence from Cobra (a pseudonym which stands for Compression Breakthrough). According to Cobra, this solar event will be a transformative event which will drastically improve life on our planet, causing a positive revolution and renascence of consciousness. This is also in line with the research of David Wilcock.
Wilcock has been studying the concept of consciousness for years now, and has broken ground on numerous scientific concepts on the topic of ascension. These have been concepts that, up until this point, have only been touched upon by mainstream science. One of these concepts is that of galactic cycles. These cycles have been shown to reset at intervals of around 26,000 years, and may have had profound effects upon life on Earth. In fact, these cycles fall directly in line with the arrival of the superwave phenomenon we seem to be experiencing at present. It is believed that each time these galactic waves arrive, they have a way of causing life on Earth to drastically accelerate its development.
It is important to keep in mind that all of these sources come from different backgrounds. Yet despite the slight difference in perspective of these sources, they all seem to agree on numerous key concepts. We may also keep in mind that these sources have been the constant targets of online trolls and manipulative people ever since they began speaking about their research and experiences. In my perspective, this shows that the establishment fears their testimony, and may believe it will contribute to the Cabal’s loss of control over the planet.
So what does this mean for humanity?

A Word on Ancient Prophecies
As we may have noticed, the act of prophecy can be extremely beneficial. However, in recognizing the benefit, it should be noted that when prophecies become excessively specific, their degree of error tends to increase.
According to my understanding of timeline progression, every decision we as a collective human race make creates a future projection of our collective experience as a planet (and as individuals). As our individual choices change from moment to moment, this projected future has a way of changing in turn. Consequently, the future is always in flux. There is a trick to this, but I will mention that in a moment.
The future is in constant flux, which means that our relative projected future is undetermined until we collectively choose what we want it to be. Therefore, any specific detail within prophecy could be accurate in one moment, but in the next, it could be completely off base. This may apply to the particular prophecy to which Gary Larrabee referred, in that destruction will result from the parting of paths. This destruction is only a possibility, and even if on some level it is fulfilled, all of those who are progressive in trajectory will not even know it happened. According to the collection of predictions, the positive path leads to prosperity on countless levels.
So about our choice… This choice we must make as a collective is one that benefits all of humanity. I myself cannot make the decision for anyone else, but here is an example.
Imagine a world where freedom, prosperity, respect for life and for rights of all sentient beings are the the only rules to remember. This would be a world in which everyone communicated so well, and everyone was so good at solving their issues with one another, that there was no need for government. Imagine having such a respectful standard for one another that trade was free and money was a laughable relic of the past.
This lack of the need for money would end the existence of poverty, end the motivation for crimes on numerous levels, and would eliminate the ability of economic manipulation of every kind. There would be no war over resources and no reason to curtail the planet-saving technologies reported to currently exist now. There would also be no reason to hold the life-changing technologies that allow humanity to live healthily and illness-free.
Imagine a world where self-honesty and maturity of character were so commonplace that no disclosure of past crimes would faze us. Secrecy would become a thing of the past. Also, positive ETs would feel welcome to visit us freely, and any negative ETs would stay far away, as even they must obey free will (not to mention the fact that the energy of the planet would be lethal to any negative beings).
This world (or one very much like it) is within our reach. It is actually just one collective decision away. All we need to do is to choose our desired course and hold our vision in sight. When we do this, the universe will alter itself according to our choice (as always). The world we see now is proof enoughthat this is completely possible. Yet presently, the system is designed to serve a few corrupt elitists. It’s time to create a world that benefits us all.
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