The Vice-Admiral of the Canadian Army has just become a whistleblower by disclosing highly classified information !!!


The fall of the Cabal is accelerated in 2017 at full speed, follow the news of the Alliance on, it goes fast, very quickly, you then connect the points …

These soldiers who pass on the side of the Resistance against the new world order of the Cabal are heroes, and they are more and more high ranked!

Canadian Vice-Admiral Mark Norman has been relieved of his duties for disclosing “highly classified information,” according to The Globe and Mail Canada. Norman is the 2nd highest ranked military officer in Canada!

General Jonathan Vance, the Chief of the Defense Staff, ordered the removal of Mark Norman after an investigation into “secret documents of a very high level” that were reportedly disclosed.

We do not know for now who received these documents and how and when they will be disclosed (send them to if you have them, the only francophone site that has the balls to swing everything).

Vice-Admiral Norman served in the Forces for 36 years and was previously responsible for the Royal Canadian Navy. He commanded the Royal Canadian Navy for over four years until General Vance appointed him deputy chief in January 2016.

Lieutenant-Colonel Jason Proulx, a spokesman for General Vance, said:

“The Chief of the Defense Staff has provisionally released Vice-Admiral Mark Norman from his military duties and will not perform the duties of the VCDS at this time.”

It seems that there must be something extraordinarily enormous that has been disclosed!By looking at the language used by the military themselves when explaining the situation, it is obvious that the information is incredible: “high-level secret documents”!

This also happens at a time when more than a million signatures were submitted to President Obama to demand forgiveness of Edward Snowden, the famous NSA alert launcher who has lived in Russia for three and a half years.

Obviously, something very important happens behind the scenes and if you follow the information of David Wilcock on, everything is held, it happens the friends!

We loose nothing !

Glory to the Resistance!


Ray Fox

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